My synaptics touchpad will not work

My synaptics touchpad does not work I uninstalled and did everything in the control panel but I don't know what to do.

Please help me.

How to operate?



First, it would really help to know something more on the model of the laptop, installed windows OS, etc.

Have you tried to activate the touchpad through Fn + F9?

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  • Synaptics touchpad is not working properly on the Satellite A100-635

    My synaptics touchpad is not working properly my mouse works very well but does not work in every corner of the touchpad for special functions.

    I tried to set it up again but it had no result, also I downloaded a new driver, but it had no results to. My buttons multimedia keys like play/pause or stop are not no longer works.

    These buttons/keys stopped working at the same time as the touchpad. Checked with NOD 32 pro virus and spyware with ZA pro ==> no results.

    Who can help me with this problem?

    Hi Jarno

    Do you know how many different Satellite notebooks have a series? Drivers and tools are not the same for each of them. Because of this you should also tell us that you have.

    According to your description, I can tell you: install OS using support and recovery delivered with factory settings, your mobile phone must be configured correctly.

  • Laptop HP dv6 1355dx Pavilion: Synaptics Touchpad Will not scroll in applications Windows 10 - using HP dv6 1355dx Pavallion laptop

    I was wondering if anyone has found a solution to this problem.  I downloaded all the drivers, registry added/changed, ensure that scrolling is checked and researched point nausium.  Hair is gone!

    Any help is appreciated.


    1. Download version 18 of the Synaptics TouchPad Driver and software.
      • Navigate to HP Software and Driver Downloads site ( to find the last pilot approved for your model.  Filtrer filter by version, select Microsoft Windows 8.1 on the menu drop-down.  Find the download in the category 'driver-keyboard, mouse and input devices.  If a Synaptics driver with a version from 18 number figure, download.
      • If a Synaptics driver with a version from 18 number is NOT listed, download the driver directly from HP (
    2. Download the Package of troubleshooting Windows 10 "show or hide updates" (
    3. Change the Windows Update Services automatic (delayed start) parameter to the manual.
      • In Control Panel, select administrative tools, and open Services.
      • Go to Windows Update and double-click it to view its properties.
      • Click on stop to stop the service to run.
      • Change the Startup Type to manual, and then click OK.
    4. Uninstall the version 19 of the Synaptics TouchPad driver.
      • In Control Panel, select Device Manager.
      • Click on the "+' beside 'mouse and other pointing devices" to expand this category.
      • Double-click the Synaptics TouchPad of SMBus to view its properties.
      • Go to the driver tab and click on uninstall.
      • Check the box to delete the driver for this device, and then click OK to uninstall.
    5. Uninstall the version 19 of the software Synaptics TouchPad (HP control area).
      • In Control Panel, select programs and features.
      • Scroll down to the area of control of HP (published by Synaptics Incorporated) and uninstall it.
    6. Restart your computer.
    7. Install version 18 of the Synaptics TouchPad Driver and software.
    8. Run the Windows 10 Troubleshooting Package 'Show or hide updates' and hide the updates for the Synaptics TouchPad driver.  (This will block your system automatically reinstall or display of updates for the version 19 of the pilot).
    9. Change back the setting of Windows Update Services to manual automatic (delayed start).
    10. Restart your computer.
    11. Rejoice!  Your TouchPad settings will save eventually in the sessions again.

  • Synaptics touchpad does not work after a week of use USB mouse

    I have a laptop acer aspire 2920z-4A1G16Mi that has genuine Windows vista home basic SP1... .for a week I used USB mice later, I tried to use my touchpad synaptics but it did not work, but my USB mouse still works. so on the acer website I downloaded the driver and reinstalled again and again, but it did not work.

    In Manager devices every time I click on and click

    Same request I press the CAPS LOCK key on the keyboard my keyboard is locked and iam unable to type even a single letter, although the USB mouse works. I even tried "system restore", but I have not tried "System Restore" which I have no knowledge.

