My Sprint HTC Android mobile phone connects with the supplied USB cable, but the computer says 'No HTC Device Connected'

My Sprint HTC Android mobile phone connects with the USB cable, but the computer says 'No. HTC Device Connected' so I can't sync...


1. do you have HTC Manager installed on the computer?

2. have you tried it with different USB ports?

You need the HTC Sync HTC phone Manager software.

Method 1: Try again with different USB ports and see if that helps.


Method 2: If HTC Sync is installed, if you get the message "no device connected" in HTC Sync, ensure that your phone USB setting is changed to "Charge Only" to "HTC Sync".

If the methods above do not help, you can contact HTC for additional help.

Here is the link:

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    With the mobile phone connected to the computer, access to the workstation. Locate the cell phone device that will likely be in the volume storage, otherwise by Samsung. Right-click and choose explore.

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    We have a help article about why this permission is here: how Firefox for Android uses the requested permissions?

    Specifically, some sites may give you the option to attach or embed an image directly from the camera instead of going through a folder of pictures already taken. In order to support this feature, Firefox requires permissions to access the camera. However, according to this article, Firefox will ask your permission before leaving the site to use the camera. I don't think I have ever seen this in action.

  • OK so I connected my iPhone 5 s for my Macbook Pro with a USB cable, but the system settings it is NOT CONNECTED, even if it triggers iTunes to open. Do not get internet connection on the MAC how come the system settings shows USB not connected

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    The Mac has no network to the internet via a port USB, WHY NOT?

    Where in the Panel are you looking for? And what you're trying to do with the phone? Transfer files? Share an internet connection?

  • USB ports do not work, although I can charge my phone with the computer, it wont let me view my data from the phone.

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    I'm guessing that this problem came from me turning off the computer by disconnecting it instead of turn it off manually.

    Help, please.


    1. what happens when you try to connect any USB device to the computer? You receive an error message?
    2. What problem is specific to any USB device or all devices?
    3. what troubleshooting measures have performed up to now?
    Do the methods and check if it helps.
    Method 1
    Try to use the phone on another computer and check if you are able to access the data. If you have the same problem on another computer then the problem is with your phone. If you are able to access the data, then perform method 2.
    Method 2
    Reinstall the USB controllers.
    This method addresses the steps where the USB driver currently loaded became unstable or corrupted.
    (a) click Start, then type Device Manager in the start search box, and then click Device Manager.
    (b) expand Bus USB controllers. Right click on a device, and then click Uninstall. Repeat for each device.
    (c) once complete, restart your computer. Your USB controllers will automatically install.
    Method 3
    Run the fix - it tool and check if that helps.
    Diagnose and automatically fix the Windows USB problems
    Response with more information to help you.
  • Hai, my ipod shuffle when it is connected with the computer, it flashes organge light.  If I don't take no light

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    If the shuffle still appears in iTunes when you connect, you can try to do a restore using iTunes, where the cause is a software problem.

    Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod settings - Apple Support

    If the problem reoccurs after the restoration, it's probably a battery worn.  Need soldering skills to replace yourself, and iPod shuffle (with the exception of the 1st generation) is very small.  Not easy to work on.  This web site has repair guides

    and parts are available from sources like eBay.

    Apple 'serve' the shuffle, if it's the 4th gen (current type).  Rather than change the battery of your device, you get a replacement unit.  According to this document, out-of-warranty fees are $39

    Pricing of the Service - The Apple iPod Support

    NOTE: If your shuffle is less than one year of the date of purchase, it is under warranty.

    The retail price of a brand new 4th gen iPod shuffle, with new headphones, docking cable and warranty of one year is $ 49.

  • Is it possible to connect and reconnect a keyboard with the computer on?

    I have now 2 iMacs Office sitting side by side on my desk.  Since I want a keyboard with a numeric keypad on the right side, I found the only way to get that with an Apple keyboard with a USB connected keyboard.  Therefore, when I want to knit back and forth between macs, I have to unplug the keyboard of one and then plug it in another one - and back.  It would be a hassle to turn off mac whenever I need to do that, so I was wondering if it would damage a computer.  Two usb ports are usb powered external hubs.

    There is no problem with the device on a keyboard with the computer and plug in another.  It's only external drives that need to be removed before unplugging.

  • Error 1073807246 after connect the datalogger with the computer

    I have labview vi to get data from the data logger.

    First of all, it is excutable without error

    , but when the data logger is connected to the computer (COM1 serial port), my vi labview error 1073807246 shows.

    I know a little about this error, it means open a visa which was opened, but donot why error occurs when the datalogger connect with the computer.

    I just copy this previous labview vi of the lab computer, it worked well on this computer.

    Thanks much for any help.

    It's pretty clear you have some major, major misconceptions. The provider software is not required for a LabVIEW program and in fact is at the origin of the conflict. Windows allows more than a program unique access to com ports and as long as you remain convinced that you have continues to run this program, the LabVIEW program will never run. Certainly, the other pc is configured to use a port com for this program and for LabVIEW.

