My new site is done, now I do a phone and tablet version. How can I connect all the 3 sites with having duplicate content.

Hi again.

When I close my phone and tablet version on my site, I intend to have two large buttons at the top of the Web site that say "CLICK HERE for VERSION PHONE" AND "PRESS HERE for TABLET VERSION.

How you launch the phone and tablet with making it duplicate content?

... Make articles to submit my site with 3 different versions?

For example,.

(1) see HumboldtPitBulls.Com for some of the best traditional dogs (goes to 'normal PC version' of the website)

(2) If you are interested in seeing see some beautiful APBTs website (goes to 'version of phone' web site)

(3) If you want to learn more about the history of the old Rednose Pitbull family discover our items (goes to version 'Tablet' on the website)

Please tell me I didn't need on the 'market' all 3 versions separate. Looks like more work that simply "come see HumboldtPitBulls.Com".

Thanks again!


You can create all three layouts of your site in a single file of Muse and publish/export/upload as required. Muse generates the code to detect the device used by the user and automatically redirects to relevant content... You only need to promote the "" and Muse handles redirection to "" or "" depending on what device you use to access the site.

Please see a few resources around Muse: Designing for Devices.

See you soon,.


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    If your original WD Raptor drive is in good health, have you considered cloning it to the new drive and so keeping everything as it is without the need to reinstall and backup and restore your data to the e-mail and other applications? I suggest to check out Acronis True Image WD Edition for this procedure:
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