My iphjone 6 makes more a clicking sound when I take a picture?

My iphone is no longer clicks when I take a picture, ALSO the sound signal has stopped sound when I receive TEXT messages, I don't know if they are related, and the phone does not ring on incoming calls, it vibrates just and responsible?

Check the side of the phone. It seems that you have enabled the "secret" key.

Check out this link.

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    I want to mute the sound when I take a photo in the acer iconia a1 830.

    This is my first time that i use this tablet, and I do not have this problem. I try to lower the sound level maximum. and I can hear the sound.

    This problem is very basic, and I need a solution.

    The other problem is the temp my tablet is 42 degrees Celsius (with an application to read the temperature of the battery)

    is normal that?

    I solved the problem. I downloaded another app to take photos and this app has the mute option the camera.

  • Can I silence my camera? It makes a click strong when I take a picture.

    When I take photos outside the loud click is OK but it is noisy and I get looks when I take pictures inside. Can I turn off the sound?

    nShield wrote:
    My camera is an EOS Rebel T2i EOS 550 D

    Some devices have a 'silent' mode, but I don't think that the T2i is one of them. But any REFLEX should be quieter mode live view in viewfinder mode normal, since LV subtrscts out the flap of the mirror. And the T2i LV; I know because we used on T2i my wife.

  • I have a macbook pro 13 early 2015. Now I can here a clicking sound when I move the lanes on the side mac. Feels like some hardware is loose inside. But my mac works well as well. I left about 80 days of warranty. I'd give to repair? suggestion pls

    I have a macbook pro 13 early 2015. Now I can here a clicking sound when I move the lanes on the side mac. Feels like some hardware is loose inside. But my mac works well as well. I left about 80 days of warranty. I'd give to repair? Someone had this problem? Suggestions please...

    nidgp wrote:

    I left about 80 days of warranty. I'd give to repair?

    Absolutely, examined her!  There is some kind of hardware problem.


  • How can I make windows play a sound when you press the SHIFT key

    My keyboard doesn't have a light to indicate when it is capitalized. He used to play a sound, but it is more the fact after that I said not to do. However, when entering passwords that are case sensitive, it gives the wrong password. Can someone tell me how to re - turn on the sound.
    Its a Logitech MK320 wireless

    Look in Control Panel > accessibility, and then click "make the keyboard easier to use." Check the box "turn ToggleKeys. This will produce a note when you press the lock keys. Or just check the other box beneath it. In this way, you can turn the tone on or off without having to return to these settings.

    SC Tom

  • All-in-one HP Officejet X576dw printer: printer makes a horrible deaf sound when it starts to print


    My printer makes a horrible the deaf noise when I start to print something. Sometimes it will say open the door of the ink and remove the obstruction. I look and there is no obstruction. any ideas?

    Thank you

    If its warranty contact HP technical support right away because it will turn into a repair or replace scenario.

    The other day a person who repulses by contacting support until the machine was out of warranty, a month, they have posted on the forum, but nobody noticed. It is a machine very similar to yours.

    HP has a toll free of charge that you can call for support, since it is a notch above cheap printers low-end.

    If my post is solved your problem and click the accepted as button solution under him. In order to thank a technician for a post click the thumbs up button under the post. You can even click on the two buttons.

  • Make a right click on desktop Win takes about 10 seconds to answer - Windows 7 on VM Fusion the Mavericks 6.0.3

    I am running Win7 on VM Fusion Version 6.0.3 (1747349).

    I have 4 GB of RAM and 8 hearts dedicated to the virtual machine.  The virtual machine is running out of Boot Camp and is installed natively on the Mac (although in this case I'm passing by Fusion on Mac).  It works well, except for one thing.  If I right click on the Windows desktop, I get the rotation wheel Windows of death for about 10 seconds, then finally the right click menu will appear.  I tried different things like disable 3D graphic acceleration and put Windows in Visual mode 'high performance '.  Nothing works so far.  It seems that something is happening with the Nvidia driver when I look in the performance / CPU monitor for the period of said spinning wheel.

    Any clues on this?

    Follow these steps fixed:

    (1) start Windows natively.

    (2) install these drivers: DRIVERS NVIDIA GeForce 337.50 version BETA (BETA) driver for my Macbook Pro retina 64-bit.

  • My computer has just been deleted/cleaned due to virus, when I press on what anyone, my computer makes click sound

    When I press on what anyone, my computer makes click sound... How can I stop it

    Original title: click sound

    Locate the speaker icon in the system tray. Mouse right click and set the volume to zero or select mute. Or the other of these actions will remove the clicks but also all other sounds. This includes audio media player and others.


    Navigate to Control Panel All Items Sound. Click the sounds tab choose model of sounds. (Usually set to default Windows.)

    See the list in the program events window. Set if they are boring to something else or climbs to (none). Out OK.

    Tom Ferguson

  • make a clicking sound from inside my Mac

    Just started today. Every few minutes I get a clicking sound from inside my iMac. It seems to work ok, however. Thought, it may be overheating and cleaned by vacuuming all the vents, but it did not help.

