my iphone does not work 6.

my iphone does not work 6. Noting happens.

I try everyting.


Follow the instructions here, as the case may be:

If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch won't turn on - Apple Support

If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch won't charge - Apple Support

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    My 5s, IMessage iPhone does not work and when I try to activate it by electronic mail, the box opens, but I hit the sign in button and his stays there as it's frozen! Help

    A deal with this * day. Only thing that worked was plugging it into the computer, it supported up to the computer. Do you have a reset, and when that went to spend he asked me to do an update "carrier". If you're on verizon? My co worker and I have the two are facing it today

  • predictive text in safari on my iphone does not work

    predictive text in safari does not work on my iphone. It used to but now his party... How should I do?


    You can check if the search engine suggestion and suggestions of safari in active in the settings. Go to settings/Safari/Search Engine Suggestions and just below this Safari of Suggestions. Make sure that the power switch is green.

  • Android, iPhone does not work (calls phone mode only)

    I just Android where I got a simple application/widget for calls only mode for the night because I need to

    Keep the emergency of grandparents and a few other numbers.

    You just put it up, choose the contacts to include, and it was a simple pressure on the widget at bedtime.

    They said iPhone isn't a similar option? How is that possible?

    I think that you have only Favorites call with no other notifications (can someone clarify?) but I also

    of many favorites for this as a viable option for me.

    Someone said also you can plug headphones during the night and it must allow that phone calls (can someone clarify?)- but

    It's worse than the favorite options because it allows anyone in my contacts list to call.

    So is there an app or an easy way to do this?

    And if not, how BB and Android figure this out and not iPhone?

    We might think of the billions of dollars and great talent could not understand a work around?

    There is no app for this, but do not disturb, that's what you're looking for. It does not work exactly as you describe for the other operating system, but you have a little understanding of how it works for favorites. You can set do not disturb, and it will not have any type of notification. Another option is to prevent anything but calls Favorites, while the other would be to block all calls, but turn on repeated appeals, which would then allow a second call to the same person within 3 minutes to come through. If you do not use your Favorites list because it is too large, then you will need to use repeated calls. If it's important for you, you can return to your Favorites list to see if you could reduce the list to conform to what you want at the times Do not bother or because you want to just family, possibly teach them the capability of repeated calls.

    Back to Apple would go to and click on the box in this area.

  • the last 5s Restore ipsw iPhone does not work

    Hi all

    I have to restore my iPhone 5 s. Its in DFU mode. But the latest ipsw does not work. Any idea? Any Info?

    Is this a known issue?



    some more info:

    iTunes is up to date (

    OSx also (10.11.2)

    Error message in iTunes: error 9 unknown error

    Ipsw download is complete. iPhone tries to restart or connect. blue screen for 1 second. That the error in iTune. iPhone shows again the 'connect to iTunes' - symbol

  • the apple remote app installed on my air of 6s and iPad iPhone does not work to control the apple tv

    the apple remote app on my iPhone 6s and iPad Air, home sharing is enabled on all devices and the MBP, airplay works for mirroring via tv application, however, I have over the display of the remote app to control the apple tv, though the library, iI figure on my MBP

    Hello Pmilkes,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I understand that Remote on your iOS devices does not longer work to control your Apple TV. To begin troubleshooting this situation, I recommend you to read on the following article and through the implementation of the process to ensure that your network and devices are configured correctly.

    Set up remote for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    See you soon!

  • My 7 GPS iPhone does not work in any GPS application

    I got my new iPhone 7 last week. Yeaterday was the first day I tried to use Waze to give me directions to an address, but he was constantly telling me that she is looking for the GPS signal.

    I first thought that it is a problem with Waze so I reinstalled, displayed/hidden it's approval of location on and outside Services, but nothing helped. I restarted the phone, even restored (Yes. I have about 2 hours waiting to do).

    But that has not worked so I thought that perhaps Waze is, after all the blame. So I tried also maps from Apple and Google Maps. NONE of them could get my location. And while my position was 'fixed' at Waze, showing me home - Yes, Waze is still showing me the House status even if I am in another city - maps of Apple and Google Maps shows my post to jump around randomly on the map.

    I tried to reset my edge settings, my privacy settings, each of them. Nothing helps.

    Is there perhaps someone who has a solution, or should I go through the pain and try to replace a week later I got it?

    Hi zeusent,

    Congratulations on your new iPhone 7! I understand that you have some problems with it to find your location to several applications. I know it's important to be able to find your way when in a new area, so I'm happy to help you.

    Before you begin, make sure that you have a current backup of your data:

    The backup of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

    You've already got a good start with the troubleshooting you have been through. Since you still have questions, it can help to determine whether it is material or not by restoring the iPhone as new. This article has the steps to do:

    How to clear your iOS device and then set up as a new device or restore from backups - Apple Support

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. See you soon!

  • Copy of the albums self-created for iPhone does not work

    I created an album with titles in * mp3 on a CD format and I would like to copy on my iPhone-6 attached via the USB cable to my PC. I can hear fine titles with iTunes. When you press the left button of the mouse on the album icon and moving the album in the top left corner, my iPhone appears but is not framed, as well as the album cannot be copied to the iPhone. To my knowledge, it has worked perfectly so far. I have iTunes - on a PC with Windows-10. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance,

    M Hans

    This problem occurred after a new installation of iTunes on a new computer. After a conversation with Apple's Support, I put into iTunes for iPhone attached "v sync music", "* selected lists, interpreters, albums. Eventually I could copy the Album to the iPhone without any problem.

