My iPod shuffle (one of the recent 4th gen ones) battery life is really short suddenly

So I got my iPod Shuffle since mid August 2015 and, for some reason, the battery life actually only spent about 1 hour. It's never the same beforehand in January, but it seemed a bit more faster than the usual battery run (probably 5 hours or more) and in February, it dropped to about 2 hours. He went away for a while, when I used it less but recently after I have charged it and began to do something random (probably stimulation of things) it lasts barely an hour. What can I do to fix this?


I have also completely load btw.

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  • YouTube videos don't be loading not on my most recent 4th Gen 4 Apple TV, but they will be load on my old Gen 4.   Everyone is suffering from this problem?  It just started tonight. Both units work with other applications. YouTube is such a pill.

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    I know the machine, but main autonomy depends on the battery capacity. As I know come in two sizes: 2000 mAh and 4000 mAh.

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  • iPod Shuffle (4th generation 2012) bad songs deleted

    Recently, my father gave me his iPod Shuffle, and I wanted to change a part of the music on it. I connected the connected device to iTunes, has given the permissions of my laptop, and well as the device and his music appears, I cannot change anything and can not find the file on my computer. I've seen other issues similar to this and tried their responses, but so far nothing has worked. Any advice?

    Hey Copperdog555,

    Looks like you are having problems with your iPod shuffle syncing newly received with your iTunes library. Please make sure that you are running the latest version of iTunes by checking the updates in your App store. If you don't have any music in your iTunes library, try to add the music to the library first, and then try to sync with the iPod shuffle. Once the synchronization was successful, it will erase all songs currently on the device and replace it with what you have added to the iTunes library. The links below will help you get this done.

    Get the latest version of iTunes

    Search and organize your iTunes media files

    iPod shuffle support

    Sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes on your computer through a USB port

    Please use the Apple Support communities for help. The above steps will have you listen to your favorite songs in no time at all!

    Have a great day.

  • How to install and format the iPod Shuffle 512 MB in Windows 10?

    I tried to install and old iPod shuffle 512 MB (the long one) of 10 Windows 64 bit computer since the original installation CD and it retains formatting forever. I had to stop the installation. Any ideas?

    Do not use the original disc.  This is the software for nearly ten years ago, and it probably won't work with Windows 10.  To use an iPod, you must install iTunes; Download the latest version here

    Run the downloaded installation program to install iTunes 12.  Launch iTunes and connect the old iPod shuffle to a USB port.  Although the iPod is old, it works with the latest version of iTunes (as long as it is functional).  The shuffle will appear in iTunes as a button on the device, on the horizontal bar that runs through the iTunes window.  See below for the screenshot of the window of my iTunes (on the upper left), showing the device for a 1st shuffle button (circled in red) gen.

    Click the button on the device to display the screen of the iPod settings in iTunes.

    This is for the original shuffle user's guide

    However, this manual is as old as this software disk and does not exactly how the latest version of iTunes.  Once get back you to the point where you see the shuffle in the iTunes window (and you have songs in your iTunes library), please post with your questions.  I can provide advice to sync songs to your shuffle.

  • I have ipod shuffle 2nd generation and need new charger (dock) can still buy these?

    I have ipod shuffle 2nd generation and need new charger (dock) can still buy these?

    Apple no longer sells the official replacement of the USB cable with the "cradle".  Do not buy the replacement USB docking cable for the current 4th gen (3rd generation) iPod shuffle, because it does not work with 2nd gen shuffle (the connector is different).

    There are 3 replacements of party, for example

    There are other products similar, including some who do not have the cradle, and some who do not even have a cable (like this one) balances - / 221546931454

    Ensure that the product is described as being the shuffle gen 2  I'd go with one that has a docking station, because it maintains the shuffle at a constant specific position compared to the socket, which can be important for a shuffle gen 2.

  • My ipod shuffle 4g suddenly off automatically? !!

    Hello. I have an ipod shuffle 4g mid 2015. When I hold the "voiceover" button in order to change my playlist button and press "play/pause", my ipod turns off automatically (sometimes, not always), but after a few seconds, when I turn it on, it works. I don't understand why this is happening. Can you please help me with this and tell me what is the problem and how to fix it? Thank you.

    Hello siesam,

    I understand that your iPod shuffle is sometimes turn off unexpectedly when using VoiceOver. In such a situation, the first point of departure would be to reset your iPod shuffle by placing the switch on the device to the OFF (with the hidden green band) position, wait ten seconds, and then slide the power switch back to the position WE.

    If it does not stabilize your iPod, please visit the iPod shuffle troubleshooting and service FAQ.

