My PC has XP Tablet installed. I would like to re - install, do not have the disks. I have XP Home drives and unused product valid key. I don't need the features of the Tablet, just a working pc. Can I do this?

My PC has XP Tablet installed.  I would like to re - install (it's so slow) but do not have the disks (PC was good for me to my business when I'm retired).  I have XP Home disks and another valid product key and not used.  I don't need the features of the Tablet, just a working pc.  Can I do this?

Toshiba Portege P3500, XP Tablet.  2 GB of Ram.  Has had a lot of software installed and uninstalled during the years, and even if I do cleanups and defrags, etc, it's still dog slow.  I want to just start from scratch.


Yes, you can install your unused copy of Windows XP Home Edition, assuming that it is a "Full Version" and not a "Version upgrade".

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