  • iPad or iPhone does not work with hp6500 e709n

    Someone at - it get their iPhone or iPad to work with the printer HP6500 e709n wireless? HP said it supports iPrint, but won't work for me.

    Telgo wrote: thanks for your reply.

    I have not iPrint 3.0 is installed. You say that I must add the HP software for my iPad to print? I don't want to print pictures, but emails, web pages, etc., using the facility that Apple has provided.

    I have the iPad connected wireless to the same network.

    How can I find out the IP address of the webserver 6500?

    I am running via an Apple Airport Extreme.

    There are at least two main methods of printing from the iPhone or the iPad.  The iPrint page indicates that "HP iPrint Photo 3.0 is a downloadable mobile application for free which allows you to capture and edit photos and print wireless from photos, PDF and text directly files from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch inkjet HP printers connected to a local wireless (WiFi) network."  This is not your needs if you want to print arbitrary web pages.

    The other method is AirPrint.  AirPrint requires an AirPrint-compatible printer and the following: AirPrint is only compatible with HP ePrint released in 2010 products. AirPrint is not backward compatible with older products, and there is no work around to allow backwards compatibility with older HP products.

    The Officejet e709n isn't an ePrint or AirPrint compatible printer, model e710n later is compatible.   The above page indicates that there is no work around for the use of non-ePrint e709n with AirPrint printer.

  • My iPod Touch has all my music available through itunes game but my iphone does not work

    I have iTunes game.

    I see all my songs on my iPod Touch and iPad but not on my iPhone

    What iPhone version is this? And what version of iOS is installed?

  • My speakers does not work when I talk on the phone but when I have my headphones or have the phone up to my ear people hear me perfectly fine, please help.

    My iphone does not work on audio speaker and everything is perfectly fine, but when I'm on the phone and put my phone on speaker, no one can hear me not at all, but when I have the phone to my ear, or have headphones in people can hear me very well. I don't think it's a software problem, that my phone is updated with ios 9.3.5. Can someone help me please on this issue.

    Force restart the phone now sleep and home for 10 seconds, button until the Apple logo comes back again. You won't lose data.

    Have you tried plugging the headphones into an output a few times?

    Does say "headphones" when you toggle the volume and no headphones attached?

    More tips here:

    If you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch speaker - Apple Support

  • After recent, iPhone, 6, update, Windows, Explorer, does not work, see, iPhone

    I installed the latest update required for my iphone ios 6 a few days ago, and now when I try to download pictures from my iphone to my PC (via USB connection), the PC does not see the iphone.   iTunes sees it yet, but windows Explorer does not work.  It seems that some setting has been broken through the update of ios.  A way to solve this problem?

    Restart the computer and the iPhone. Unlock the iPhone before connecting it to the computer. Any change?


  • iPhone 5 home button does not work after ios 10

    My 5 Iphone Home button does not work after update final IOS version of 10.

    The home button works on the first push to wake the phone but it will not open the phone the second button.

    I activated the assist button, which does not work either. But what I discover is if I open device for assistance then touch and lock screen click on the button home will work once to open the phone. If I open any app I can't close it unless I go through the same routine.

    You attempted to restart your phone?

    You can do so by holding the sleep/wake button and the Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears

  • IMO app does not work in my iphone 6


    My name is Antoine. am living in Saudi Arabia, I brought the iPhone 6s almost 9 months ago. From that moment there soft IMO does not work in my phone. Then I have updated now ios 10 but still the same problem. Then I uninstalled the app and try to reinstall the software, but unfortunately I can not reinstall this application that the verification code is not my iPhone sending 6. Please correct this problem as soon as possible.

    Thank you

    It is up to each developer to ensure that their applications will continue to perform reliably with each new version of the operating system. Use their support link:


  • iPhone 5: objective of the camera does not work after update iOS 10

    Hello everyone.

    I swear to you that I have no idea how do... after a few weeks since the release of iOS 10, yesterday I force myself to be updated - the situation with iOS 9.3.2 became crash and unbearable lag every second. The fact is that I update, I like the system and use it for a few hours. Check the camera this morning, I see that the focus does not work. Now I also see AE / AF Lock, light changes whenever I tap on one side or the other, but not to focus. Not even close or far, nothing to do. I have not tried in the settings to do a full erase, I had no way to restore it since I do not have a backup.

    I tried to clean the lens - already cleaned, I tried to give him a few small nicks and follow the many guides online. I rebooted and everything done. Nothing has changed.

    The last photo was taken last night and has been developed. So I don't think it's a hardware problem and if so, how has it happened? A few hours ago the iPhone is fallen, but tell me if it makes sense. If it's a software problem, what could I do?

    I would avoid the assistance. It is a used iPhone, never jailbroken. I don't have a lot of confidence with the help, in 6 or 7 years he never went - iPhone always bought used and always worked very well.

    PS: I have no way to get into DFU, as iTunes does not see my iPhone. Up to iOS 9 that I had no problem even if I had enough of the device with the cable isn't original, but barely now lets load ("This accessory may not work").


    I also have an iPhone 5 and I tested the question and mine is fine, how bad was the fall that you mentioned? Sometimes problems can come and go. Also try to reformulate your device.

    After this answer please.

    Thank you Will

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