my mac is the display of the comment... No backups for 13 days.  Connect to a power outlet while your backup disk is available.

My Mac is the display of the comment... No backups for 13 days.  Connect to a power outlet while your backup disk is available.  For my time Machine control, everything seems to be saved.

Time Machine also creates temporary copies on your internal drive when the backup drive is not available. So you can see the 'temporary' backups on your internal drive.

I recommend that you connect your external drive and your power adapter and let make a permanent copy - ones on your internal drive are subject to deletion if space is short.

By now he may need to do a 'deep traversal' which can take some time.

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  • The upgrade of Windows 8 "we can connect you right now, please check your internet connection and try again.

    I just downloaded the upgrade of Windows 8 with the 14:99 option $ discount and after following the steps, he comes to the download section and said "we can connect you right now, please check your internet connection and try again" I tried several times and my internet connection is fine, why am I seeing this?

    Thank you

    PS I am in Australia and Runninng Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit

    Hey Binka,.

    Your specific error message (failure of the API online store [error: 0x803d0013.]) requires agents that specialize in ESD. 

    The ESD team contacts are listed here.

    There was also another resolution for this source of error in this thread.

    Windows 8 pro update - we cannot connect

    He said simply that the original poster had a PC to update and maintain their system and verify that the date is correct are their resolution.

    For all other users who came across this thread, take into account advice from cyberjayar in his post on 31 October. Make sure that your Antivirus programs and firewall is completely turned off during installation. Thanks for posting, happy assignments!


  • I need a query that selects the amount of records for each day of a table.

    I need a query that selects the amount of records for each day of a table.
    For example, the result would be:

    1 14 date
    Date 2-3


    Any ideas?


    SELECT count ([IDCommentaire]), convert (varchar, dateAdded, 112)

    OF COMMENTSgroup by convert (varchar, dateAdded, 112)

  • My Office Professional Plus suddenly began to say that the license is valid for thirty days?

    It was fine until yesterday, but when I open a briefing today, another open window, indicating that my license is not activated. It is a school issued laptop and no one else has this problem.

    UPDATE! -Now that I noticed, even my Windows says that it has not yet been activated! Need help!
    Error code: 0x8007007B

    Universities also use volume licensing and based on your report, you use a copy of Windows that uses KMS licenses:

    Windows product ID: 00371-868-0000007-85321
    Windows product ID type: 1
    Windows license Type: customer KMS
    So we can assume the same for Microsoft Office, especially since you said everything is pre-installed by your University and the copy of Microsoft Office is provided under volume license.
    your University licensed Windows 7 Professional Edition and Microsoft Office for all teachers, staff and students through the agreement Microsoft Campus (ACEM). Contact your local service, laboratory or software Center links for troubleshooting and reactivate the license.
  • VMware vcenter converter standalone physical conversion to virtual stuck to the completion of 81% for several days

    Hello everyone I have an interesting question, I'm physical conversion to virtual pointing to the new virtual directly on the server esx conversion would set schedule for a day. But now, it's just stuck at 81% and not go further! I don't get any errors of ideas? questions are there a basis that I can look to see what is happening? Is there a way I can fix it without start over again. There are enough resources on the destination esx I had to change the hard drive space for destination and ram, but done nothing radical imprint more small which I think should do better.

    It's an interesting case, you have here. I guess that conversion is complete, but somehow you do not see or a deadlock occurred.

    Anyway you will probably be able to export logs to the customer. Go to the directory of newspapers to %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\VMware\VMware vCenter Converter Standalone\logs (for WP/W3K) or vCenter Converter Standalone\logs %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\VMware\VMware (for Vista +) and find the log of the last worker (vmware-converter-worker - .log #). The status of the conversion is currently connected. Take a look, or that she has finished, is still running, is stuck.

    If he has you can try restarting the client and/or server converter service. Do not stop the worker service unless you are sure that there is no conversion running!



  • Calendar of the apex; limit values for each day/cell

    Apex 4.2

    I'm working on a calendar widget to my page. The calendar will be specific sectors (using the abbreviation of sector space maximze) for each day. When you use the calendar, I noticed the sectors more you have, the cell for this day will begin to stretch down / vertically. I tried to change this so that a specific day / cell would show only a number of areas. For example, maybe one day 20 sectors are attributed to him, however, I only want to show 5 of them and then a text saying 'See more'. The text 'see more' will eventually be a link, but it's far from being the problem.

