My photos get a gray, yellow and green color through them.

I seem to be grey, green, yellow and sometimes pink colours imagined through my photos. The gray color can cover half of or completely cover the image. Pink, green and yellow colors are transparent but cover the whole image. Not all the photos that were on them, but the computer appears to be picking rendom photos already uploaded pictures and photos that I am about to download from different cameras. How can I solve this problem? frustrating when I can't see my pictures. Thank you


A color profile can cause the problem.

No guarantee, but the following links may provide
a solution.

(942632) how to remove the association between
the display and a color profile when images are
displayed with the wrong color

(939395) when you view an image in Windows
Photo Gallery on a Windows Vista-based computer,
the picture is yellow

Windows 7 & Vista - remove color profiles

Microsoft PhotoBlog of frequently asked Questions:
Read: "q: why my pictures have a weird color.
Enter the Photo Gallery (but look good in XP
Photo and Fax and IE Viewer)? »

Yellow pictures in Windows Photo Gallery


jmc777 wrote:
"I found a solution: you will need".
to clear all color management profiles for
your screen... You do this - and everything is
in the photo gallery.


fixed jmc777 link it for me (regular Vista Premium).
Here's what I did.

1 - right click on the desktop, choose personalize then
display settings. Click Advanced settings, and then
Select the "color management" tab, then click on the
button management color once again.

He showed a profile and I was unable to click on the
'remove' button. I clicked on the checkbox "use my.
settings for this device. I could then highlight the
Profile and click on delete.

I don't know what he will do to the system, but it fixes
the yellow background.

Note, once the profile is deleted, by clicking on the
"profiles" button and then selecting "reset my settings".
to the default settings of the system", it seems to recreate the
Profile, but this time images are not yellow (although
I have not yet rebooted to see if it makes a


He's back again today, I recommend you to remove the
Color profile and let it go.

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