My new Portege Z30-B-110 does not start

My Z30-B-110 does not start. The keyboard and the screen will Flash regularly. I tried in vain to press the power button for a while. I would be grateful if you could help me.
Thank you!




What do you with the keyboard and the screen flashes regularly?
What happen exactly when you try to start your laptop?

Have you done something that may be responsible for this problem? Update BIOS or any other installation of the update?

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    I have the same problem as this post 2013!  Ouch. Pavilion HPE H8-1121 - new map chart + power supply, does not start after HP screen.

    I installed a new power supply (Seasonic 620W), which works well.  I also installed a GTX 660Ti last year and it was works fine as well.  I recently bought a ZOTAC GTX 970 and attempted to install it, but it will not go beyond the blue HP screen and I get the same code of beeps (1 long, 3 short), who, seems, suggests that the video is not initialized.

    My BIOS date is 2011.

    Where can I find an update for this?

    I'm also using Windows 10, which I found on the HP site is not tested on my model and would probably not favourable to good use.  Should I do back up to 7 or 8?  and then update the BIOS?  Y at - it a update for my BIOS and where can I find.

    In any case, I hope that this is a solution.  Again, this is not a bad machine to be 5 years old.

    Thanks for any help!

    If the video card that you have purchased dose not a legacy vBIOS it will never start. An update of the BIOS doesn't solve that.

    It is likely that your new video card has a vBIOS UEFI and that only is for the PC motherboards newer than yours which have a UEFI BIOS. Your motherboard has a legacy BIOS. 2012 is the year of model when the UEFI BIOS more or less became the de facto on motherboards standard.

    I return it for a refund. Find the candidate of video cards that support the old BIOS. It can be inherited only or switchable vBIOS (legacy or UEFI) vBIOS.  I suggest looking at the site of Sapphire Technology. ZoTac is not known to provide enough information about their video cards in the way. You upgrade a pre-built desktop PC and it's different and a little more difficult to set up a DIY PC. I looked at the site of Zotac and see that nothing is said about their video vBIOS cards.  I would return to the map.  Carefully read the specifications of the video card. A candidate for your motherboard card must have inherited vBIOS support or simply, it won't work.

    ZOTAC (they don't say anything about their product vBIOS)

    Sapphire Technology

    Because you look at game with 4 GB cards. Take a look at the following map. It has a double vBIOS. legacy and UEFI.

  • HP Pavilion p6210pt desktop PC: after the installation of the new module of RAM PC does not start and continues to beep.


    I am trying to upgrade the RAM on my PC. I don't know I got the correct specifications: 240 pin DDR3 PC3 - 10600 1333 MHz

    And it comes to envy, I bought, Kingston.

    The PC has 6 GB of RAM and a free slot, after I insert the new module on the free location corretly and press power, the PC does not start. It starts just a beep and the screen remains black.

    Don't know how better to explain this.

    If I take the new RAM all works normally. If I take old modules and just start by the new, the same thing happens, computer won't start not and just keeps to the beep. One of the Tweets is longer than the other, and then it repeats.

    Can anyone help please, it's just the motherboard it is too old or something?

    Thank you.

    See you soon.



    Given that your PC works with the old DIMM modules and not the new dimm then you should contact Kingston for a cure.

  • Try to format and do a clean install of Windows Vista on an old my computer HARD drive at home to be placed in a new Tower. The installation does not start.

    Try to format and do a clean install of Vitsa on an old my computer HARD drive at home to be placed in a new Tower. DVD starts up fine and then goes into an endless loop of the repair system that continues to check the c: / drive to find errors. Why is the installation does not start? I know that the folder c: / drive has Vista OS on it from my old compuetr. I want to wipe off immediately and start cleaning up.

    original title: try to install clean vista

    You must set your BIOS to start on the DVD from the beginning to the top.

    You have a good DVD of Vista (OEM/upgrade or full version) and NOT only a recovery disk provided by the manufacturer of the PC (or you burn you).

    For a DVD upgrade, follow the method here and make sure you format your HARD drive thanks to the tools of "advanced install" on the DVD.

    If you have a full version of Vista rather than a version upgrade then just do the first part of the above procedure.

