my start display assistant

I have attached a Pavilion 27xi led display to qe 700-330 via DVI - D cable envy. It works very well. The problem I have is with the "My Display" software. I downloaded my display software after installing the device driver of the monitor that came on the CD.

There is an option in my start Assistant called display. It allows me to calibrate the brightness, contrast, etc. and then save the settings. The problem is: after crossing the calibrations, the program is ALWAYS abandoned trying to save settings under a name "configuration". There is no specific error message which gives a clue as to why this happens.

I never had this problem on my old Pavilion attached to a monitor LCD 24 '' hp m9000t.  So with this new PC Envy and new 27 "display Xi, I now do not know what to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello IrwinB,

Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the Forums of HP, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the Forums HP first time here? Learn how to publish and more.

I understand that you are having problems getting the personal display for your HP Pavilion 27xi Wizard 27-inch diagonal LED Backlit Monitor IPS to save your settings. I recommend that you try the latest version of the drivers and software page instead of using the software on the CD HP Pavilion 27xi 27 inch diagonal IPS LED backlit monitor drivers .

If this does not resolve your problem, I'd be happy to help you more, but first of all, I encourage you to post what operating system you are using. And if your 32-bit OS or 64 bits like this that I can give you accurate information.

Operating system Windows am I running?
Is the Version of Windows on my computer 32-bit or 64-bit?

Will you please re-post with the information requested and I would be happy to provide assistance. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

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    Hi Sticks10,

    Thank you for your reply, I appreciate the clarification. I still think that the patch is a good idea to try.

    If it still does not respond, try the following in the following order:

    1. Uninstall the software. Uninstalling the printer software.
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    Hope this works for you and have a great day!

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    The information you listed are oriented to the network card and he doesn't see any boot device.  The first thing I would do is to check the BIOS settings and make sure that your drive is seen correctly and that the boot order is set to boot from your 1st CD then your drive hard 2nd drive.  You will need to check with the PC manufacturer for assistance with the BIOS settings.

    Then I would try the steps listed in this thread: XP without boot troubleshooting

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    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
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  • Envy 15 laptop: picture library on start display

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    Thanks Douglas

    Hi @connelsey ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I looked in your question about your HP Envy 15 laptop and issues with the slideshow of the start screen. Here's a link using Microsoft with Photos.

    Open the app Photos Swipe in the right edge of the screen, and then tap Settings.
    Tap or click Options.

    Set Shuffle on Photos of tile photos to it.

    Make sure that all the pictures are saved in the same place as those that are read.

    I'd be happy to help you if necessary. How can I find my model number or product number?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.

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    first try keys Alt + F10 at startup and check if you are able to enter in recovery.

    If this is not the case, Switch 10 use 8.1 Windows Home or with Bing, you should check with the exact model or by looking at the labels on the box.

    SW5 - xxx

    If it's the Home x 86 version:

    Use the download tool and download the iso of the home version and then burn with Rufus as TPG and FAT32.

    or you can try a clean install of windows 10

    or buy the original Acer recovery media:

    Acer recovery media


    If you live outside the United States and the Canada, you must call/email your regional Acer support service:

  • Rel4.1EA2 table to display Assistant does not

    With the help of

    If I go to tool-> view table of the Wizard (or display the Table Wizard), nothing happens. No message. I looked for a log file, but do not see that either.

    I tried to use ctrl-shift-A as well with the same result.

    Hello Kent,

    Version 4.1 is now available for download.


  • Asus eee pc 701sd starts display reads select boot device. Help me?

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    Hi theodoresochor,

    Looks like the boot of the computer device is not set correctly, or basic input/output system (BIOS) does not save the changes made to the boot device.

    I suggest that you contact the Asus support for changes in the basic input/output system (BIOS).

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    Looking at the style sheet, there is no statement that said "make the number before the huge step." Redefine the style works, but not automatically in all areas; Please repply style to every instance where it is present in order to get the new look at the output.

    Any suggestions?

    Also will tie former stylesheet RoboHelp7 and stylesheet as reinterpreted by RoboHelp9, if I can find something on this page that resembles a button fastening. The Insert Image button works maybe for that too...   No, do not see how this happens.

