My Satellite C660-155 won't boot to the top

My laptop Toshiba Satellite C660-155 won't boot to the top. When I turn it on, I get a flashing "-" at the top left, then the screen goes black and nothing happens after that. It's more than a year, which means he went from his guarantee.

It happened already, about 4-6 weeks, a friend fixed but it is now back to the black screen.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


For better understanding, you must offer more specific information.
You can enter boot options using F8 at startup?
Figure option fix my computer in the list?
You can boot OS in safe mode?

Did you create the recovery disk?

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  • Satellite L20 260 won't boot to the top, every time it freezes with no reason

    Hi all

    I have a problem with my satellite of sad, after 3-4 days I installed a new operating system (tried with XP SP2 and Kubuntu) system does not boot to the top, every time it freezes with no reason, the only way is to perferom a new installation of the OS. What is a hardware problem, perhaps related to the RAM or HARD drive?
    x 10, Daniele.


    It's not easy to tell if the problem is software or hardware related.
    You must install the OS from the Toshiba Recovery CD and again test the functionality

    If the laptop won't boot again freezes immediately after that installation of recovery CD, and then it could be a hardware problem.
    You can try using MemTest 3.5 tool.
    It checks the memory of a malfunction.

  • Satellite P100-434 won't boot to the top

    Hi Ive got a Satellite P100-434 and Ive had for more than a year.

    Unfortunately today I couldn't get started.

    The power led lights up, the HARD drive makes light very briefly.
    The display lights. If she does not even there to boot in the bios.

    Any idea what the problem might be? Im hoping that the CPU or the motherboard is not fried.

    see you soon


    Unless you bought the extended warranty, I don't think you have a lot of luck. My suggestion is to return to the place of purchase, if you still have warranty.

    However, try to remove the battery for 1 minute and then replace the battery again. Try it turn on.

    Also try with the power cable plugged in power and remove the battery.

    If all else fails, then you have a very expensive paper weight.

    Good luck.

  • Satellite 1410-401 won't boot to the top

    Hi all

    A friend of mine asked me that if I can settle on his laptop, it does not start, when I click on the button that lights up the screen Toshiba but remember to come and on every 2 seconds!

    I can then get to a screen if I press the esc key who is black and said "system to check.
    Then press F1, it stays that way until I press the F1 key, if I press the F1 key I get the system set up the page to the top, but when he says: you want to get out and I press Yes it just goes back to the flashing start screen!

    Any ideas what the problem might be, it is a fairly old laptop a Toshiba S1410-401.
    I tried to boot mode safe but still no joy!

    He has XP Home Edition installed with no disc re install, I have XP Media Center edition with a boot disk installed on my home PC, the laptop has a license code my hot spare could be installed on the laptop and the use of license he key to activate it or isn't it possible?

    Maybe this isn't a software issue at all, any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you very much
    Nick C


    I can confirm the information published by naccioman.
    The serial key you will find at the bottom of the device will not work with discs from Microsoft. The serial key belongs to the Windows operating system that is pre-installed on this laptop and it s an OEM license.
    So you only chance is to reinstall the OS from the original disc of Microsoft.

    First you should check if the laptop boot from a Windows CD.
    If it will not start and that installation would not start so a hardware problem couldn't be the reason why the laptop doesn't work properly.
    In this case I recommend that you test the RAM and HARD drive.

    Are most of the cases the defective or not compatible RAM causes issues.

  • Satellite P10 792 won't boot to the top

    Worked fine before, now won't start upward.
    I can not only see the TOSHIBA Logo no Bios, because the cooler clean cpu fan & I remove my Satellite P10 792 RAM without removing the battery.

    When I try to boot my laptop all I get is the blue power light coming on and the fan turns on 4 or 5 seconds and then nothing

    I tried remove the battery CMOS, will not always to start!
    Note: I'm living in eastern Libya, TOSHIBA ASP 800 km from me

    Best regards
    Fredj a.j.

    Check the voltage of the AC adapter, if his less than 19volts gift, it could be defective.

    Otherwise, it looks like he needs a new mainboard. You might be able to find one on eBay.

  • My laptop Satellite A100-147 won't boot to the top

    my computer laptop satellite does not start until past the screen "in contact with toshiba" unless I press and hold zero and the power button

    Can you please tell us which model of laptop you have exactly and what happens when you press the button walk / stop?
    Don t hold anything, just turn it on laptop and describe what is happening exactly?
    What operating system is preinstalled on this satellite notebook?

  • Satellite M70-337 won't boot to the top


    This unit worked ok.
    He came to say that the necessary charge battery, so the diet was attatched, but nothing happened.
    Now the battery is discharged and the unit comes on even with the power supply connected.

    I checked the output of the power supply and that seems to be ok.

    It is likely that it is just the DC cylindrical connector on the laptop, or is it a more serious problem?

    Kind regards


    Perhaps my advice might help you;
    Try this:

    -Remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter
    -wait on ~ 20-30 min
    -assemble the two parts (battery & AC)
    -try to boot the machine

    If this will not help then it s a serious issue and the local ASP is your last resort.

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro L10 won't boot to the top

    I am a L10 for a friend, at the moment when the cd and turn it on, the snoring of fan upward, the disk hard led flashes several times climb the towers, but nothing beyond what is happening. The display shows life, no beeps comes off it is just here doing nothing with the power light on and whirring of the fan.

    So far I tried to connect a monitor to the vga no signal of the port. Put a linux boot cd in the drive, it runs and sounds like its access but I don't think that his startup, the screen is certainly not, and the hard drive is silent. Finally I tried to take the battery out and running of the network. It doesn't change anything.

