My iPhone is locked after restoration icloud and didn't use icloud


So I bought a new iphone 6 s 64 gb a few weeks ago, I used it for 3 days and then I put it back in the box because I wanted to give it as a gift and today I connected it to iTunes I have restored and updated to the new ios and after that, I had the lock icloud with a yahoo email screen and I myself I had never even used yahoo I don't know not this e-mail even origin of the same if the iphone is new even I removed the plastic box so I don't think that someone used in front of me.

IM panic I don't know what to do!

* I used the app store - and the icloud was clean it was nothing there

Help, please!

Thank you!!!

Unfortunately, while you are not using iCloud - your phone is. Unless you are the lucky guy who can skip this step, your phone is so activation locked after the use of three days. And if it isn't you who locked, it's even worse, cause then your chances to unlock are even worse.

Fortunately if buy you a few weeks - you still have original and can call Apple for help. Just be received valid legit Apple dealer.

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