    1. Disconnect iPod shuffle from your computer (if connected).
    2. Set the switch on iPod shuffle to the OFF position. Note that, when the iPod shuffle is off, the Green band of the switch is not visible.
      1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation 4th generation
    3. Wait five seconds. For iPod shuffle (3rd and 4th generations), wait ten seconds.
    4. Put it on the play in order or the shuffle position. The green stripe will be visible in both positions. For iPod shuffle (2nd and 4th generations), slide the power switch on (and you can see the Green band).

    iPod shuffle is now reset. If you have been reset as part of some troubleshooting steps, continue with these steps now. For the General troubleshooting steps, see the iPod shuffle troubleshooting and service FAQ.

    Reset the iPod shuffle


  • iPod shuffle itunes ed

    Buongiorno a tutti,

    Ho downloaded a series of canzoni knew itunes, the iPod shuffle e con sincronizzazione faccio mi dice che non essere caricati sul can device, boom drop?

    I like passare parte della mia musica sull'ipod by smell quando sono in the Palestra. He mio IOC e: devo by fare IOC comprare UN ipod touch?

    I used Google Translate.  Sorry I can't answer in Italian.

    You can synchronize the songs purchased from iTunes Store for iPod shuffle.  If the downloads are from the Apple's music subscription service, you cannot synchronize these downloads to any iPod, with the exception of the iPod touch.  To play music from Apple Downloads, unit must have an Internet connection to verify your subscription.

    If you have problems with the synchronization of the songs than your own to your iPod shuffle, please post back.

  • My Ipod Shuffle is possessed

    I have an Ipod Shuffle 4. The voiceover button stop working. Now it cuts just the song a bit, but it is not a voice-over. I tried to uncheck voiceover, then recheck and I restored my ipod twice, but it still does not work properly. I even tried to change the language of the voice change then back to English. No luck.

    The quality of the music seems worse, too. Not exactly, jumping more than the song is a little off track.

    In addition, the command dial on the front does not work correctly. Sometimes it will go to the next song, but sometimes, nothing happens when I push forward or backward.

    I bought this Ipod on ebay, so I don't know how old it is, but it worked fine for a year.

    Any suggestions?

    The shuffle headphone jack accepts headphones remote control signals that have controls on the cord.  In which case she receives erroneous signals from defective helmet (which can cause the issue of sound quality AND with the controls of the iPod), try another set of headphones (of preference with any button of the remote control on the cord) as a test to see if the problem goes away.

    Additionally, make sure that the headphone plug is COMPLETELY pressed into the headphones Jack.

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    Hello. Have you seen this cannot create Apple TV (4th gen) as Home Hub?

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    I'm not talking about AirPlay either, I wonder about the possibility to download the Amazon to Apple TV app, as you would to your phone or tablet.

    I refuse to upgrade to a new Apple TV until the apps from Amazon are made available to last Apple TV plugged device.

    There is no video from Amazon or music on Apple TV.

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    First the good news - it's going to be a W540

    Strangely the W540 shows a maximum battery life of 6 hours down from the 7.4 of the W530?

    540: "battery lifeup to 6 hours with the battery 6 cells standard."

    530: "battery lifeup to 7.4 hours with battery 6 cells removable.

    No idea why?

    SD wrote:

    However, I have a follow-up question - there are has two graphics card options, a K1100M and a K2100M, the only difference being listed is energy consumption, so to show my ignorance in this area, what's the difference/advantage of one over the other?

    It is a mistake, the K2100M 576 carrots.

  • Satellite S50-B-12Z: battery life cycle Option does not appear in the eco utility

    Hello everyone.

    I am facing a strange problem. The eco utility allows to work ok with win 10 on my S50-B-12Z satellite and I used the eco charging battery I've run mainly my laptop plugged in.

    At some point, I need to do a system restore. I have re-installed the 10 victory and also the latest version of the eco utility downloaded from the Toshiba site. The problem is that when I open the utility eco, the choice of "battery life cycle", where you can select the eco reload or not, seems no more! So I find myself with the battery to 80% connected but does not support.

    I already tried to uninstall and reinstall the utility or install an earlier version of it.

    Is there something I could do in order the choice of "battery life cycle" to reappear or to cancel the State of charge of eco and leave my battery to charge again 100%?

    Thank you

    I have the same problem with my P50 - A satellite. Battery-life cycle does not appear in the new eco Win 10 utility installed. Version is: Older versions do not work, I tried also.

    More than 80% of maximum load, not 100% .

    I hope someone has a suggestion. To 80% battery life is too short

  • cannot change the playlist on the ipod shuffle 4th generation - the computer sees it but I can't do anything with it

    I have 3 ipod Shuffle (4th generation).  Two connect to iTunes without problem.  1 can be seen by iTunes but I can't edit the playlist and I don't get any options by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner to be able to restore it.  Any suggestions please?

    Thank you

    Try to reset the device, and then try again. Reset the iPod shuffle - Apple Support.


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