my phone has port and new battery and still will not hold a charge

my phone has port and new battery and still will not hold a charge

What do you mean 'there port and new battery? If someone other than Apple has opened and replaced the things, it is now unbearable.

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  • Vista indicates a sign of cross on my battery icon, and it will not hold a charge

    The problem is constantly after several hours of charging. More importantly, the system turns off when he takes off at the power source.

    Hello Rowlandogunti,

    Most likely, you will need to replace the battery. It seems that your battery is not. Please try to access bios information when you start the machine. You can check the status of your battery. The power adapter has been working for your machine off when unplug you the unit.

    Thank you


  • My macbook pro battery will not hold a charge

    My macbook pro battery will not hold a charge. I took in an Apple reseller and claimed him install a new battery. He said that my battery was still good. I asked him to install a new battery just to have a brand new machine. With the new battery installed, the computer still will not hold a charge for very long. I got the Apple dealer and he ran several tests without conclusive results. I always have a laptop that will not hold a charge and must be connected to use for any period of time. Can anyone offer a solution? Thank you.

    Try a reset of the SCM.  System sometimes forget the management of his own material. Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

  • ages 7 months and a battery that will not hold a charge for at least 10 minutes

    My HP pavilion Entertainment PC is 7 months old and a battery that will not hold a charge for at least 10 minutes.  In addition, the battery icon says "fully charged, do you replace battery.»

    With batteries which cost $129, I'm a little ticked off.  I can't find information - anywhere on this site!

    The guarantee covers a dead battery?

    I bought 5 HP because of their excellent warranty.  But this, honesty, will be my last, if the battery is not covered.

    Thanks in advance for the advice and guidance!

    Wow, awesome!  Thank you very much!  The only thing you could have said or done was better deliever the new battery!

  • Satellite A60 - Battery will not hold a charge

    Recently, my A60 Satellite 1 years stopped to load completely. If connected to the power supply, it works fine, but the battery not hold a charge at all and register under the 0% charged. Therefore impossible to use the 'portable' unless it is connected to the power supply. It was working fine, then suddenly one day stopped working!

    Does anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on what we can do? (preferably without replacing the batteries - a little more than a way of years out of warranty of course)

    Thank you



    This looks like a dead battery. The fact is that you can charge the battery about 500 times. After this period, the battery is dead or loose performance immediately.
    I think that the only chance to solve this problem is to replace the battery.

  • New battery for x100e will not charge above 97%


    Yesterday I received my NEW x100e and I loaded the full battery once. After that, I have used one or two hours of battery life, then plugged the laptop in. Now, the charge indicator will not more than 97% go (he has been slain under 97% for hours and it is plugged). I tried to restart the computer.

    Please help!

    Thank you!

    Nevermind, I got it.

    For anyone looking

    Go to power management > advance Options > battery care

    Change to optimize automatically for life battery... still fee... or settings that you want to be...

  • My iPhone 5 c is not light after gel problems and it comes up with the apple logo, and it ends and still will not come on, so help please?

    So I just watched a video on YouTube so I wanted to play a game so I clicked on the home button and when I did he was frozen, so I've been around by pressing the power and the home button at the same time and I did that turns off the coast as if it was supposed to do I he turned back and came up with the Apple logo as usual then it just turned off and I do fear and all I keep getting is turn it on and it is still is not turn on and my phone has had these freezing problems before, but never like this

    If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch does not respond or won't turn on - Apple Support

  • My iPad will not hold a charge and won't

    My iPad is showing a red - battery flat. If I connect it to the charger, it tries to go - see the white Apple logo and about 30 seconds later it turns off, but in another 10-15 seconds, it shows once again the flat red battery and the cycle continues indefinitely - red battery Logo - Logo - Off - red of the battery... Help, please.

    A few options.

    your battery is toast and can't hold a charge.

    Your charger may not give the battery what suits him so it cannot load.

    The cable is not making a good connection for recharging.

    Make sure that you use an iPad, not an iPhone, one charger. iPhone Chargers put only half as much power as the iPad ones.

    If you have another charger and cable, those Exchange and see if your iPad will charge. Be aware that if you are up to the Red level of the battery, it will take at least half an hour for your device be used.

    Also, look in the loading port and make sure that it is clean. As silly as it may sound a piece of lint can impede charging. Make sure that the contacts on your charging cable are clean.

    If you can try another charger and cable and your iPad still hold a charge then the battery can be turned. (they have a limited life span)

    You can contact your local apple store or service provider authorized and put in place an appointment to have the battery checked and possibly replaced. The tax is around $ 100 unless you have Apple care. If you do, and it's within the warranty period, replacement can be free.

