My sansung camcorder is no longer detected on my pc

After using mircosft difficulty to remove the old Adobe before reinstalling the current, I found that when I had my samsung cancorder contected my pc could not detect it. Ive had the camcorder for years with problems Ant being connected to the pc. I tried to add it manually, but it is not listed.



I suggest you to follow the steps in this article and check if it helps:

It will be useful.

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  • Thunderbolt display is no longer detected

    I have a late 2013, MacBook Pro and a 27 inch Thunderbolt display, bought in September 2014. I use the screen without problems since then. But today the display is no longer detected. I got the MacBook disconnected from the screen, which has been briefly disconnected from the sector. (It was a power outage scheduled as it happens, but I don't see how that makes a difference).

    Now, when I connect display of the power of the lead part works fine but the screen does not illuminate. To the search, in the report of the system, the Thunderbolt Bus shows two Ports both with "no device connected". I have a Thunderbolt ethernet adapter and shows.

    I tried all the usual troubleshooting steps: disconnected power for a few minutes, resetting the NVRAM, reset SMC. A ran Diagnostics from Apple on the MacBook - all very good. I don't know what I can do. The Thunderbolt connector is slightly warm to the touch, which I think is always the case.

    Everyone you have other ideas please?

    Hey donnysp,

    If I understand correctly, the external display Thunderbolt is not recognized by MacBook Pro.  Looks like you already have a troubleshooting. I recommend you to read this article, it may be able to help solve the problem.

    Check the connections on your Mac and external screens:

    • If you use an Apple laptop computer, try to connect the AC adapter.
    • Make sure that the power cable from the external display is connected correctly and that your display is enabled.
    • If you are using a Mac Pro (end of 2013), make sure that your screens are plugged into the right ports.
    • If you use a hub of display, Cabinet or "KVM", try to connect the video cable from your screen directly to your Mac instead.
    • Unplug the video cable where it plugs into your Mac, then reconnect to reinsert the connection.
    • If you are using a video card, unplug the video adapter on your Mac, then reconnect to reinsert the connection.
    • If you use multiple video cards to connect your screen (the cards are "chained"), testing connection of the screen by using a single adapter if possible. Some video cards may not be linked together. For example, a mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter may not be connected to an adapter DVI to HDMI.
    • If your screen has more than one video connection, see if you are using another connection on the display works. If possible, check if you use a different view or a different adapter works.
    • Try using another cable that you know to be in working condition. Check with the manufacturer of the screen to make sure that you use the cable they recommend.

    Get help with graphical problems on external displays connected to your Mac.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. Have a good.

  • Satellite L300-110 USB external hard drive is no longer detected

    I used my external hard drive via a USB connection for a while normally, I wanted to remove most of his files and only keep my important files. After I restarted my laptop it now is no longer detected

    My external hard drive model is HTS54101 0G9SA00
    Connected via a storage drive HARD Portable USB 2.0 Phillips

    The USB ports are ok, I plugged a USB optical mouse through them and it works, and sometimes the LED on the Phillips turns red with still no detection of my laptop.

    Please advise, I lost my mobile hard disk of 100 gega?

    Sounds like the hard drive has failed.

    The only thing I can think that you can try is to update your Chipset drivers. I don't know if this will fix the problem even if, as you have pointed out that the machine can detect other USB devices already.

  • After KitKat updated for HP Slate6 SD card is no longer detected by my programms


    I was also forced to update my tab HP Slate 6 voice yesterday.

    After the complete procedure and restarting, my program is no longer detect the SD card!

    HP file manager said: "If von Lavaggio im Android OS kann der HP File Manager nicht mehr auf external applied schreiben" ("due to changes in the Android operating system, HP file Manager can no longer write to devices external storae").

    Please help solve the problem, my programs need to use external storage.

    I tried the following: I uninstalled one of my programs and reinstalled again, but the program still does not detect the SD card.

    I can't play music or listen to audiobooks more (via MortPlayer), cannot navigate with local stored map (via CoPilot - poor gps also).

    plS helP!

    Hey Slate6user,

    Here are the downloads of image for your Tablet: HP Slate 6 6000en VoiceTab drivers.

    As you can see there are a few different downloads. They vary by region in order to ensure that you select the correct version depending on the location, in that the tablet was bought.

    Restoration of good luck!

  • Wireless adapter is no longer detected?