    If indeed the other program is needed, the program LabVIEW was written not as a comprehensive control program.

  • How to connect the printer wireless hp with the computer?

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    How to connect the printer wireless hp with the computer?

    HP all what you need to be able to complete the task... See here...

  • Problem with Nexus 7 connection with the computer.

    I have a Nexus 7 (2013) and I am unable to connect wireless to my PC Windows 7 Home Premium.  I can connect via a USB cable, but I really need to have a wifi connection.

    The PC does not recognize the wireless device, "add a device"produced nothing."  I would appreciate help!

    Thanks for coming back.

    Inspiron years 620 doesn't have the built-in Bluetooth function. You need to buy a Bluetooth adapter compatible with Windows 8 in a local computer store and plug it into the computer manufacturer.

    It will be useful.

  • Error message when printing - Communication not available, cannot communicate with the computer

    Original title: for some reason, my computer and printer communicate is no longer... I spent every day toubleshooting... always get this box: Communication not available, cannot communicate with the computer

    I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop and Dell AIO 924 printer if that helps! all cables are correctly connected, unplugged, replugged, shut down rebooted, uninstalled / printer driver, always even reinstalled!



    You recently reinstall the operating system? If so, have you installed the drivers in the order?
    How to download and install drivers in the correct order

    First run delete print jobs to remove all print jobs stuck in the queue.

    Unplug the printer.

    Download and run the patch (cleaning printer utility) until it prompts you to restart your computer.

    Restart your computer.

    Now you can install the printer using the Dell Printer 924 disc.

    Link to the patch/drivers(if needed) is to...

    Dell 924 Photo-All - In - One Printer owners thread (W7)

    Don't forget the programs anti-virus and firewall will block communications.

    Also try this tweak...

    Go into Device Manager (right click on my computer, left click Properties, material of the left click, left click Device Manager)

    Go to the section USB controller, and then click the plus sign +.

    Go to each USB hub root and right-click on it, on the left, click Properties, on the left, click power management. Uncheck the allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

    Restart your computer.


  • My Lexmark printer stopped working and the error message says "printer cannot communicate with the computer" (from "twisted into the USB pins?).

    When my printer stopped working because of error messages about "printer cannot communicate with the computer" (from "twisted into the USB pins?), I tried to change to 2nd USB port without success. I tried a new cable; that did not help.

    Then I uninstalled and reinstalled my Lexmark printer and changed the error message. Now, the printer does not work because "the USB device is not recognized."

    I tried to update the chips; Use 1 USB port; and using the old cable, all this without success. I checked the connections of the cable to the printer and the PC and turn on the printer and goes off; I'm out of ideas. Any other suggestions?

    Hi ChristineKrause,

    Here are some links that might help you:

    Peripheral USB is not recognized when you attach it immediately after that your Windows XP computer comes out of standby or hibernation

    Advanced troubleshooting tips for General USB for Windows XP problems

    Try the steps listed in the items mentioned above and see if that helps you solve the problem.

  • I installed Vista in a Virtualbox VM and the product key does not work, how to fix this? I use the same product key supplied with the computer originally.

    I bought a Dell Precision T3400 of Dell Financial Services and it came with Vista Business installed.  I installed a new hard drive and installed Vista in a Virtualbox VM by using the recovery disk that came with the computer, and the product key does not work for activation.  I get a message that says I need to activate Windows, but he says that the product key is not valid.  How can I fix it?

    Thank you

    If you have reinstalled the OEM of Vista Business copy on the new hard drive, as Bill says you can't also use it in a virtual machine.

    You can only reuse your OEM of Vista professional copy if it is no longer used on the computer. Do you have what operating system installed on the new hard drive? It was an upgrade copy or complete the license?

    If you used a license to upgrade to another edition of Windows to replace your copy of company then Vista Business license is still in use (for upgrade) and you cannot reuse it in your virtual machine.

    However if you replaced Vista business with a copy of the full license of another edition then you are able to use the OEM copy in a virtual machine, but only on the same computer. You must use the product key from COA to the label on the computer. The product key is put in the copy OEM cannot find the SLIC table on the host motherboard. You must use the phone activation from within the virtual machine. Click on start in Vista Business and typing "slui 4. Do not meet the audio guests until it asks you if you want to speak to an agent. Explain that you have completely replaced the OEM copy with a copy of the full license of the new windows and now want to use the OEM copy in a virtual machine on the same computer. Agent will then give you the activation string. Remember that the virtual machine is not transferable to any other computer.

    This information is offered by Darin Smith (MSFT) and the team of Windows licenses, November 18, 2011.

  • Phone calls from the India saying my computer sends messages it has smart software.

    I get phone calls from the India saying that my computer sends messages it has smart software.  Is it a scam?

    Next time have an air horn next to your phone and just before giving them a breath
    say "the smart software makes a sound of '...
    Or perhaps softer and say "because I had so many calls that I have."
    asked the FBI/CIA (MI6, or similar) in cooperation with the Government of your
    beautiful country to tap my phone... ».


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