    Initially, the request for this was along the lines of:

    the_id, the_date, the_sector, the sector_abbrev
    from Table
    where this = that

    It would show all sectors for all the days on the calendar. Yet once, I wanted to limit the output every day as some days would indicate all 20 sectors (their abbreviations), and some would be 3 or four in function. So to say that there are 30 sectors (10 1st), 4 of the 15, 12 on 20-4 on November 29. I want to allow only five abbreviations of sector which must appear in a cell until the link "see more" appears. I came up with the following query:

    the_sector_abbrev, the_id, the_date, the sector
    from Table
    where rownum <= 5 and (this = that)
    union all
    Select 'View More', null, null, null
    from dual

    I found that it would be limiting my calendar for showing that four areas throughout the month of November and not for each day / cell on the calendar. I am to discover that 'rownum' is perhaps not the way to go. I don't know how to specify for each of the calendar days rownum. I don't know how to capture every day / the Calendar cell. Maybe I need a more complicated or a subquery where clause. But overall, from my example above, the 1st show four of the sectors and then the link "See more", the 15th would show the four sectors and thats all, the 20th century would show four sectors and her "see more" link and so on.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    NewApexCoder wrote:

    I had no idea of the possible application of solution would be too complex.

    It is not the case:

    with calendar_data as (
          , sch.hwe_inspection_scheduling_id
          , sch.inspection_date
          , sch.instructions
          , sch.inspection_sector_id
          , sch.high_water_event_id
          , ins.inspection_sector_name
          , hwe.event_name
          , row_number()
                over (
                  partition by sch.inspection_date
                  order by sch.inspection_date, ins.inspection_sector_name) day_sector_rn
            hwe_inspection_scheduling sch
              left join inspection_sectors ins
                on sch.inspection_sector_id = ins.inspection_sector_id
              left join high_water_events hwe
                on sch.high_water_event_id = hwe.high_water_event_id
            (   sch.high_water_event_id = :p0_high_water_event_id
             or :p0_high_water_event_id is null))
      , inspection_date
      , inspection_sector_name
      , sector_abbrev_name
      , ...
      , null -- Generate URL for sector links here
        day_sector_rn <= 5
    union all
      , trunc(the_date) + 1 - interval '1' second
      , null
      , 'View More…'
      , ...
      , null -- Generate URL for "View More..." links here
    group by
        count(*) > 5
  • The local network settings for arbitrarily lose connectivity with ADSL modem

    Hi all

    I have a SAGEM 1500WG ADSL modem for internet connection and a laptop Satellite A100 (PSAA9). I noticed that arbitrarily, the ALARM led on the modem of DSL connection worked again (according to the lights on the modem) and the real problem was that I couldn't ping my modem. The problem was inside my local network. I can't be sure that what happened outside my LAN because I could not reach even the modem.

    The only solution is to reset the modem. After 4-5 months of use, I have concluded that, whenever this was happening, I used Azureus to download a movie and this download was pretty slow (for example because my counterpart have fast connection). Also, I was connected with wire and NOT using the modem wireless. This means that: the problem never appeared when the wireless or Azureus works and download a significant amount of data.

    I wonder if the LAN driver has any firewall installed on it. Or if she has any function that transforms the power driver LAN offshore when there are very few or no data go through it for a certain period of time.

    Or East-Azureus has any odd décor that reminds you of something above?
    The combination I think is problematic is "adapter LAN + Azureus work + very little data being downloaded. Maybe I'm a little confused. Anyone who has experienced the same problem or can come up with an idea will be extremely useful.
    Thank you very much.


    Don t think that there is a problem with the LAN settings or the LAN driver on the device!
    Your data transmission to low and transfer depends on your service provider Internet (ISP) and the server.
    Your Azureus application does not for me, but in my easy it s a transfer of connection and the data of the software simply PEAR-pear file also depends on the number of users and the connected clients

  • Can we share a link between the Group of users for a direct connection for remote desktop connection?

    Hello community,

    I am running the scripts on one of our internal server - Windows Server 2008 R2, which I connect remotely by the connection service Office. My thought is, I want to share a link to users that are running on the machine local windows 7, which leads directly to this folder on the remote server where the script results are stored.

    Ofcourse Remote Desktop connection is the name of the computer, the user name and password. Therefore, the link I want to share to open this dialog box asking for details and take the user directly in the folder.

    I know that sounds like what we are doing to map a network drive. But just hoping if it means something.

    Looking for answers.

    Thank you


    This issue is beyond the scope of this site and must be placed on Technet or MSDN

  • The trial has a watermark on the videos, I try for 30 days, is possible to remove this?

    The watermark says "created with Adobe Premiere Elements trial version. I'm trying this out trial to see how my gaming videos can look on this program, but with this watermark it I can't really concentrate on nothing behind it. Ideas if this can be removed while I use it or it will stay there forever trying to ruin my chance to really try this program?

    Once you buy the product and load the activation code, you won't have this banner. (Although you may need to remove the old rendering files to remove it from the video that you created with the trial version).

    If you change the video camcorder, you should not see this banner on your video while you work. At least not until you add effects. You should see only video output or fondues.