    Thank you.

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    This is a problem seen on upgrade to 8 or 9. See the lists on my site.

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    Hello everyone.

    My administrator account suddenly started displaying more files on the desktop as is it duplicated. Duplicates are all empty and all files are unclikable even the icons on the taskbar. No option but the delete option does not even when I right click on the files.

    Also the start menu does not work. But with all this past in administrator accounts, the acct of comments works normally.

    Kindly help be cause it is rampant in my work.

    Thank you very much.

    Hello Isiok,

    Thanks for your reply, appreciate the time taken by us keep up to date on the State of the question.

    Removal of battery or unplug all connections feeding for a while helps us to solve many of these minor problems. The reason for these problems are mainly due to the interference of the power locked in the connections. Remove all power cables, batteries, network cables, external devices etc. helps us by releasing the static locked between them. This process of liberation of static locking is known to be able to flee. It's great that you identified the problem and he's got this solved.

    Hope that answers your query. For additional assistance with Windows, we're always here for you. Feel free to write us back.

    Kind regards

  • link to Windows remote assistance opens internet explore

    I sent a link help remote Windows of my computer Win 8 my Win 7i 64 Ultimate computer.  The email said double-click the attached file to start remote assistance.  When I do it opens Internet Explorer and displays an xml string instead of to do anything

    and so on, I left the rest because I'm not sure what is sensitive information.

    How to open remote assistance.  I tried open with but could not find a program to open,

    Thank you



    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums.
    TechNet Forum

    Hope this information is useful.

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    Good job. For others with the same problem, please report
    your last post as solved problem.

    Calculation of the happy.

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    Cuando instalas el of sound and vibration luego software, tienes back ejecutables: Sound and vibration assistant y signal on purpose. Los abres los back if you lo lo mismo. Mid questions are:

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    • Da igual use uno u otro

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    MUCHAS gracias


    Hola, aaramburu,

    in lenguaje andar por casa, Signal Express are el programa matriz y S & VA el are UN modulo what instala encima y reviews una paleta Programación than permite usar funcionalidades specific sonido Análisis y constant. El Signal Express has leaves, apply filters, a configurable software para datos closing, etc. If el S & VA mallards are mallards nuevas funcionalidades enable use tarjetas para señales dinamicas o DSAS that enable leer of tacometros, acelerometros, hacer análisis octavas, etc.. ES como if instalas LabVIEW, are UN lenguaje general Programación y quieres una camara use. Sober el propio LabVIEW has instalar Modulo de Vision para el LabVIEW y is anaden kbes imagen aforementioned funcionalidades.

    No nada desinstales, one extended capabilities. As has using uno u otro, depends on the nature of the application as desarrolles. If going to a Signal Express y seleccionas help > Getting Started with > Getting Started with LabVIEW Signal Express Fiesta el tutorial Básico para el manejo del entorno con guiados exercise. Leads unas cuatro horas. If you want to develop una application of sonido y vibration, using a high port tal y como is muestra in el tutorial help > Getting Started with > Assistant Sound and Vibration.

    I hope this information you follows from utility.


  • Trying to connect to a page and I get a notice stating that "the IP assistance Service does not" how to fix this?

    I need to know how to activate the IP assistance Service?

    Hi Dave,.

    Please, help us to gather some more information about the issue to help you more.

    1. which version of the operating system are you using?

    2. in what page Web gave you the error message?

    3. Since when are you facing the issue?

    4. did you of recent changes to the computer before the show?

    IP assistance service provides additional connectivity settings while browsing the internet.

    You can start the assistance service IP from the services window.

    Follow these steps.

    a. press the Windows key + R and type services.msc.

    b. Locate the IP assistance service.

    c. right-click on the service and select Start.

    d. If the service is already started, then right-click on it and select restart.

    Let us know the State of the question, so that we will help you.

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    How to have the menu start horizontal instead of vertical

    It is not possible.

    You can have the taskbar on the top or on the left or right side of the "screen, but the menu start display always vertically independent of the position of the Start button."

Maybe you are looking for