My iPhone 6 more and my iPad 2 Air Show my OLD apple ID

My iPhone 6 more and my iPad 2 Air Show my OLD ID apple on the screen.  I changed to my new ID some time ago. All that it is correct. How can I get my Apple OK to be on my icloud on both devices screen ID? Also I keep getting asked old ID password. It's really bugging me.

I should add that when I press my iCloud ID, the next screen has the right pair. Weird

Thanks for any help!

IOS 9.2.1

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You have disconnected from the 'old' Apple ID and then insert it again? You are able to enter the password of the Apple 'old ID '?

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    Greetings AnnieB37,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I understand that Safari opens a blank page on your iPhone.

    The blank page, you are able to search the Internet or add a URL to access a page, as shown in the following article?

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    Have a great day!

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    Try to do a slight reset of your iPhone

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    I have prepared a short project Adobe Clip on my iPhone 6s longer.  He played back well on the iPhone 6 Plus.  I then went to my iPad Pro, open Adobe Clip and expected from this project appears in Adobe video on iPad Pro.  It didn't, and after hours leave Xenon Adobe Clip the iPad Pro (not only running in the background), I see a synchronization icon (rotation).  When I click on this icon, it says "download media...". 100%.  No matter how long I leave Adobe Clip open on iPad Pro, I still see the rotating synchronization icon and never see the project appear in Adobe video on iPad Pro.  I have an active account of creative cloud.  My old projects don't appear on the RPI Pro in clip Adobe just this last project.  Anyone have any suggestions to solve this problem of synchronization, the Clip from Adobe is to have between these two devices?

    Thank you in advance for answering.


    Hi Tom,

    Sorry for the trouble.

    Can you confirm your using the latest version of the (2.0.2) Clip?

    Here are a few things to try. Please let us know if any of these options helped or not.

    1. launch first music video on the iPad Pro and make sure it is not open on other devices. Let the synchronization of the device completely before background processing application or opening/reading projects.

    2 log on to the account current CC, close the clamp and restart and reconnect. Once again, making sure to leave all projects to download.

    3 remove the Clip on the iPad Pro, then re - install and login to leave remaining projects sync.

    Hope one of these tips to solve your problem. If this isn't the case, we can go down a different road.

    Thank you

    Peter Garaway

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    Any help is appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Hi there, Steven Fisher1!

    Thank you for joining the communities Support from Apple! Looks like you are having problems with the sound quality on the iPhone 7 more. I know how important it if of course the sound working properly at all times. Read this article here If you hear no sound or distorted sound of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch President. This will give you some steps to try to get the problem taken care of.

    See you soon!

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    b. If it loads faster than with the provided charger?

    According to the specification on power adapter USB Apple 12W news

    It is compatible with most of the iPhones leave soon enough, until the recent series of iPhone 7

    and is also compatible with the iPod and iPad models. See the + toggle to open/view

    These product lists, this adapter can be used with that.

    Because of the available cables to adapt this to other models, it is backward compatible.

    However, the adapter for iPhone out below correspond to the request of the iPhone; While

    This adaptor 12W can do more. The device connected to the adapter would determine

    what the total capacity available can be consumed. But you cannot force-feed a

    more powerful device designed for, so the idea of sharing the power adapter is

    a fine; but don't force a load more faster/more that the unit is determined in advance of use.

    Example: An iPhone 6 uses a 1 to 5W charger, & is compatible with 12W 2. 1 a charger.

    The device limits what he can use. Some may load faster, within the limits set by the design.

    And the cable (if done for power transmission) should not be a problem. The entrance

    power supply for an iPhone more large 7 plug can be such as a charger 29W (for example, MacBook)

    USB - C) can be used with the appropriate adapter. The device should be a factor limiting.

    • Power & cables - iPad (and others as indicated) Accessories:

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    There are cables like lightning to USB in different lengths; Some are limited. -Also a

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    You may be able to use the "chat" link or call the main sales online Apple help

    information in the pages linked above.

    Good luck!

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    I have read and received mixed advice.  Chargers vs inverter with usb ports USB and AC.

    I was told that a UPS is a more robust type of charger and voltage is better regulated.

    So what is the bottom line. Chargers USB or INVERTERS?

    Thanks for some tips.

    A good quality of 12 v to 5 V USB adapter is fine, such as Griffin or InCase. Store lists Apple adapter number and everything that you get from Apple has been tested and certified by Apple. Avoid cheap imitations. And unplug the adapter when starting the car unless the car is a hybrid.

    EDIT: For the iPad, the adapter should provide at least 2 amps (10 watts).

