My laptop not feed on I tried all the usual, still don't work then after 3 - 4 weeks it suddenly starts up

Hi, a few months ago my laptop (Toshiba Satellite L350-235) suddenly turned off. I did all... now the key power key used remove the battery etc, still no joy. So I took it to a repair center who said it might be the motherboard. They said they changed the motherboard, so I got home and once again

a few hours is the same so I'll back with her and finally, they said there was something that needed to replace the BIOS.
I'm not technical interested so I do not know however it worked once more in the store but once again after about a week, you stop again then after about three weeks to a month it works once again, now its judgment once more. The laptop doesn't have enough for three years. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Junath,

Because the problem is related to hardware, I suggest you contact Toshiba they would be better equipped to help you about this malfunction of the equipment. You can contact them at the following link:

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