    Well, my girlfriend has dropped my really heavy DVD player on my USB wireless adapter, which was plugged in advance... adapter came out well, but the ports... not so much. So we had to move to the rear ports. We could always connect to the internet, no problem. Then the problems started. We would connect to a maximum of 10 minutes to an hour while that between the duty to repair our wireless connection. Then he stopped to pick up our networks. Now the wireless itself has disappeared.
    The card is not detected any longer, but it works fine connected to another PC. I tried reinstalling the drivers, nothing works. I tried EVERYTHING nothing helped. Someone, anyone please help me solve this problem!

    It is more of a hardware issue of a Windows problem.  The USB connector could have been damaged such that the power PIN is shorted on a spit of land somewhere.  Try to open the housing of your computer and follow the cables to the back of your damaged USB connector where it plugs into the motherboard and disconnect the connector from the motherboard.  With luck, that could take care of it.


  • Gamepad is no longer detected.

    I have been using a joystick Microsoft Sidewinder game since I have Vista and before with no problems. When I return my computer to the repair shop for a long time, all of a sudden, it can't detect the joystick. Is there a reason for this? Repairs were simply a new graphics card, and the joystick works great until I sent him. As for the CD, it could come with it initially years, but I never saw, even if the CD has been lost for a long time until I upgraded to the new computer/Vista, once again, with no problems at all. I just don't understand why all of a sudden, he's not detect even anything in when it detects USB devices being connected.

    Hi NickMorris


    1. do you get errors for the device in Device Manager?

    2. have you tried to connect the gamepad to a different USB port or another computer?

    You can check if you can provide us with the error message for the device from the Device Manager. Please refer to the below steps.
    a. open the Device Manager by clicking the Start button, click on the Control Panel, clicking system and Maintenance, and then clicking Device Manager. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    b b.. in Device Manager, look for the device and then right click on the name of the device and go to properties.
    c. now on the general tab, check the status of the device. Let us know the status of the device. Also you can inform an error code with the State.

    , You can check if you are able to update the drivers through the Device Manager. There is alsoUO can refer to the link below and check if you get an update of the driver. You can install driver found under optional updatesupdates. ' t-work correctly

    I hope this helps.

  • Music/video Windows 8 app is no longer detect content iTunes after an update of nonsense


    Using Windows 8 since I got my first gen Surface Pro 128 GB. Due to the low built-in storage available (I went from a 500 GB SSHD to a 128 GB SSD), I decided to get a 64 GB MicroSD card and transfer my library downloads, music and videos on it. At first, it doesn't seem to work as Windows Media Player was not recognizing the MicroSD card correctly contents. That was solved by creating a mount point for my MicroSD to the root of my C: drive and settle the island and video libraries.
    Everything worked as expected in Windows media player and the underground music and video apps. Then, after some unknown update (there were several Windows and subway applications between when the time I used the metro apps), I was no longer able to use apps metro play my iTunes audio/video AND no content were applications detecting music/videos that were not in my iTunes library. WTF has Microsoft done again?
    Maybe I need to put modern apps as my default player for them to detect my content? Because it is similar to the beast move that Microsoft made to force users to keep that as their default browser (which does not affect me much); to use the metro to know version, you must set it as your default browser.


    Have you tried to create a VHD/XVHD on the MicroSD card and mount this virtual hard disk on your computer? This should solve the problems you should meet about memory 'external' vs local drivespace.

    A complete guide is given here;

    Let me know whether or not this help :)

  • NVIDIA 315 m is no longer detected by Photoshop CC

    Since Adobe Photoshop updated in November 2015 CC he no longer recognizes Nvidia laptop 315M graphics card. Before that, he was detected and used properly.

    Sniffer.exe always considers it very well. What is going on? Any ideas?

    Problem solved and the solution is odd, to say the least.  In the control panel NVIDIA PS has been implemented to use NVIDIA graphics. I changed it to use the default (Intel integrated graphics card) and that is, it continues to use the NVIDIA graphics, but with the NVIDIA graphics detected and available in the Panel preferneces/performance. Go figure.

    If the builders of buildings the way programmers write software, the first strong breeze would destroy civilization.

  • Toshiba 500 GB external HARD drive is no longer detected - after only 1 hour


    I finally got my Toshiba 500 GB external hard drive delivered today. I had no problem setting up and to turn my laptop on, it immediately recognized and I started to transfer things for her.

