My Satellite L350-171 gets very hot

My Satellite L350-171 gets very hot and then stops spontaneously. When I pass it back on I can get the message that he has not closed properly and I want to boot into SafeMode etc.

Does anyone else have this problem / solution?

This isn't the latest model cell phone, so I assume it's pretty full of dust that blocked cooling grill and the cooling fan. In my opinion, you should clean it up to cooling system of free brand of SCT. After this laptop will be able to take a new breath and material can be cooled correctly.

How to do this? On the internet you can find many pages and short films how to do this using compressed air. Google around a bit.

Second option is professional cleaning. In this laptop case will be disassembled and cleaned cooling system. Of course, it is the best solution but must be done by authorized personnel only. Contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask how much it costs. It is perhaps not so expensive.

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  • Satellite Pro A60 had been getting very hot

    My Satellite Pro A60 had been getting very hot (especially on the upper right corner).

    I also noticed for several months that the fan never stops and it very is nosiy.

    Is this normal?

    Thanks for any help you can provide :)

    Hi Jay,.

    Continuous fan activity high speed could well indicate that the dust blocks the heat sink. Try to blow through the exit gates to clear any dust or otherwise try to use a hose of household vacuum on the suction air grids.

    Your laptop will have a thermal trigger installed to cut the current if the temperature becomes too high to avoid any damage.

    Finally, make sure your laptop is enough space adjacent to the air intakes for the ventilation of air to enter.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite L350-171 - where to get the DVD to upgrade Toshiba (Vista to W7)

    Hello world

    I have a Satellite L350-171 and got a W7 DVD update "awhile." I get only round to install now and the first thing I see in the instructions, it's that I should have a upgrade DVD Toshiba, which I did :-(

    Anyone know where I can get one, or if I need any? If not then can I just upgrade and hope that all drivers updated automatically? Sounds a bit risky

    I hope this is the right place to ask.
    If it isn't then point me in the right direction and I'll ask here rather :-)

    Thanks in advance for any help


    A few years ago, Toshiba offered this upgrade program.
    It's over and you can't upgrade drive more.

    What you can do is be upgraded using the original disc of Microsoft, but I think you should do clean install Win7. Your model of laptop is supported for Win7 and all necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can download at Toshiba support page

    Before starting with the upgrade Win7 create original Vista recovery DVDs.
    If you need assistance with installing Win7 or if you have other questions, you are welcome.

  • Satellite A300D - fan turns very hard and the laptop gets very hot

    I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction as what to do with the overheating problem that I currently have with my A300D. I had the laptop for less than a year, it is still under warranty but I don't know where to go or what to do to fix it.

    The problem: about two months ago, I noticed the fan turns very hard and also the laptop gets very hot. Now it runs so hot the laptop shuts down completely. The heat being driven out of the laptop is so hot! burn your my infact.

    Anyone has any advice they could offer me.

    Thank you

    Hi James

    You wrote that you have the laptop less than a year, so my question is this is already cleaned it?
    The laptop needs to be cleaned every 3-4 months and I do this every 3 months. Whenever I do I m wondering how much dust out and after this procedure the portable is a lot cooler.

    Here's an interesting article from Toshiba on this subject:

    Compressed air spray is really useful and you should check it out yourself! ;)

  • Satellite L350-171 not available in the United Kingdom

    Hello again!

    Does anyone know why the stock of L350-171 is all this?
    I'm trying to get a replacement from Tesco for mine failed, but Tesco do not know when they will receive the stock.

    Also tried to look away, online sales in the United Kingdom and they all show the laptop as out of stock. I hope that this is not an abandoned product! I tried to call customer service to ask Toshiba but abandoned after 15 minutes on hold: (.)

    Get very itchy to pay for a new gadget but do not record/play with it!

    Thank you


    I put t believe this laptop model could be interrupted at the moment.
    The L350 is one of the new series of Sam at the moment and maybe this is the reason why the Satellite L350-171 is not yet available

    Maybe you should wait a bit.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L350-171 dead after 2 weeks

    Hi all

    I bought a Satellite L350-171 2 weeks of Tesco Direct. Went to the Toshiba brand because of rumors of reliability. A few days before, the computer could not turn on. Tried unplugging the charger/etc, but no joy. Called Support technique of Toshiba who said it looks like a hardware failure. No lights on the front - normally a yellow light indicates when the charger is connected. The charger is off 19V so I'm sure that's not the issue.

    The last thing that happened was a Windows update that requires a restart, but there is no way a software problem will result in the hardware failure.

    Toshiba suggested I ask Tesco for a replacement as it is less than 28 days old (which I did!). My questions are:

    (1) what type of hardware failure can cause the cell go dead without showing any sign of death?
    (2) the Satellite L350 series there the problems known - this happen with my replacement?
    (3) I am wrong to believe in the reliability of Toshiba?
    (4) anyone suggest some things I can try to bring back to life?

    Thank you

    I'm sorry to hear you have such a problem with your laptop. my brother has had similar problem and ASP has set in only 5 days. Now he's happy again with its A300 Satellite again.

    (1) what's happening with your laptop? It is not easy to say what was wrong there and we can only speculate on this but I think that the ESF may be responsible for this. Faulty electronic board I assume.
    (2) this can happen with all computer laptop and we cannot say that this can happen on Satellite L350 only. If you want you can check out this forum and see what write other people on L350.
    (3) this problem can happen with 1,000 other products too. If you buy a Ferrari and gearbox is defective after only 100 km would you buy Ferrari again? I think you're going to do this. ;)
    (4) according to me, there is nothing you can do. Try to get the replacement.

    Good luck!

  • iMac getting very hot upstairs

    Hi all

    My iMac 27 "mid-2011, processor 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 20 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 memory gets very hot at the top.