  • Laptop: battery not to not load or battery will not hold a Charge

    What can I do if my battery won't hold a charge or does not simply?

    Thank you


    Best thing to do is to first understand some of our battery technology - check out this document:

    HP Notebook PC - understanding Lithium-ion and smart battery technology

    To test your battery follow the instructions in this document:

    HP laptops - test and calibrate the battery (Windows 10)

  • Find my phone turned off and still can not activate for new user


    I bought a 6 s 64 GB Iphone to a friend yesterday and immediately restored to use for my part, but now it asks me to enter the my friend apple ID to activate, even tought "find my phone" was not enabled on this device. The thing is that my friend can't access his account from apple, since he is unable to access his e-mail account so that he can not give me the papers.

    I'll double check the IMEI on this site and it tell me that activation lock is off and the unit is ready to be used by a new user.

    Can you help me with this? I can give you the IMEI of the device

    Did you reset all data and settings? (Reset) And could you give me more information about the popup? It asks for your Apple ID friends inside to find my iPhone, or is it a notification system?

  • New battery and it will not take a charge.

    Cleaned and checked all contacts. Laptop will work when pluged. The cord of the charger is good.

    Have the circuitry inside the laptop to load and charger checked by a technician qualified or approved.

  • Not enough disk space to download new messages, archived 3500 messages and still will not download.

    I got more than 5500 email in my Inbox, finally I got the message that there is not enough space dick. I made a new folder under Archives for 2014 and 3400 emails moved there. I've deleted countless others and emptied the trash on all my emails. It left in the Inbox of 1979 and download any new messages.

    File menu (alt + F) > Compact folders.

  • My Mac book has clicked and she will not stop. Can I have a virus

    My Mac Book pro has suddenly clicked and I can't stop it

    I may have a virus

    A clicking noise is often an indication of a failing hard drive. Make a backup while you still can, then use to check disk utility.

  • I uninstalled MsE and reinstalled to hopefully solve a problem. Now it doesn't let me turn it on. I hit the "Activate" button, but she disappears for a while and still will not light.

    I have win xp... .i get an error message and when I run a scan it shuts down before the end of the quick scan.  I uninstalled my MSE and reinstalled in an attempt to correct some of the problem.  now, when I pull up to my it says that it is not enabled... There is a button to turn it on, but it doesn't seem to work.  An update popped up, but it does not update as well.  Any ideas?


    1. What is the error you get with MSE?

    2. don't you make changes to the computer before this problem?

    3. have you updated to Service Pack 3 installed? (Refer to this article: how to determine the Version of Windows XP in use: )

    4. What is the error you get when you try to install the update that popped up?

    This problem may occur if there is a 3rd party software security installed or if the MOUSE is not installed correctly or due to an infection if the MSE files are corrupt.

    Follow these methods.

    Method 1.

    If you have other anti-malware or security programs on your computer, try to uninstall in order to check if that helps. If there is no other program anti-malware on your computer or uninstalling it does not help then the problem another possibility is there was malicious software on your computer before installing MSE.

    Method 2.

    Windows Defender offline can help eliminate hard to find malicious and potentially unwanted programs using definitions that recognize the threats. Definitions are files that provide an encyclopedia of potential software threats. Armed with definition files, Windows Defender in offline mode can detect malicious and potentially unwanted software and then inform you of the risks.

    What is Windows Defender Offline? :

    Note: There could be a loss of data while performing a mode offline scan using Windows Defender to remove viruses as appropriate.

    Method 3.

    It is possible MSE has not installed correctly. Go to control panel > Add/Remove programs and uninstall all the antimalware programs listed including Windows Defender if present and Microsoft Security Essentials. Once all of these programs are uninstalled, restart the computer and you should be able to properly install MSE.

    You can download MSE from this link:

    Let us know if you need assistance with any Windows problem. We will be happy to help you.

  • Reset password five times and still will not work to connect to Skype

    I can't sign in to Skype. I know that I have the right email and password, but it won't do anything with him so that if I type the wrong password, he said. He said that the category is bing, because I couldn't find Skype. I use the Android app


    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    • Do you use Microsoft Account to sign in to your Skype account?
    • Have you been able to connect to Skype by using the same e-mail account in the past?
    • Remember to no particular change in the PC or email account?
    • You are able to connect to your e-mail account to check your emails?

    Your questions would be better suited for assistance with Skype technical support or Forums.

    Hope this information is useful. Please feel free to answer in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

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