My iPhone and Mac all have two Photos related to iCloud, same images appear on both. How to remove pictures from the phone without removing them from the Mac

I've shared pictures between my Mac and iPhone using iCloud. Recently downloaded about 1800 brother SmugMug account family photos. Subsequently discovered that they had all been loaded on my phone as well. When I try to delete them from my phone, I get a message the suggests that if I do, the photos will be removed from my Mac was fine. How can I remove the phone and let the Mac intact?

I've shared pictures between my Mac and iPhone using iCloud.

What iCloudService do you use?

  • If the iPhone and the Mac are synchronized with iCloud photo library, removal of the photos from the iPhone will remove them from the Mac as well.  iCloud photo library is a synchronization service that will ensure that you see the same pictures on all devices. All change at will the timing and any deletion or any import.  To win the storage on the iPhone allow the iCloud Photos setting "Optimize Storage.
  • If photos have been synced with my photos and not iCloud library stream, you can remove them from the iPhone. They must stay in the library on your Mac. But before a massive deletion on any device, make a backup of your photo library, just to be sure.

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