    So for the moment I can not any diagnosis and I have no idea what could be wrong with him, anyone have any ideas?


    As you have described it of very difficult to say what's wrong.
    It seems like it might really be something wrong with the hardware because you can not see the home screen Toshiba at the beginning of the initialization.

    I put t don't know if this helps but try to remove the battery to form several times unplug and wait 30 min power (can t tell the time exactly) try to reinsert the battery and connect to the mains. Try to start again.

    If it doesn't help I guess you will need additional assistance of a technician.

  • After the memory was updated by Satellite Pro M won't boot to the top

    I bought 2x512mb ram 1024 MB but if I put a stick in slot 2, in that my laptop will not start Windows (the bios boot and restart)
    memtest gives errors, I tried other sticks.
    they work, but if I put them in the 2 slot they give an error
    (is my slot is broken if so, how is it possible I've ever used and I know how to place the memory)
    the first time, I placed the memory I started with memory, it worked fine (I ran a memtest for about 30 minutes (everything was ok), I went and started my laptop again later.)

    I ran the memtest and there were errors

    In my opinion, you are trying to use incompatible RAM modules.
    Please use the RAM modules recommended by Toshiba

  • Satellite Pro A10 won't boot to the top

    I really hope someone can help, my laptop suddenly stops. Since he stopped, I can't charge the laptop in any mode including safe mode. It happens on the screen as much as windows xp with the bar running along the bottom, but that's.

    in safe mode simply load the drivers and then simply do nothing

    any help would be appreciated as long as it's not yet my laptop


    It is possible that the HARD disk you are using has bad sectors. You can check this with different tools. I can recommend HDD regenerator. You can also try PowerMax 4.23.

    Google around and you'll find useful info a lot on this topic.

  • Satellite C50 won't boot to the top


    My son satellite C50 won't boot to the top. It is connected to the power grid and will arrive at the password screen but as soon as you type goes into shutdown. Any suggestions please?

    Thanks in advance.

    You write about Windows or BIOS password?

    In any case, on this virtual path, it is not easy to give an exact explanation what can be wrong there.
    Your son of many important data stored on this machine? If this isn't the case, you should try to reinstall the OS and test it with the factory settings.

    What you can try is to enter the BIOS settings and leave the machine 5 minutes to see if cell phone will go OFF. If this isn't the case, set the BIOS to the default settings and try again.

    Is the cooling fan may be strong at the start of the machine?

  • Satellite A30 won't boot to the top

    My computer does not start at the top. Yesterday, I had the blue screen but then restarted and everything was OK. Woke up this morning to the computer does not start. I have a Toshiba Satellite A30. I got the Toshiba screen, then the black screen to choose 'Start normally', 'last good settings', 'safe mode', "safe mode with network" etc.

    I chose normal startup, then I get the Windows XP screen with the blue bar. When that has been loaded, he went back to the initial screen for Toshiba and then continues to repeat. I also tried safe mode, but that charge or the other.

    What should I do? I don't want to erase the hard drive because there a lot of important data (family photos, work) etc. Please help me

    Thank you!

    You can remove the HARD 2.5 laptop drive and you can connect it via USB to another PC. Then you may be able to save any important files.
    After this procedure the plug back in the HARD drive and boot from the recovery CD to reinstall the OS.

  • Satellite L350 won't boot to the top

    Satellite L350 my daughter does not start. When you press the power button, the HARD drive light and there is no HD activity. Something that was noted is that the battery is fully charged a couple of days, but today when I tried to boot up the laptop, the battery led shows that it is unloaded. Does anyone know a remedy to fix the problem?

    Sorry, but I still don t understand what happening exactly when you try to start the laptop.
    Remove the battery and connect the laptop on AC power only. When you do this press power button to start the laptop.

    What exactly happens? You don't see anything on the screen?

  • Re: My Satellite P200 won't boot to the top

    Hi all
    Noobie here,
    I think I caused a problem wher my P200, it won't start, it was very slow and I went into the Task Manager and deleted some programs that were not running, but using the memory.
    In my view, there is a good chance I can I have deleted something that the system needs because it will not load upward.
    I turn it on and I get a light on the HARD drive to the front and a light in the dvd drive, but nothing else, I tried pressing F8 and put the recovery disc in but nothing?

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Appreciate any help.

    I guess you are using the "F8" key to access Windows boot options and Windows is not to leave you. If this of * definitely * the case, then you must insert the recovery CD and change the device to boot from the screen as the laptop boot - can't remember which affects it is than its displayed on the bottom line. I think its possible that W7 can be repair o the problem and a full installation will be unnecessary

  • My Satellite 2410 won't boot to the top


    My funny hard Satellite because last week, but today it seems to really have given up... when I boot I get a screen that gives you the ability to start in: safe mode, safe mode with the mode of networking, security with guest orders, the last know config, and start windows normally, but no way can you select this error message appears :

    Windows didn't start because the following file is missing or damaged \windows\system\config\system you can try to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original CD-Rom. Select 'r' setup in the first screen to start repair.

    I have the original disc to start but I can't boot from the CD drive and when I press 'r' in the first screen, nothing happens it loads just backward on this black page that tells me I have an error.

    Any help would be appreciated, I have all the files I need sustained if I just need to know how can I reformat from here.

    Thank you


    First of all the good news: it seems that there s nothing wrong with the equipment and the installation of the new operating system should solve small problems starting.

    And now for the bad news: I think you need to format the HARD drive and you will lose the files and stored information.

    > I have the original disc of starting but I can t he can start from the CD drive
    How have you tried to boot from the CD? Don t press the R key, but you have to either press F12 for the Boot Manager or press the C key immediately after starting the laptop. (The CD should be pre-installed)

Maybe you are looking for