  • Portege R100 laptop computer does not start after a while without food


    Well there is some time, I bought a beautiful used R100 - a laptop Toshiba in passing - but now, she has developed an annoying problem. Whenever it disconnect the laptop from the power supply for more than 2 hours about (don't know if this is not longer) I can't begin the R100, even if the battery indicator is green. After pressing the powerbutton the power led lights in green, and nothing happens. The "solution" to this problem is to give the R100 some time in this 'turned on' - State and after 15 minutes, I am able to start the computer (turn market again).

    I think that this could be a problem with a battery on the motherboard that is at its limits and needs time to gather enough power to start the computer.

    I hope you can help me identify the problem with my beloved laptop :)



    p.s. I have more or less need to identify the problem and some tips how to solve - the pleasure with the surgery will be from me :)

    p.p.s. Unlike the problem of the M400 further down, I've won if the beginning focused on the hard disk to Flash. In my case the R100 does not give a glance if it does not start. - And as a reference to the other post: "Hmm, I don't remember of the R100 fan not have it at all" * huggs its r100 * "."
    And I tried unplugging all the bits of the laptop and removed the battery, waited 15 minutes and tried to turn it on. the only way to obtain the departure of r100 is the method described above.

    You have an additional RAM installed?

    Maybe you need to re-seat, or it has a intermittent or heat associated with problem.

  • Re: Portege Z30: Fingerprint software does not, the connection with the sensor fails

    Hello to you all,.

    I have a great fun for you guys. If you're curious, it's here...

    I just bougt garage a portege Toshiba Portege Z30t-A-126 PT24CE-01400HFR
    Nice machine but SSD is too small, so I changed the original SSD 256 to a 512.

    Reinstalled Win7 completely without any pb.

    Just a pb in fact: the footprint software does not work.
    When I hliant, it fails and says "unable to connect with the sensor.

    In french "fingerprint recognition."
    Unable connect the sensor.

    But when I check the Device Manager computor it says that everything is in place and ongoing execution, validity (WBF) (PID = 0010) sensors works very well and the latest version of the driver is installed.
    (I downloaded the form driver toshiba Web site.) The name of the driver is fp - sw -

    Then? What's not?

    I spent hours searching the web and tried everything I could. Reinstalled a thousand times the drivers, software, tried other drivers... But there is no way that I can fix it.
    It's really annoying...

    Can someone help me please? Have you an idea? I'm stuck...

    Thanks in advance. :-)


    This issue of the fingerprint has been described in another thread.

    You should be able to solve the problem installing the chipset driver.
    Another user said, an installation of Proset Ethernet drivers/software was necessary to get the problem resolved. But to be honest that I put t think that missing Proset utility would cause the question

    However, check it out.

    Your comments would be appreciated

  • Toshiba Portege Z30 - A - Accupoint does not work

    Hey there!

    I had a problem with the Accupoint, he moved alone, so I disabled it.
    But the problem is that I have also disabled the two buttons above the key.

    A is it possible to repair the Acupoint or disable without disabling the buttons?

    I have a Toshiba Portege Z30 - A with Windows 10

    Thank you!

    AccuPoint or Trackpoint

    I think it's a touchpad cable problem. Send in for repair.

  • Portege Z30 A-1_D_3 does not recognize battery

    my pc did not recognize the State of the battery, with battery report that the PC does not recognize the battery...

    and what exactly happens if you unplug the AC adapter, while the laptop is turned on?
    Stop the laptop?

    You are able to use the laptop without the connection to the power grid?

  • New installation of Windows 7 does not start

    I am building two identical systems and have had the same result by installing Windows 7 x 64. The installation goes perfectly well, but when it's time to reboot a few messages and re-positions of the bios as it cannot find the boot partition / OS.

    The CD of installation of windows 7 cannot repair the installation because it "does not support the installed version of windows."

    I did a restore CD that has worked, but he can't find a problem and after reboot everything is there and messages & re-positions.

    Any ideas?

    I finally did a Windows 7 64-bit repair CD and used that to get into the command prompt and use bootrec /fixmbr and then /fixboot bootrec and which corrects the problem.

  • Aspire Switch 10, new Version of the problem "does not start.

    Hello! I read through all the relevant threads and have not found a problem exactly like mine. I tried all the troubleshooting solutions but none worked.

    I had my Tablet for two weeks, works perfectly.