    Thank you for your help!  :)


    Contact Acer Support.

    Sorry, no better help.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Satellite L855-149 - Synaptics touchpad does not work after upgrade to win 8

    I Hare recently upgradedmy Toshiba Satellite L855-149 to the most recent version of windows 8 6.2 and since I did then the Synaptics touch pad stopped working, I guess because the driver does not work with this version of windows 8. What can I do to fix this so I can use my computer without a plug in the mouse again?

    Thank you

    Thanks for your comments!

  • Satellite L50 - A - 1 6: Synaptics touchpad does not work often

    Hi guys,.

    I have a problem with my touch pad. my laptop is Satellite L50 - A - 1 6.
    Often the key stop working when I use multi touch gestures, and a few seconds later it starts working again.

    But sometimes it stops work and I have to restart the pc.
    I think it's a driver issue, but I have reinstalled the driver, hard reset on my pc, but nothing.
    If use the pc without synaptics drivers, it's all ok, but I can't use the multitouch gestures.

    You have any ideas?

    Sorry for my English

    Thank you bye

    When did you notice this problem of gesture touchpad? Has ID been published since the first day of purchase?

    It would be interesting to know how the touch pad gesture control and multi would work using the original software/driver from Synaptics page:

    The comments appreciated.

  • Help! ThinkPad R40 model 2722 synaptics touchpad driver not working not touchpad work not

    I have r40 model 2722, with touchpad and trackpoint together, the driver of this site that suites windows xp says that's not compatible hardware, it brings the error message. The trackpoint is ok.

    Help, please

    much appritiation so it's as soon as possible,

    Thank you in advance.

    If there is no UltraNav options in the BIOS, your touchpad is defective or not connected.

    Remove the keyboard and check if the UltraNav is connected to the motherboard, the cable is quite visible once the keyboard is removed.

    Good luck.

  • My touchpad does not work

    My touchpad does not work while I use my keyboard. Or should I wait it out or try to move while I use my keyboard. It's really annoying, and I like to play the game, but I can't do during my mouse won't spend! If you want more information, just ask.


    This problem may be caused by a touchpad setting which is intended to avoid any accidental activation - for example if your Palm brush the touchpad when typing.

    You can change this as follows.

    Open windows control panel and on the top right, next to the display by: select "large icons".  In the new page layout, select the entry of Synaptics.

    Hardware/software version will depend on the real option you're looking for (see the example below )- , but is usually called "balance sheet"Palm"or Smart Sense'-disable and apply the changes."

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite X 200-219 - the touchpad does not work as it should

    Hi all

    I recently bought a 2nd hand Toshiba Satellite x 200-219. Had some problems with it that I have overcome now, except one... The touchpad does not work as it should. I think that the cable has been damaged at some point.

    So I'm wondering if I should use the same ribbon cable to connect the keyboard to the motherboard or can I get one of a different model of PC Toshiba laptop?

    I tried searching on the net for advice but have resulted in nothing so thought I would try the forums.

    Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


    I think you can use the items to the satellite X 205 series since this seems to be the same series as X 200:
    Found some related parts the touchpad:
    Satellite X 205 / X 200 touchpad Board with cable: reference number: K000047950
    Satellite part number for the TOUCH PAD FFC X 205 / X 200: K000047980

    But why you n t come into contact with a Toshiba authorized service provider in your country and order the part necessary and compatible?

  • Qosmio X 300 - 11W - TouchPad does not work in mode 'sleep'

    TouchPad does not work in mode 'sleep'. I can't wake up my computer using a touchpad. I downloaded and installed a driver for Windows 7 32 bit from a page of the Synaptics driver, but it did not help.

    Can you wake up your Qosmio using the power button / stop?
    You close the lid when the laptop enters the sliding mode?
    After you open the laptop lid should wake up. It work correctly?

  • Satellite A0302 C50D and Ubuntu 12.04.4 - touchpad does not work so well

    I have a Satellite C50D-A0302, PSCGWF part number.
    I use Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS Pangolin specific to this topic, but the touchpad does not work so well.