    However, I accidentally stood on the USB cable to the HARD drive and disconnected. I plugged it in, but my computer did not recognize.

    Nothing I've tried has worked, always, the laptop does not recognize the hard drive.

    Please help, I've only had the one hour thing, and it already does not work! I really hope that I have not only lost £56...

    All advice is appreciated, thanks in advance.

    NEW: My father just tried plugging the HARD drive in the desktop PC is on the ground, and as soon as the USB when it is in the port, you stop the computer... causing him to lose a lot of important business email, he wrote. It starts the computer, the USB and you stop again... and this has happened 3 times until he gave up. What on Earth is wrong with this thing? I've never heard of a USB cable, stop a computer permanently, or a hard drive that does more after an hour of use...

    Post edited by: Sam_V631

    The USB port on the HARD drive may have been damaged and may be causing the PC detect a short power.

    You can try another USB cable? If it is not the cable, then the HARD drive should be sent to a Service Center for repair or replacement.

  • Mac Pro (end 2013) is no longer detects the internal SSD flash drive.

    How to fix?  I replaced the drive and the wiring without result. Help!


    I'm confused. Mac Pro end of 2013 desktop computer uses a blade SSD with no wiring.

    It is the Mac pro desktop forum.

    It detects another drive? Maybe an SSD of Baden

  • Y580 GTX 660 M is no longer detected?

    Hey guys. I use my Y580 for a little over a year now, and I absolutely loved it. Recently however, my graphics card has completely dissappeared. This happened after playing an hour or two of Titanfall (which worked really well) and try to update my nvidia drivers. I wasn't able to update the installation by using the two Geforce experience and manually. By downloading the manually, I noticed that their site was not able to detect my graphics card. Then I checked the Device Manager and all I could see was the Intel card. Later, the Nvidia Control Panel was also unable to detect the card.

    I decided to uninstall all my drivers and start again with that on the Lenovo driver page. I managed to successfully download the driver and it made 660 appear in Device Manager. This does not solve my troubles because when I tried to play a game, the 660 disappeared again. I then looked in the BIOS and I was also unable to find the card. Frustrated, I did a system restore before all first, I downloaded the driver. Once more, the 660 M briefly appeared again but disappeared when I tried to play or to update.

    I was just wondering if it is a hardware or software problem? Is there anyway that I can fix it without sending it in for repairs (I don't know if I'm still under warranty more)?

    Thank you

    Well Yes, it's your GPU. I saw many problems of people with this GPU, including me. From my experience, that means it is dying and there is not much you can do. In my case, it always works when I do it the way I described, but I decided to give up. I disabled the Nvidia GPU in the BIOS and I'm going to buy a desktop computer

  • Audio device is no longer detected

    Suddenly had no noise. When trying to solve the problems it says I have no audio device. This is not the first time that this has happened. The last time I did system restore and it was fixed. This time system restore does not work.

    Uninstall the audio driver in the Device Manager and restart the computer once. The windows will detect and prompt you for the installation of a new audio device driver.

  • Printer is no longer detected after installed new router. Tried everything. Help, please!

    I have a Photosmart 2575 printer which has worked well for several years.  It has a wired connection to my router.

    Recently, I installed a new router (sky fiber hub) and now the HP software (and any other software printer/scanner) are unable to detect the printer on my network.  It's strange, because my desktop (wired network connection) and my laptop (wireless network connection) can see the printer and I can install it using the standard features of windows 7.  I can also browse the built-in web server, so I know for sure that my printer is on my network and accessible.

    But despite numerous attempts to make the software HP Solution Center to work I am unable to print/scanning etc from this software.  I tried several different 'fixes' including full level 4 uninstall before reinstalling the software, reset the network settings on the printer, the printer remove everything on the network etc etc but nothing worked.

    I tried to use the printing software HP and doctor Scan, but this does not help.

    I'm totally perplexed by this apparent lack of connectivity.

    Can anyone help, please PLEASE!

    Alan Phillips

    Success in the end, but only after many hours of trawling through forums of HP and Microsoft, and many attempts to make the connection!

    But here's a summary of what I did for someone else with this question: -.

    1. I carefully removed all traces of what to do with my PC HP and unplugged the router of network printer.

    This requires many "level 4" uninstall to clear all installed previous falied and delete everything in the temporary file later: -.

