My MMC crashes when you try to add the Certificates snap-in

My MMC crashes when you try to add the Certificates snap-in

Error: Microsoft Management Console has encountered a problem and needs to close.

When to see the details, it shows a mfc42u.dll error.

Hey Sankar,

Try Mircosoft Fixit:

You will need to authenticate Windows.

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    I get "access denied" when you try to add the 4543BD to my diagram. This component has been added since a previous version. I use Multisim version 12.0.0 student edition.

    Hi Diarra,

    I checked my database and the 4543 isn't in the student edition. If you open a drawing that was created in a version more recent as the education edition and copied the part to your database, when you place this part, you will get the access denied message.

    Attached is a diagram with the part, you can open it and build you circuit around it.

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    If you put this in the url bar: subject: addons
    This also happens? If this isn't the case, add the back icon and remove it to reset.

    It also happens in Mode safe?

  • Using script - library locked when you try to add the file to it


    I'm just a simple script that I can run with my engines of the action, so if I add new enum values I can create new wrappers quickly. I am able to create a new VI on disk, but when I try to add the the VI to the library, I get "error 1562: library, or the specified project is locked." Just before adding the article, I tried to adjust the State of the library "Not locked", but has not been the tower.

    Directions to see the error:

    Open attached zip file

    Open 'Engine.lvlib Action '.

    Run "Script - Create

    Please let me know how to get around this, I thank you,


    There are two reasons at least a library locks: 1) something he possesses is running, 2) is open in two or more instances of the application.  (This applies to classes too.)

    I started a project and took your scripts out of the library (to avoid the #1) and then open your Library Reference by path in your script, be sure to include the reference of the application (to avoid the #2).

    Works now.  (With the exception of the but you mentioned earlier that you knew about it. But point 1 and 2 of article work fine.)

  • InDesign CS6 crashes when you try to open the "bulleted list".


    My InDesign CS6 crashes when I try to open the "bulleted list" (alt + click).

    Anyone know what I can do to solve the problem?

    CS6 is unsupported under El Capitan. A lot of problems with this combination and CS6 having reached the end of LIFE, you can restore your previous operating system, upgrade to creative cloud or learn to live with it.

  • Portfolio crashes when you try to build the cover page of an image imported via Lightroom sync project.

    The title says it all.  While you can import images into a new project through Lightroom mobile sync when you try to create a cover image for the project, you can select one of the imported images, but when you try to apply the portfolio crashes.  The only way to go beyond this stage is to import them separately a jpeg.

    Another problem with imported via Lightroom photos mobile sync, it's that the display full screen obtained by double clicking on the image in the project is not centered on being right-justified display.  There seems to be no way to change this behavior.

    How to overcome those problems?

    Just tried again this morning and guess what it worked perfectly.  Only difference I can see is that Lightroom is running and who claims to be always sync when I had the problem and this morning when the problem went away Lightroom was off.  Incidentally, if you want to report bugs that you must go to the portfolio help page and ask a question.

  • After updating windows 7 Edition family premium my phone regularly crashes when you try to access the folder

    After updating windows 7 Edition family premium my phone breaks down regularly when you try to access the folder - I installed several updates, correct its and also removed countless system software - can someone help please!  It normally occurs when you access my folder music or documents, even if they are empty! I'm using an asus laptop

    There is no free or paid for the software will fix PC problems

    'used cmd & scan' could mean allmost anything.

    Apparently, you have a portable computer, you do not have scource drivers for a laptop computer via windows update (unless this portable machine said) but this laptop manufacturers support site, then visit this site of support of decision makers and reinstall all the drivers available.

  • Media center immediately crashes when I try to add the extender for the Xbox 360

    I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.  I try to add the extender for the Xbox 360 to Windows Media Center. When I go to Media Center tasks and add an Extender, Media Center crashes immediately after I enter my Xbox console 8-digit code and click Next.  I have disabled the firewall of the router and firewall windows without success.  Restart the computer and the Xbox has not helped either.  Any suggestions that I can not yet put in place the Extender?

    Thank you.

    Hi Eric,.

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community Forum!

    According to the description of the problem, it seems that you have trouble connecting Xbox 360 extender for Windows Media Center.

    I will certainly help you with this issue.

    Here are some methods that you can try in order to solve the problem.

    Method 1: Disable the antivirus software and make sure.

    Note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you do not disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network during the time that your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    Method 2: Clear the Xbox 360 console system cache and check.

    Method 3: Reconnect to Windows Media Center

    In the event that something happened to your connection, try to disconnect and reconnect to your Windows Media Center computer.

    To disconnect and reconnect to Windows Media Center:

    a. in the Xbox Dashboard, go to My Xbox and open Control Panel.
    b. Select computers, Windows Media Center.
    c. Select Disconnect.
    d. Select the installation program and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the Media Center Windows Installer.

    For more information, see the articles.

    Here is a demo for an Xbox 360 as an Extender for Windows Media Center unit setting

    Tips for solving problems with Windows Media Center Extender Setup

    If the problem persists, or you have questions about Windows, do not hesitate to let us know. We will be happy to help you.

  • VB6 crashes when you try to change the power on the DIO state using NIDAQmx.

    When I try to change the power of digital output to a PCI - 6220M cardusing VB6 and NIDAQmx software, my plant of VB6.

    I have request to build a VB6 for the same card read all digital out and analog in, digital.  This app works very well.  I can't just change the power to high status.