    Ive tried the latest version of fan control MSC but who never opens a reason any?

    Anyone who could help I would be very grateful. Probably just me worrying a lot.

    Thanks to all in advance


    Without the specifics of the temperature, it is impossible to tell if you have a problem. This vintage iMac have the exhaust port in the upper left corner, so it's natural for them to run hot. Unless you are having problems removing the fan control software that can cause more damage than good if not used properly.

  • My MBP 2012 gets very hot on the bottom on occasion.   He also seems to be slow at times especially at the beginning of the session.  I ran a check and here's what I got back 11/4HDD/40000000 SATA (0,0).  Any help on what's going on?

    My MBP 2012 gets very hot on the bottom on occasion.   He also seems to be slow at times especially at the beginning of the session.  I ran a check and here's what I got back 11/4HDD/40000000 SATA (0,0).  Any help on what's going on?

    a quick search brings us to recent threads = the essential so that "SSD or related connection. ie = utf - 8 & oe = utf - 8 #q = 4HDD/11/40000...

    Mac Laptops: Apple Hardware Test may report alert 'HDD' - Apple Support


    ... If the message in addition to the other problems related to the drive to solid state (SSD) or Flash storage disk, go to an Apple Retail Store or contact Apple's Service Providerwith the computer.


  • Satellite A300 - Touchpad gets too hot

    I bought a Satellite A300 last week and I noticed that when I use the computer for an hour or so the touchpad becomes very hot.
    And also the area of the left hand next to the touchpad.

    Is this normal? Is there a way to reduce it?

    Thank you


    Hi Pedro,

    I put t know what what is for you hot and wasn't, but on my Toshiba Satellite laptop I've never had a problem that it too hot.

    Normally, I recommend to clean the laptop with a jet of compressed air, but I think that is not necessary because the laptop is only a week.
    Maybe the fan or the heatpipe is malfunctioning. Or the thermal grease to be renewed

    I put t know but in your case, I would go to an authorized service provider. Technicians can check your laptop and it should be free, because the laptop must be under warranty if it s a week-old.

    Welcome them

  • After display driver update of my Satellite P100 (PSPA6A) is very HOT


    I've updated the here screen reader
    and my graphics card is a GeForce Go 7900 GS, but now the computer are very very very hot in the bottom/left keyboard...

    Can you tell if I have this correct update?

    Thank you


    Why you want to use a different driver which is not Toshiba? You have problems?

    As Akuma said, always use the driver from Toshiba.
    Here you can download: Support-Online Download Center-Online laptop-online-online Satellite Satellite series P-online Satellite P100 PSPA6A

    On this page you can also find the BIOS updates.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L350 - by getting only mono decision-making

    Please can you help me

    I have a Satellite L350-212. I get only mono headphones plugged into the outlet. Is it a hardware failure requiring repair or is there a driver or a setting that should be changed?

    Thank you

    Will be

    Salvation will be

    Make sure that the external device is connected correctly. With other words, put the plug into the port until the end. After that, check the properties of the speaker s.

  • iMac gets very hot and is still hot when idle...


    My 27 2011 iMac OSX 10.8.5 becomes very hot, I can barely hold my hand on it, I'm only using Firefox & Mail.

    Other problems are:

    1 when he'll sleep auto sometimes I can't wake him up and must use the back button to restart.

    2 when you make sure you empty the trash, it will not empty, the progress bar stops at halfway.

    3 finder sometimes becomes unresponsive

    4 Wifi disconnects and is looking

    5 mail won't start, keeps bouncing

    6 system prefs launch

    7 can not restart or shut down

    No idea why all these problems have just begun, I did not update anything as I remember, is there a way to see if I've updated something, in this case then it will be the solution to my problem, maybe?

    Thanks in advance

    Please after the release of EtreCheck

    <> or <>

    It could be many things.  Adware using your iMac to generate money making "clicks."  Virus protection package to a lot of busy work.  A Mac app cleaner against you.  Dust accumulated on the inside.  A hard drive failure.  The output of EtreCheck can help identify problems.

  • Connector MagSafe 2 (the part that plugs into the computer) is getting very hot.

    Hello! I have a MacBook Air (Early 2015) and when I load it, the plug that plugs into the laptop is very hot (I can barely touch). This only happens when I use the computer while I am it loads. When MacBook is in mode 'sleep' the plug only heat. Is this normal or something in my MacBook is broken?


    Make sure it is well ventilated > use and maintenance your Apple MagSafe adapter - Apple Support

  • NB550D gets very hot

    The lower left part of my NB550D becomes VERY hot, even when the rest if my netbook is cool.

    I was wondering which component is this area and if I could just disconnect. I wouldn't mind losing the USB capacity or the headphone jack (which are found here on the outside).
    Opens the main part of the case as simple as removing all the screws?

    Thank you

    > The bottom left of my NB550D becomes VERY hot, even when the rest if my netbook is cool.

    This is not unusual since modules cooling and cooling grids and also the CPU are placed to the left
    Do not remove any screws or any other part because is not necessary and most probably you would damage the laptop.

  • R60 AC adapter get VERY hot

    I just noticed recently; the power adapter supplied with my R60 becomes very hot while it is plugged. It requires always the laptop without problem, but I am very concerned about the heat. This is the part number 92 p 1156 (FRU #92 P 1155), and I bought the laptop in October 2006. Any ideas?

    It should be OK, he would not fail. You probably use your laptop with some GPU and CPU intensive programs.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Reset my MacBook Pro to factory

    I have a MacBook Pro in early 2011. OS X El Capitan10.11.3. How can I re - set it to factory settings? Or some Tips for helping him run a little faster. Thanks in advance.

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