    1. press the Windows key and the letter R
    2. tap folder
    3. press enter or click OK
    4. open the file 7z
    5 open the util folder
    6 open the folder of the ccc
    7. double-click on the Uninstall_L4

    2 using the control Panel_Programs and features, uninstall anything left that could be associated with HP

    3. perform a disk cleanup using Start_Accessories_System Tools_Disk cleaning and repeat this for system files

    4 Follwing the procedure found on the following link to check that the print queue is working, and that all the dependencies are "launched": -.

    Link to the message

    In this thread, there is a sequel of the procedure which requires opening a command prompt in administrator mode and enters the command line carefully

    dependent on the spooler of sc config = RPCSS
    (Note the space after the = not before)

    5 run msconfig.exe on the tab general, click on "selective startup", uncheck "Load Startup items", then on the services tab, hide all microsoft services and unselect all items [remember then to revive and return to a normal startup!]

    6. restart the PC

    7 disable Firewall [remember to activate later]

    8. start Internet Explorer (I had previously used Chrome)

    9 download AIO software from the HP Web site

    10. run and connect to the printer when you are asked (make a note of the IP address of the printer)

    11. the network printer was not found immediately, to do this, click Advanced and enter the IP address of the printer

    12 success - the printer was eventually detected and installed correctly.

  • Windows 7 is no longer detects only device drivers that it has already installed

    I don't know when it started, but it's getting very frustrating.

    I'm unable to install a new hardware USB. Windows always says that it can't find the drivers.
    What is strange about that is that I know for a fact the drivers are available and that windows can be used.
    Windows still detects the device, it simply refuses to install the drivers. There is no error or additional information in the, it just says the same thing. There are no errors in the event logs.
    I discovered the problem both this oddity when I plugged my USB headset on another USB port.
    If I put it in a port, it was forward, everything works.
    If I put it in a port it was not before, windows says it can't find the drivers.
    It is similarly true for any new material, I try to plug in USB. Windows cannot find drivers, even if I point them to the driver and its inf file folder.
    I am running out of ideas on how to solve this problem, and any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Hi Martin,

    When the hardware is installed in, or attached to a computer doesn't work properly, it is often because of a driver problem. Hardware and devices require drivers work correctly with a computer.

    Follow these methods and check if that helps:

    Method 1:

    Follow the form of measures troubleshooting article and check if that helps.

    Tips for solving common driver problems

    Method 2:

    You can also reinstall the USB controllers and check if the problem persists.

    To remove and reinstall all USB controllers, follow these steps:

    a. Click Start, click Run, type sysdm.cpl in the Open box and then click OK.
    b. click on the Hardware tab.
    c. click the Device Manager button.
    d. expand Bus USB controllers.
    e. right click on each device under the Bus USB controllers node and then click on uninstall to remove them one at a time.
    f. restart the computer and reinstall the USB controllers.
    g. plug in the removable USB storage device and perform a test to ensure that the problem is solved.

    If the problem persists then you can try to reinstall the drivers for the Chipset on your computer and check to see if that fixes the problem.

    To get the latest chipset drivers you can visit the website of the manufacturer of your motherboard.

    For more information:
    Update drivers: recommended links

    Hope this can help, if you have any questions or problems on Windows feel free to post here at the Microsoft Community forum.

  • Laptop network adapter is no longer detected

    Hi all

    I have an Inspiron 640 m notebook, running Windows Vista. It was the wireless connection, all right, for more than a year, but it took a hard fall, and now it detects the wireless networks, at home or anywhere else where I used for a wireless connection. If I click on "Diagnose why Windows cannot find any additional network", I get the message "this computer does not have an installed and configured wireless network card", and my wireless adapter is more listed under network connections.

    In the Device Manager, to the title of the network card, I listed «Broadcom 440 x 10/100 Integrated Controller.» Following a troubleshooting guide, I tried to uninstall it and restart the computer, so that it could detect automatically after restarting, but it seemed itself to reinstall a few seconds after I uninstalled it, before I could reboot and when I rebooted nothing has changed.

    I also tried to install the latest driver associated with my WLAN minicards, but got the message "no compatible hardware has been found."

    Because the wireless was working fine until I dropped the laptop, and the next time I used it it was like that, I'm sure it's a problem with the network card itself; whether shoved or completely dead, but I have no idea what to do with this information.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Edit: Maybe I should also mention: I can always connect to the internet via a cable ethernet without any problem.

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