    If this isn't the case, please tell us what model of camcorder that your original video came from and what format and resolution.

  • Hello! The chat is closed for 3 days, but I need to close my subscription and a few additional questions.

    Need help


    Please contact support by calling/chat for cancellation requests and billing queries:

    Contact the customer service

    * Be sure to stay connected with your Adobe ID before accessing the link above *.

    You can also check the help below document:

    Please go through the Adobe - General conditions of subscription as well.

    Kind regards


  • What is the minimum download speed for a solid connection video Pod?


    What is the minimum download speed required for a solid video connection for a Webcam SD broadcast a presenter?

    I'm portable satellite solutions research for places that do not have a strong enough 4G connection.

    Thank you


    Page 22 of this document will give you a few figures to calculate the need of bandwidth depending on the room configuration and pod.

  • the list of the comment process

    I am trying to build a program to run synchronously in the comments (linux) because for some ridicules vRO reason does not provide this out of the box.  All I have to do is find a way to check if the exitCode or time of the end of a process is null/undefined and I can't seem to understand what he wants.

    The process list task returns an array of:

    {pid:number, string name, string owner, cmdLine:string, startTime:Date, endTime:Date, exitCode:number}

    If I iterate over the return value, I can System.log (pid.exitCode) or pid [exitCode] and he says "__NULL__.  If I try and do something like: if (pid.exitCode = null)... or undefined... He throws out this error code:

    Invalid value of JavaScript type ch.dunes.model.type.TypeConverter$ NullObject

    How can I check to see if the time of end or exitCode are filled?  Once they get real values, I will be able to assume that the process is complete.

    Instead of building on this logic yourself, have you tried the package manager of Script comments, we published here in communities? If I'm not mistaken he already has code built-in to treat what you describe:

    Comments script package manager

  • Time Machine - there was an error preparing the Time Machine backup drive (could not mount the drive)

    I have a new HD but cannot set up encryption with system preferences. After ten minutes, I get the following error message:

    "There was an error preparing the Time Machine backup disk (disc name) - could not mount drive"

    Apparently, I need to set up the HD in this way:

    • If you are using an external drive connected to your Mac, use disk utility to make sure that your backup disk is formatted in HFS + extended (journaled) and is the partition type GUID Partition Table (GPT)

    It is not an option for the HFS + and so I used; OS x EXTENDED (journaled). GUID is ok.

    Can someone let me know what I need to do.

    Thank you

    Formatting: GUID Partition Table, OS X Extended (journaled).    (it is HFS +)

    For TimeMachine at best to a partition only.

    Do it again if necessary, then disconnect, reconnect, Start Time Machine preferences and "select disk".

  • My creative cloud has been slain in "the update installation" 5% for days now "

    I have a macbook and the creative cloud installedScreen Shot 2016-02-20 at 23.03.49.png, and he's been stuck in "The Update Installation" 5% for several days now.

    This is what it looks like, I don't know what to do because he said I can't same Unistall it.

    Help, please.


    Please try the following steps to resolve this problem.


    (1) close adobe all processes in the activity monitor (cloud Creative), synchronization of the base, CC, ccx, services for the desktop application adobe, adobe office, CIB Adobe updater AAM Broker service

    2) navigate to the following locations and assign all permissions to the adobe folders to the current user. To navigate, click on go in the bar on then click goto... type/library/application support of / and then click OK.

    (3) to assign the authorization right click on adobe folder and click on Get info... A window will open. Then click on the lock symbol to allow editing. Then click on sign + to add your user name. Then change read only to read and write. Then click gear icon on the bottom and click on apply to the elements included and click ok... Go to the next step then.

    3) navigate to the location following support/adobe application and rename in oobe to oobe.old and aamupdator.old aamupdator.

    (4) place you ~/Library/application support/adobe/oobe and rename in oobe to oobe.old and aamupdator.old aamupdator.

    Cloud creative library and remove 5 open application).

    (6) open utility library of the application itself and delete Adobe application manager and creative cloud

    (7) install creative cloud from link according to

    (8) launch cc app and it should work properly

  • I can't create a new site of catalyst for business with Dreamweaver CC 2014. The error message states that Dreamweaver cannot connect with the server, try again later. How can I solve this problem?

    I can't create a new site of Business Catalyst with Dreamweaver CC 2014 (Mac). The error message states that Dreamweaver cannot connect with the server, try again later. In addition, I am also unable to load remote site Business Catalyst created previously as it says that there is something wrong with my user name or password. However when I put my password and press to test the connection, he said that it has connected successfully. What is wrong and how can I solve this problem?

    Thank you

    Thanks for the reply, however it seems to work again after I removed some unused Dreamweaver sites in the section "manage sites" in Dreamweaver.  It may have been a conflict of name or something.



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