  • Questions about video stabilization - iPhone 7 more

    Hi all

    Like most of you, I am an Apple enthusiast. I work as a videographer frelance. I use Apple products every day. I'm about to buy the new iPhone, but there are some issues that concern me. I've seen a few videos with the new iPhone 7 more, and it seems that video stabilization, its all just too bad. When the person walks, the camera is still struggling to stabilize images, and it gives a very poor video quality/eye. It seems that the video is allways glitching.

    I can't be the only one to notice this problem. Help, please! Do you know if its possible to disable? Which will probably solve this glitch.

    Best regards

    I have the same question. Today, I shot a lot of video footage and when I walk around with the camera I get a strobe effect. The video is useless. Does anyone else have this problem? It is with my iPhone 7.

  • iCloud restoration questions - iPhone 7 more

    Bought my new iPhone 7 more and when I got home, I was unable to restore the backup to iCloud we backup iPhone 6 earlier in the day.

    Restore extends 45 min... and created a problem... impossible to restore.

    Technical support, talked to Apple Care... couldn't retrieave iCloud back from iTunes or iCloud... Swap on a NEW iPhone 7 more today, same problem,.

    When opening iTunes and clicking on restore iCloud... Only restorations of 2014 and 2015 are availble.

    Thank you


    This - see If iCloud backup could not be completed or you can not restore - Apple Support

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    Never mind... I was disconnected (e) mobile LR on my laptop. Everything works fine again.

  • For the iPad 2 air, what is the best app for note taking allows you to use a removable keyboard and a stylus? Which is also a stylus good to use?

    I am looking to buy an iPad 2 air to take notes in college classes and I was wondering what is a good software that allows an external keyboard (like a laptop) to type notes and also allows the drawing with a stylus? What is a good pen that is compatible with the app and the iPad 2 air?

    If you really want to use stylus to take notes or draw you should go for iPad Pro with Apple pencil. Nothing else offers good experience especially for hand writing. If you ok with drawing then only pencil FiftyThree is a good choice on iPad 2 Air (but again, it is much worse in my opinion, then iPad Pro + Apple pencil). FiftyThree is also one of the best (paper) apps for note taking (and it works well with their pencil).

    The keyboards are wide work system and not a dependent application. You can go for any model of the 3rd party like you which is compatible with iPad air 2. Advice covers the Apple Smart keyboard are specific to the Pro (they need specific for Pro iPad connector).

  • Apple iPad 2 Air or iPad Mini 4 in terms of longevity? Who would you do?

    Hello world! I buy a new Apple iPad and my budget is $ 400 and I noticed that the iPad mini 4 and the iPad 2 air are both at $400.

    Now, the iPad 2 air is stronger because there an A8X but the iPad Mini 4 has an A8, but the mini is 1 year of most recent. My question is:

    When news updates, most particularly important as iOS 12, 13, (round number Updates) come out, which will undergo them longer and work on them better?

    If Apple makes the iPad 2 Air do not get the updates but the iPad Mini 4 prompting, I'd rather have the mini.

    Thank you very much for your answers!

    Hi jojelllybean,

    I don't think we can answer that since it's only Apple who decides what devices are eligible for a new update of the OS and if so, how the update affects (for example, the night shift does not in older devices, even when they are upgraded to iOS 9.3.2).

    If I had to choose between those, I'd take the iPad 2 air because I can't work with a smaller screen. Also, by having a material more powerful more likely to be able to receive upgrades in the future. In fact, iOS 9 can be installed in any device where iOS 8 is already installed, but again, this does not mean that you will see as well all the improvements (i.e.: slower system).

    If you can work with the Mini size, go get him.

  • I changed my Apple ID and now my iMessages does not work. It still uses the old Apple ID and I can't use the old password for it because it is not active. Is it possible to change it?

    Is it possible to change the Apple ID user name on iMessage for the iMessage account?


    Use the logout button.

    This will still show the old Apple ID, but can be "crushed" and has added a new.

    You can go a step further by going to ~/Library/Preferences and delete the file.

    This will remove the Apple ID used in iMessages and all related issues iPhone and other emails added to the whole upward.

    19:16 Friday; February 19, 2016

     iMac 2.5 Ghz i5 2011 (Mavericks) 10.9
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) 2 GB
     Mac OS X (10.6.8).
     a few iPhones and an iPad

  • I can't download apps iPad 2 Air, some will be that some don't

    IM having a problem with the app download and also iPad 2 Air updates

    If you have not restarted the iPad yet, try it.

    1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button until the Red slider appears.
    2. Drag the slider to turn off your device completely off.
    3. Once the device turns off, press and hold the sleep/wake button again until you see the Apple logo.

    Then try to download apps.

    If this does not help, check if your iPad has an iOS update available.

    Tap Settings > general > software update

    Current IOS is 9.3.3

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