My Mac with OS 10.5.8 says I can't open Firefox because it is not supported on this architecture. I tried to update my version, and that's all I get now. What can I do to use Firefox again? Thank you.

My computer is not allowing me to use any version of Firefox, after several attempts to download. Simply, I get a message that Firefox is not supported on this architecture, and the Firefox icon in my toolbar now has a circle with a line through it top (cancelled). I hope someone can explain what I need to do to be able to use Firefox once more. Thank you, TC

As you have a PPC or Power Mac the last form of waiver Mozilla to work on the PPC is Firefox 3.6. *

3.6.23 Firefox can be found at

Since you have a PPC Mac, there is this option of third-party for Firefox 7.0.1

From Firefox 4.0, a Mac Intel with OS x 10.5 + is required for versions of Mozilla's Firefox.

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