My new MacBook Pro unresponsive during the whole upward. Waited 30 minutes and turn again. What now?

LLE MacBook Pro unresponsive during the implementation. Checked the online help and followed the advice to wait for 30 minutes, but always turn. What should I do now? Very impressed!


Stopping and restarting. If necessary, stop by pushing and holding the power button down until what it disable and then release press to reboot.

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    How can activate Creative Suite on my new macbook pro - I have the codes.  150:30 error keeps coming back.  I don't have access to my old macbook pro (it's set and it will be restored to factory settings).

  • Brand new Macbook Pro hangs on the wake

    Ive only noticed what happens when I use my external monitor plugged into the display port, but when I wake the macbook to sleep the display comes to life, I just get a black screen, then an image of the login page in the upper left of the screen, followed by a beach ball.  He never fully comes to life, and I end up having to hard it reboot.  There are a few incident reports in the console application.

    Here's the header of a more recent...

    Process: [6297]

    Path: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AmbientDisplay.framework/Versions/A/XPCServic es/ t


    Version: 1.0 (1).

    Code type: X 86-64 (Native)

    Parent process: launchd [1]

    Manager: [6297]

    User ID: 0

    Date/time: 19:17:31.933 2015-12-07 + 0000

    OS version: Mac OS X 10.11.1 (B 15, 42)

    Report Version: 11

    Also, information on my retina of Macbook Pro model...

    Model name: MacBook Pro

    Model identifier: MacBookPro11, 5

    Processor name: Intel Core i7

    Processor speed: 2.8 GHz

    Number of processors: 1

    Total number of Cores: 4

    (By heart) L2 Cache: 256 KB

    L3 Cache: 6 MB

    Memory: 16 GB

    Boot ROM version: MBP114.0172.B06

    I am concerned about the full the crashdump announcement where it contains sensitive information.  Pointers to advice on what is safe to share would also be appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.

    Contact AppleCare.

    A new Mac comes with 90 days of free technical support, AppleCare.

    AppleCare: 1-800-275-2273

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    If you have not configured the Apple TV, you need to jump or enter anything for the implementation of the measures initially and back to these settings once you can read the menus in your native language.

    Press the "Home Screen" on the remote control to return to the home screen menu and locate and select settings (with the gear icon), select the option at the top of the page in the menu, then scroll down and select the second to the last option on the next screen, that shows a list of languages, select yours. Apple TV needs to restart to change the language and ask you to confirm this, when it's this select the option at the top of the page.

  • My data has been lost during the whole upward, there is nothing to sync how to start more fees.

    I started the process as a new user & just as data has started to copy my turn lost power for a few seconds. The data is immobilized as if made, but nothing has been recorded. The system went on as if everything was OK. When I tried to Sync to my new HP laptop, nothing came through. I tried again without success. Need help!

    No, just for the synchronization of the configuration again by creating a new account to sync once you have removed your current sync account to start.

    You should be able to reuse the same email as above.

  • Why do all new Macbook Pro say I use almost 5 GB of photos and 2 GB of audio when I have none?

    Just bought the laptop today and I already only 67 free concerts of 120, with the majority in Apps, photos and videos... which I have installed nothing. How can this be? And how can I solve this problem?

    I tried re-indexing Spotlight coincidentally, I found on the forums - who did not.

    I tried a terminal command that I found on the forums - that didn't work.

    There is no way that I used half my 120 gig storage just by turning on the machine...

    To determine what you have on your MBP, download OmniDiskSweeper and Grand Perspective (both free) Internet and open them. They will show all your files and respective sizes. Transfer to an external HARD disk or remove files, that you no longer want on your MBP.

    Don't forget to empty the trash. Then only the space is allocated for the new data.


    Addendum: The program that produces the screen in 'about this Mac' has a bug inside.  It's not not to be approved for accuracy.  Usually, but not always, a Spotlight re-indexing will correct, but not in your case.

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    As the title says.

    Did you mean 128 GB of storage instead of memory, because it is very little, too little in my opinion.

  • Why should I pay $ 28 on the App Store for Pages on my old MacBook Pro when I have it for free on my new MacBook Pro on my iPad on my iPhone?

    Why should I pay $ 28 on the App Store for Pages on my old MacBook Pro when I have it for free on my new MacBook Pro on my iPad on my iPhone?

    And I could ask the same question for the calculator on the iPad?

    Something I don't understand here...

    Nice day!


    If you have used any other processor of professional quality (for example, Microsoft Word), and then just go ahead and use the current culture of free (financially) applications on devices you mention. It will not take too long before you understand point Apple of giving them. No application in the world can open documents Pages but the most recent version.

    Free will begin to erode when Pages for Mac forget how to open a perfectly fine document that you saved an hour or two ago. Or you realize you have to press the SHIFT key every time you want a first word in a sentence. Or you can not bind the text boxes to the text layout advanced stream. Or you can't do data merge / e-mail. Table of contents page links or comments will not export to PDF.

    Pages is not a clone of Word, and you'll quickly realize that Pages input/export deal with the translation. Open a blank document. Type the letter "A". Export to Word .docx. It will be 494KO in size. Do the same thing in LibreOffice or MS Word and it will be 8 KB.

  • How to re - install CS3 on the new MacBook Pro? [was: ADOBE REFUSES to HELP ME]

    I downloaded their software, and I received an error saying that I need to contact Adobe.  So I do, and they REFUSE to help because my software is not the latest version.  How to place a call to them?

    John, thank you very much for your answer.