    How can I get the right drivers for the touchpad?

    How do I know if the touchpad is Synaptics or ALPS, so I can get the correct drivers?

    Thank you!

    As you probably know Toshiba does not support Linux and does not offer Linux drivers.
    All about you Googling can find many Linux forums. Try to find useful information here. I mean you can exchange your experiences with other people who are fans of Linux and experts, so I assume that you can get help here.

  • Satellite Pro C50-A-153 - Touchpad does not work properly

    First, sorry for my bad English.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A-153, the problem is its touchpad and not work correctly, the mouse does not move when I move the finger on the pad, it seems that if I had to roll the bar "or the mouse wheel.

    Sometimes, the 'mouse' works for 20 seconds and then again the same thing. An external mouse works fine.

    It is not the problem of the functions "Fn". I tried to stop, reset the battery and press the power button to 50seconds. I also tried to uninstall the drivers for the Touchpad, and I think that I tried to change all the properties on the 'Control Panel - mouse'.

    Can someone help me with this?

    Thank you.

    On most computers laptop Toshiba is installed the Synaptics touchpad driver. With this driver, there are available additional touchpad settings. Try it please change these settings and turn off the features you don't need.

    How to do that you can read on

    Check it out.

  • Satellite Pro M30-701: TouchPad does not work after installation of XP Pro

    My touchPad does not work after reinstalling XP Pro OS with recovery disk. I install a driver for Toshiba M30 - 701 Synaptics TouchPad tpdrv-sp-m30-xp -

    Can you help me solve the my problem please?
    Excuse my bad English...
    Thank you
    Jorge Neto

    HI Jorge,.

    If you have reinstalled your system using the Toshiba recovery disks the touchpad should have the right drivers and be fully functional. I seem to remember that it is possible to disable the touch pad using one of the "keyboard shortcuts" (F9 on my SA30) in order to check that it has not been inadvertently pressed.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite L50-A013 - touchpad does not work

    Hi all

    I've had my L50-A013 Satellite for about 7 months now.

    In the last month or so I started to have problems with the touchpad, freezing and does not not my contact.
    This lasted a few minutes at a time, then came the back of its own accord, almost like a very long latency period.
    This morning, however, I turned on my laptop and the touchpad does not work.

    Device Manager does not display a mouse or pointing device at all until I attach a mouse USB.
    By pressing the key that normally activates / deactivates the touchpad does not work - nothing changes and the light does not turn on in both positions.

    I tried reinstalling the drivers without result, and windows is no update that might help (or any recently that might have caused the problem).

    If anyone has any other ideas for what I can try, it would be amazing.
    The laptop is under warranty so I can hopefully get it fixed, but if possible I would really do not have to go without a computer until it's settled.

    Thank you all for your time,

    Hi Sase

    It is not easy to say what the problem is, but I can imagine that there is hardware problem. Perhaps touchpad loses the connection to the motherboard. I mean if this piece of hardware is not detected I can imagine this scenario.

    Of course best test you can do now is to reinstall OS and test functionality with the factory settings, but will delete your actual configuration of OS and software pre-installed.

    If this kind of test is possible do. If not, I think you must contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They have special diagnostic tools and they can check it for you.

  • Tecra M3 - touchpad does not work with Windows 7

    I have a Tecra M3 I've updgraded to Windows 7. The touchpad does not work.
    The Web of Toshiba site has a Windows 7 drivers for this model. I tried install the driver of the touchpad and PVAT from the A11 model but still cannot make it work.

    Can anyone help? The audio is not working either.

    This old Tecra is not supported for Vista, so it can be difficult to find the correct drivers.
    I can see Tecra M4 is supported for 32-bit Vista, so use this with Win7 32-bit Vista driver in the hope that this will work.

    Audio driver? Let Win7 look good pilot. By the way: your Tecra has AnalogDevices AD1981B audio chip inside. Try to find the right driver Googling autour.

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