My LightRoom is corrupt. How to replace by a new LR?

My LightRoom of corrupt and behave more and more strange. How to replace by a new LR?

I mean: is this fair to throw the old one in the tray and start the new and open the last recorded catalogue?

If you press the H key returns the white pin?

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    Hello kilian99,

    You can try this download (free) MalwareBytes from here: tag = mncol install, Update then do a scan of your system to ensure that it is indeed clean. Once done, remove everything it finds. Hope this helps you. Let us know anyway. Make it a great day!

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    Unless you bought the device in the United States, you will not be able to get a replacement here. A warranty replacement is performed only if guaranteed is done, the country of purchase. You will need to do the out of warranty Exchange in the country you bought the phone. One off replacement for the iPhone warranty 6 will be about $299. It is the American price, you must convert it to your location.

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    Try to uninstall the old version - it is not necessary.  An upgrade is a product independent and fully functional.

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    It is not recommended to go back to the old version of Sync

    The old version is removed he'll stop being available soon, it takes getting used to using the new version.

    IIRC, it is actually possible to force synchronization of the old working with Fx29 & Fx30 using an old profile or preferences of piracy, but I don't think I should encourage users to try this, but it would be better than using an older version of Firefox which is really bad. In fact using an old outdated version of Firefox is so bad, that it is customary to recommend using a browser on alternative day of someone else instead.

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    Thanks for reading!

    I think that there are just one or two screws holding it on the basic coverage, it then behind the scenes.

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    I agree.

    I prefer to use the TCP/IP port instead WSD

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    BTW why they made it so difficult to get just to the battery in this model?

    WARNING - proceed at your own risk and don't forget static precautions!

    Hope they help and if you have any questions let me know.

    + The message was edited: link has been removed ad channel may not +.

    Thanks for these videos. It may be useful to replace the memory, but I think that the owners of the laptop should not open the case. This may void the warranty.
    Be careful about this.




    Thanks for the reply,

    The link that I posted earlier, gives you the step by step guide on how to replace specific parts depending on the product you select in the list of options that appear.

    Although, given that it does not work as I expected, try this video (youtube-3rd part - please avoid ads)

    If you want to help others looking for the same solution, as you found, mark the message as acceptable Solution.
    If you wish to testify of my effort, please click on the thumbs violet icon at the bottom of my comment.

    And I hope that you have a good day Ahead.

    Kind regards

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    My laptop's dvd - rom drive is old and broken, now that I have here an other dvd - rom drive, but I don't know how to remove the old dvd - rom without removing all parts of my laptop. Is there some service manuals how to replace the dvd - rom drive?


    I m not 100% sure on the CD/DVD drive replacement on this laptop, but I assume that the procedure is very similar to other portable players.
    For the most part the ODD is secured with the screw at the bottom of the unit.
    You will need to remove this screw to get out and to swap the drive.

    But be careful and don t there if you have no experience!
    Moreover, not all readers are compatible and supported in reason parameters master/slave/c-salt. If you n t know which drives are compatible you should ask the ASP in your country for advice!

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