    It's Adobe CS3 and I reinstall on a new Macbook Pro.  I had a backup with Time Machine and I have restored my files to the new laptop. Of course due to conflicts of serial number I had to reinstall my software. The Macbook Pro is more established in the Super Drive so I downloaded the software out of the Adobe site. I uninstalled and tried to reinstall, but received a message on there is a problem and to contact customer support.  I did, through their chat system and I was told that they couldn't help me because it was CS3.

    After uninstall and restart several times I finally solved what was the error.  I apologize for the lengthy response, but it wanted to be in a forum where someone like me goes looking for answers of self-handling.  Thank you once again!

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    I bought logic 8 disk a few years ago, how can I get on my new macbook Pro? (It doesn't have a disk drive) and I'll be able to update via the app store?

    8 Pro - Snow Leopard 10.6.8 & LP 8.0.2 (under Mavericks and Yosemite, LP8 has major issues)

    I think that SL is the latest operating system? So if your new Mac has an OS newer than that - you can't

  • Can I use a LED Cinema Display of pre-2009 with a new MacBook Pro retina?


    I am currently using a pre-2009 LED Cinema Display with a MacBook Air from mid-2011.

    Now, I want to replace my old MacBook Air with a brand new MacBook Pro 13 "retina.

    This combination works always and, above all, the Cinema Display Monitor will be able to manage the resolution of the retina?

    I have never seen anything in the resolution of the retina on the screen of cinema in 7 years, so I wonder if he can really handle.

    Thanks for any help.

    The Cinema Display isn't a Retina display, so it will not show HiDPI resolutions. But it will work fine with your new machine.

  • New MacBook Pro lost internet connection

    Fortunately brought my MacBook Pro retina display 15 "and connected to a Dell monitor. (Hours of hassle, but I have another question/problem).

    After using it for a while, I lost my connection to my home network. But my older MacBook Pro 13 and my iMac 27 were still connected.

    I took the new MacBook Pro 15 "at the kitchen. And here, I got my connection again.

    So... WHY

    And... WHAT can I do to keep my internet/network connection when my new MacBook Pro 15 alongside other computers?

    AND... Is there a use for my Airport Extreme, when my DSL provides internet and network?

    No use of Airport Extreme is not mandatory

    I use Dlink router and modem and all the Apple stuff in our home works very well

    That said-

    Press Option - then click the WiFi icon and click the wireless diagnostic tests - the process of

    If nothing remarkable is found - let it run in the background as you go about your work

    Also, when you do this - take a screenshot of the gray information and post a photo

    Finally two points-

    1. you have indicated this is a new device - is there sufficient numbers DNS for the tour of your router?

    2. do you know if your router provides 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz of bandwidth?

  • MacBook Pro 13 "is the gel and the trackpad


    I have a problem with my new Macbook Pro 13 ", sometimes, the screen completely freezes and I can't move the arrow. The trackpad freeze too and I can't push on it, it's like it was lock. I can't do nothing except restart my macbook by holding the power button.

    I'm still on the store guarantee two weeks where I bought it. But this problem happened before, I bought a macbook a month ago, I had this problem as they went the macbook to another, but I have a problem with a new. That's happened? Is this normal? I can solve this problem?

    Thank you

    • Note the time of the next involuntary reboot. After the reboot, open the Console app in Finder > Applications > utilities and look for entries of the log at the time of reset. Suspicious message here.

    Search before the journal entry that begins with BOOT_TIME since it is the first line of a startup

  • New MacBook Pro does not print 2 sides on Photosmart 3210xi

    Signed ol ' HP for the new MacBook Pro with OS X 10.6.6 USB cable, and he finds the HP.  Then toured to update software to currently do.  One of the printer boxes display correctly the HP to be equipped with the print side 2 on the back module and checked, but it is not printing 2 sides.  This system has no solid range of choice than Win7 - what is with that?  Someone at - it a method to obtain this HP Print on both sides of the paper?

    Thank you


    Hello HP,.

    I found the real solution, thanks to a bad hard drive on a new MacBook Pro, who died just before the spirits high at their altar in the Apple store here.  He was just 12 days old.  They gave me another new MacBook Pro.  While the implementation here at home and to have met with the Photosmart 3210xi he seemed to do ok, but again, it wouldn't make impression on side 2. And not after the MacBook made the update either.  So I tried the manual visit to HP - no help.  Unplug the printer and uninstalled the printed stuff.  Stop. Started and went to HP and downloaded the driver 10.3 me connected and turned on the printer when the installer wanted.  Printer worked and printed 2 sides.  The MacDonalds its software update and thinking, I saw something strange about one of the dialog boxes, all when trying to print after the update: 10.2 Driver. What?!  And no 2-sided, once again.  Fact the entire removal and install Driver 10.3 on but without having the MacBook again the software update. Now it prints 2-sided.  

    I'll tell Apple about it.

    In the meantime, it will help if HP would update what list you provide to Apple for their updates, which would help. Thank you!

  • I can't download Lightroom on my new Macbook Pro with OSX El Capitan.

    I can't download Lightroom on my new Macbook Pro with OSX El Capitan.  I get a very long message that says "there is no set application to open the aam URL: / / SAPCode etc. and ends with 'search the App Store for an application that can open the document thi!"

    I got Lightroom on my last computer but when I bought this new Macbook Pro last week, the trouble started.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    If you have a subscription lr, install the application of cc desktop from there, and use it to install your lr cc.


    Available downloadable Setup files:

    Download and installation help links Adobe

    Help download and installation to Prodesigntools links can be found on the most linked pages.  They are essential; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click on a link that does not have these listed steps, open a second window by using the link to Lightroom 3 to see these "important Instructions".

Maybe you are looking for