My mouse pointer moves in the opposite direction, I intend when I use the touchpad on my laptop. It works fine when I use my docking station and external mouse. How can I fix it?

I'm using Windows Vista with a Sony Vaio laptop.  At the office, I have a docking station with keyboard and external mouse.  Everything works fine with this Setup.  But when I unplug the docking station and use the touchpad on the laptop, my mouse pointer moves in the opposite direction, that is my intention.  I move my finger and the pointer down.  I move to the right and the pointer goes left.  How can I fix?

Go to start /Control Panel, and then double-click the icon '' mouse. '' When this window opens, select the tab "Touch Pad" at the top. There's a box near the bottom called "Touch sensitivity", click on that. Change the settings a little bit lower than what they are currently at.

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