    My tablet was low on battery so I plugged it. I saw that he was in charge. Then I left it for about three hours. When I came back, it was off. Well, he seemed off. Except the blue light was turned on, the power button.

    I tried clicking on things, but nothing appeared on the screen. I tried clicking the power button... nothing.

    So I went online and verified solutions. I can't charge the battery, because of my model. I was able to turn off by holding the power button, but it will start. Instead, when I disable and click the power button again, the blue light (not orange) turns, but that's all. Just the light blue, no other indication of life.

    I tried to increase the volume, power, power + volume DOWN, home + volume, the pinhole reset button...

    They successfully all the 'turn it off', but nothing lights up it back.

    So, I tried one last thing, running down the power. After a while with the blue light on, warm up the screen. In fact, he got hotter than usual. But NOW, I'm afraid to keep the battery running down like that, because it "s more hotter and hotter. Is it dangerous for her to be too hot?

    Is there something else I can do?

    Thanks in advance! I loved my Tablet while he was fully operational, so I'd like a solution.

    normally, it will start the BIOS, reading your report, can be a dead LCD screen or the bad mother.

    If you are still under warranty, give Acer service a call.

  • I have a new windows 7 and it does not start? I went to the computer and then disk but usually do something?

    I bought a set of windows 7 from Tiger direct. It wont start too install? This PC has an adminastraitor and Im not she. The PC too was givin me an old PC

    Hi BruceVJ,

    It's sad to know that you are unable to install Windows 7 on the computer. I'll help you understand a fix for the problem. However, I need to ask you a few questions before proceeding.

    1. you try to upgrade an earlier version of Windows to Windows 7? If so, which version is installed on the computer?

    2. what happens when you try to install Windows 7?

    3. do you get the admin screen to ask password when you install Windows 7?

    Here are some links that should help you to work and solve the problem.

    Install, reinstall, or uninstall Windows

    See also:

    Installation and reinstallation of Windows 7

    Data loss caveat:

    Be sure to back up data that you want to keep before you begin. This is to ensure that there is no loss of data.

    Hope this information is helpful and let us know if you need more assistance. We will be happy to help.

  • My brand new hp Pavilion g6-1d21dx does not start.

    When I open my computer and turn it on a blue screen white rises and nothing else happens! What should I do? Just got this for Christmas.

    Thank you. I actually ended up pushing control, alt, delete and restarted in this way. Don't know what was wrong. I'll try your link if this happens again. Thanks for responding so quickly!

  • Satellite Pro 460 does not start with the new drive in

    I recently received a Satellite Pro 460, but he had no hard drive.
    It starts great without a disc in but as soon as I put a new hard drive in it does not start.

    I thought that it might be again a hard drive, so I pulled out my old Toshiba Satellite with my old drive to work, and yet, it does not start.

    Someone has any ideas why this is and what I can do about it

    I think that you can not do much. Satellite pro 460 CDT, for example, comes with 2 GB of HARD drive. If you try to get it work with similar HDD without success, it may be defective IDE port on the motherboard.

    What HARD drive you are trying to use on this good old classic?

  • After the new HARD drive does not start installation Qosmio G15

    I just got this G15 last week and one of the hard drives was bad. Put it in a new Bay 2 and it does not start. I took it back and it starts fine. I even changed the main hard drive Bay 2 HD and it starts up fine with a hard drive. It's something to do with the scores, I think. Any help appreciated.

    I think that the boot order has been the bad HARD drive in the BIOS.
    At the new disk you do not installed any OS, and in my opinion, this is a reason for starting problems.
    Simply access the BIOS and change the boot order

  • p6745f: new graphics card does not start

    I have a HP P6745f I decided to update my graphics card because the default map is not compatible with Adobe CS6. So I bought a new power supply 600w and a GeForce 750ti. The PSU works fine with the original card, but when I put the new graphics card, the machine does not start. Just of is located on the blue screen and beeps every minute or so.

    I've scoured the forums and tried the bios update, but that did nothing. Any ideas?

    Ericz, welcome to the forum.

    750ti GTX requires UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard BIOS.  HP didn't start using UEFI until mid-October 2012.  Your computer is released in 2011.  The latter does not demand of UEFI cards were 640 GT.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

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