My Phonelistener track

Hi all

It is possible to keep my phonelistener runs on blackberry?

I would like to check if my phonelistener is ON each witout an hour go into my application.

If this isn't the case, add my phonelistener.

What is this kind of action possible?

also, is there a way to stop the user remove my program is in the application loader or

in the bb phone?

Thank you

"is it possible to keep my current phonelistener to run on blackberry?"

Your phonelistener will remain until you delete it, restarting the device or the user deletes your app (which can cause the phone needs to be restarted).

"Hey check if my phonelistener is ON every one hour without going into my application.

You probably don't need to do.  If your application is on the device, and adds the earpiece of the phone in the beginning, it cannot be removed, except as stated above.  So the only thing you need to check is if your application has been deleted.

"is there a way to prevent the user to remove my program loader application or in the bb phone?

For a BES user, you can ensure that an application remains on a phone using the facilities of Enterprise Server.  For a BIS user, I'm not aware of any way to do it, and I'm not sure it is really appropriate for an application to ensure that it is not deleted - that sounds a little virus for me.

There are other threads on the forum who speak to detect whether your application will be deleted (OS 5 +) and detect whether your application has been deleted, by running a companion application.  Have a look round and see if you have any ideas.

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    I saw nothing on the Apple TV to change the experience. I could not have looked hard enough of course, but generally, I know where most of the settings are.

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    Instead of bouncing in place use rebound to a new track and then cut the original source

    It's the way you always have access to the original.

    You can also hide this track source of you don't want on the page organize - view only when you need to change and bounce

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    Hello! I have a problem with the feature "search ad limit. The cursor is gray and will not let me turn off, saying that I have less than 18 years when I'm not. I've already changed to 'allow changes' restrictions and I don't know if I have apps which force advertising, tracking, and I don't know how to fix this, if this is the case. Help, please! I need this setting off to access certain applications of mine! I am also on a personal Apple ID.

    Turn off wifi and cellular data, then click on the button of advertising in privacy and turn off the announcement of limit button

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    Recently, I turned on the Apple music on my Mac and turned on iCloud music library. Most of my songs have been downloaded without problem, but there were some, including some of my favorite pieces, which is apparently not eligible for the cloud.

    These songs are songs that I bought years ago while they are protected AAC audio files and I bought the on another Apple ID as I used to share one with a family member before me to be my own. However, my laptop is allowed to play the songs of this ID, and there were many other tracks protected in my library bought with other Apple ID, that have been matched / downloaded without any problem.

    In addition, all tracks are 128 Kbps, so that they are in the range of quality to download. None is more than 200 MB, so the file size is not the issue.

    All tracks are still currently available on the iTunes Store and Apple's music catalog.

    Is there another reason they might be inadmissible? And, if so, is there a way to solve this problem and download them to my music library to iCloud?


    I own a small number of titles that I could not be upgraded. While some of the songs where still in the iTunes Store, they have been republished on / remastered versions of the same album.

    I suggest you burn these tracks on an audio cd and rerip them. You can get a match.


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