    Perhaps an early indication of a hard drive failing. Support everything up immediately (if you have not already) and get it checked with a free diagnosis in an Apple Center.

  • HP Pavilion n208tx-15 Notebook PC makes a clicking sound. should I replace my laptop 15 day old?

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    My brand new Pavilion 15-n208tx made a clicking sound and so I googled on it and I came across a parking disk. I'm worried and want to know if this is normal and does not affect my laptop or should I go for a replacement. I bought it 2 weeks ago and he realizes as sounce since then.

    Please tell me what to do. What's my safe data on the hard drive?

    Hoping a swift response from your side.

    Thank you.


    I can understand you completely. If I bought a new laptop and it is start clicking. I return to the retailer and ask for a new.

  • Make a right click stops working after 3 weeks

    Brand new PC, Acer Aspire AXC600, Win 8 OS, processor Intel Pentium, mouse monitor set in motion, without a touchscreen.  Administrator (me) and two children use the same PC.  OS worked fine for burning two weeks in the period and then suddenly two child users right click function stopped working from the start screen.  Make a right click now behaves as if Vista OS.  Admin user retains full function to win 8 right click function.  Sound familiar to anyone?

    Hi Paul,.

    1. do you get an error message when you right-click in these two accounts?

    2 are you facing this problem when you access a particular program?

    3 have you ever done any recent software or changes to the hardware to the computer?

    You might face this problem because of the changes in the mouse settings. I suggest you to change the settings of the mouse for these two accounts once more and check.

    You can see the following article from Microsoft to change the mouse settings.

    Change the settings of the mouse

    You can also see the following article for more information.

    Touch, mouse, & search

    It will be useful.

    Please post back with the State of the question and we will be happy to help you further.

  • Always unwanted clicking sound on both ends of a clip

    When I put voice segments together in the multitrack session I get this annoying "click on" sound, or a glitch, at the beginning of each clip. It ruins everything naturally and makes my unnecessary records. They are not on the record, but do occur when I set up the Audition segments. Seems to me that the hearing cannot handle the process of putting clips together? Whenever the bar reached the beginning of the next clip that annoying sound comes in. It's like an electrical impulse or something, difficult to describe. I did a test with no noise in the clips, just add them, the sound of glitch was not there then. When I mark a section in a clip and add silence and operate the read head just inside that segment the sound is in the beginning and the end as well. As if the software is actually produce these signals. When I edit each clip solitaire I try to add a segment to the silence of death in the beginning and the end, when to re-enter the multitrack session again to play what seems to have removed most of the unwanted clicks but then the mixture is more loose with the longer time between clips, and not the way I wanted it to be. I do the voice at work, this problem only on the voice recording. The record microphone went very well, sound when I start putting clips and sections together in multitrack mode starting with these problems occur.

    I have heard others complain about the same thing here and there. A bug?

    perrybrus wrote:

    I have heard others complain about the same thing here and there. A bug?

    My God, no. Fair waveforms not mating at intersections and jumping rather abruptly from one level to another. If you place in multitrack clips, then put it while they auto-crossfade when set on the same track - all you have to do is drag one over the other for a few milliseconds stop what is happening. It is the way to get silent changes. If you go into Preferences > multitrack clips, you will find the available options.

  • How can I remove the default clicking sound for navigation actions?

    I have an Adobe Captivate project 7.0 for which I created custom navigation buttons. I used 'standards' such orders that "go to the next slide" and "Go to last slide visited," so that more complex Actions of tip ending in a command "go to slide.

    I would like to make this navigation happen silently, but I can't find a place to remove the default 'click' sound.

    Other discussions discuss rename KeyClick.mp3 so Captivate does not find it, but this seems to affect the mouse clicks in the simulations. I want to silence clicks for all navigation within the project.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Thank you, in advance.

    I think you're just missing... Turning the click sound is the properties of the button panel.

  • How to cancel the last update, it works better and makes more sense!

    before I upgraded to the nxt version, everything was more easy to use and MAKES MORE SENSE

    • Click Start
    • Click on Control Panel
    • Click on uninstall a program
    • Click Mozilla Firefox in the list
    • Click on the button uninstall
    • Make sure that you do not remove personal settings etc.
    • Install version 28.

    That's how I did it.


  • Satellite P845t - 10G is not start, make noise by clicking on


    running a Satellite P845t - 10 G with Windows 8, says Reboot and select boot device when it is started and makes a rattling noise, sounds like the area of the hard drive. laptop is 6 months old.

    Any suggestions?

    It is possible that the HARD disk is troublemaker. I assume that clicking noise is the HARD drive.
    What happen exactly when you press the power button / stop?

    In any case, I recommend you contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. If the HARD drive is faulty, you will get a new and it will be replaced free of charge. Warranty will cover all costs.

    Check it please
    You will find the addresses and phone numbers.

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