    Hello Sir,

    I found a post on our discussion forum to a client who was trying to do the same thing as you and also ran into a crash of VB6. In his case, the accident was caused by an incorrect setting during the call to the function.

    The first part of the post office treats the correct settings. The second part of this post does not apply to your configuration, your type of card that supports under the power state.

    Please keep us informed of your progress.

    Kind regards


    OR Belgium

  • Window and the mouse crashes when you try to close the windows

    Original title: window crashes when you click on the red X

    I use Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit platform).  Just recently, when I right click on the red X in the upper right to close a window, the window and the cursor freezing for about fifteen seconds.  The window then closes, and the slider works normally.

    This happens to my office, although my laptop (same operating system Vista, except for the 32-bit version) works normally.  I use CCleaner on a regular basis, and I have the latest version of AVG anti-virus and Microsoft Security Essentials installed.  This Setup has worked well for over a year.  This problem appeared only in the last 24 hours.


    Houston, Texas

    Hello, Mr. the President Y. K..

    First, as soon as the computer and then restarting it later in the day, the question has not repeated itself.  I had read on Google that people with this problem a couple of years, were not so lucky.

    I have not addded any software, except to perform Windows updates usual a week ago.  The suddenness of the appearance of my problem led me to believe that these patches were probably not at fault.  When I went to log on to this second time, I had planned to restore the system to a previous backup to see if that gave me work around the problem.  However, it was not necessary.

    No error message appears when the problem occurred, and the problem was if I was in the office or on the Internet.  Nevertheless, I intend to register your comments useful diagnosis for later use, and for your efforts, thank you very much!

    Kind regards


  • Adobe Illustrator crashes when you try to open the files

    After 4 months of trying to figure out what adobe Illustrator still does not work. It crashes when I try to click on a file or when I try to open a new. I get a dialog box saying that adobe Illustrator is suddenly broken down. I tried to uninstall, reinstall, update all my drivers and still nothing. I had a problem with the GPU drivers telliing me to udate even if I had more recent drives for my laptop. I work on a lenovo with windows 10. Adobe support can't understand why it keeps crashing. When adobe will solve this problem?

    Illustrator usually needs a printer. If none is there, install a PDF printer.

  • The name already exists error when you try to add the host to the cluster

    I created a cluster that currently has no inside host. When I try to add a host I get an error that says: "the name"ip address of the host, I add"already exists. I don't understand why I get this error if there is no showing on the cluster host. See below for the screenshot.

    Your screen shot shows hosts is already part of the inventory - if the host is already part of the theinventory have not need to add it again - simply drag and drop it into the cluster

  • Incorrect parameter when you try to add the header/footer?

    When you try to number pages in Acrobat 7 Standard (via the option headers and footers) I get the error 'invalid parameter', and the numbering does not work. Please notify.

    You said that your operating system is Windows 8.1.

    Acrobat 7.x product family (which went in the "end of Support" for years and years) is not compatible with Windows 8.1 (or any other modern OS).

    Windows 8.1, the first update for Acrobat XI provide Acrobat XI - Windows 8 / 8.1 compatibility.

    As Acrobat DC is what is currently marketed it is what you need to purchase.

    Note that there is no 'upgrade' from Acrobat 7.x to "XI" or "DC".

    Adobe Document Cloud | Adobe Acrobat DC

    Be well...

  • Illustrator crashes when you try to open the preferences window

    I have CS5 on windows 7. When I try to open the illustrator of window preferably hangs and does not open it. I can hit escape and it will go back to work very well. I tried to leave thinking maybe it was a strange problem loading, but nothing changes. Other that that everything works perfectly well just refuses to open the preference window. I tried searching but I can't find anyone else with this issue, I hope I do not have to reinstall but it's starting to look like, maybe it's my only option.


    You should consider at least two approaches.

    We need to dramatically increase the resolution of the monitor to see if he's hiding somewhere there, in which case you can drag to the area with other things, then cut again and clean up the mess.

    (Another is to try the relevant measures in the following list (1-4) and 6) as the last resort).

    The following is a general list of things you can try when the question is not in a specific file (you tried/made some of them already). 1 and 2) are easier for temporary strangenesses and 3) and 4) specifically preferences might be corrupt); ((5) is a list in itself and 6) is the last resort.

    (1) close Illy and open again.

    (2) restart the computer (you can do that up to 3 times);

    (3) close Illy and press Ctrl + Alt + Shift / Cmd + Option + shift during startup (easy, but irreversible);

    4) move the folder (follow the link with this name) with closed Illy (more tedious but also more thorough and reversible);

    5 look through and try the relevant among the other options (click on the link with that name, item 7) is a list of the usual suspects among other applications which can disturb and confuse Illy, point 15) applies to the maybe CS5, CS6 and CC);

    Even worse, you can:

    (6) uninstall, run the vacuum cleaner tool (if you have CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC), and then reinstall.

  • After Effects CS6 crashes when you try to use the Preferences submenu

    I have a problem with AE "freeze" or lock in place when you try to use under preferences submenu items. I have to stop with the Task Manager to regain control. I have a PC wintel with 8 GB RAM and 2 TB of disk and a quad-core, do not think that any of those who are a problem. AE is the only child of problem in this entire suite. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and effort.



    1360 x 768.

    That does not meet the system requirements and I think it's safe to say thatr it is the reason for the accident - the program seeks to draw the preferences panel in an invalid area because it cannot properly address the resolution of the screen too small. Increase the screen resolution and everything will probably work.


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