My Thunderbird consistantly shows date of tomorrow on the incoming and outgoing emails. even if the system clock and clock Windows indicate the correct date. Help.

My installation of Thunderbird seems to use a 24 hour clock before the actual time. For example the received messages on December 25, 2014 are dated December 26.

In addition, when I answered a message entering today, December 25, automated header said that I was responding to a received message on 26 December.

System clock of my computer and the Windows clock to show the correct date.

Y at - it no way to force the Thunderbird to read again the system clock, or any other way to reset the time internal Thunderbird?


Thunderbird uses your computer's clock. There nothing else for reference. I suggest you double check that your clock to the time and time zone. There is no reason to look at the bios to check the computer's clock.

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    Fix you your computer. I have no idea how drive a mac, but;

    • Check the regional settings are correct. It is certainly not the case.
    • Once you have the correct locale check the time zone
    • Check that the date format is correct. I'm guessing that large systems short date format where the 01 for the month.
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    Yes available menus and commands in the Windows of Thunderbird version is different from the version of Linux, I don't know why.
    I've got Xubuntu 14.04 so I guess that my version is the same as yours. See the Edit > preferences > Security > passwords > passwords saved.

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    DK... The imp thing, you need to take care is to disable the cache, or purge the memory cache after each load by using the method of pooling of events. This will ensure that you see the most recent data and data not expired.

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    These 3 are the most common varieties.  When they enter one of them, the field accepts entry as it is.

    Apart from a ToolTip, text in command prompt or help or what to tell them how to get into the field, what script can I use to convert the above 3 types of entry in the correct date format?

    Thank you


    Hi Peta,

    You can do this by leaving the display model of the date/time field: date {MM/DD/YYYY}.

    Then in the editing model, you must specify all the possible combinations the contribution of users dates:

    date {MM/DD/YYYY}. date {jj. MM YY} | date {jj. M.yy} | date {D.M.yy} | date { YY} | date {DDMMYY}

    Each model is separated by a |

    Hope that helps,


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    What is a live/Hotmail/outlook account? If so, uncheck "place a copy in" under the tools/account settings /AccountName/Copies & records, because a copy is already placed in the folder "sent" on the server. This "sent" folder is visible in TB, if the account is IMAP.



    Take a look at this thread and follow the steps in troubleshooting offered it. The question may be somehow connected with WhatsApp, then try to delete the app.

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    Try resetting your device. This will not erase your data stored on that device.

    • Press and hold the sleep/wake button
    • Press and hold the Home button
    • Press and hold both buttons until the display turns off and on again with the Apple logo on the subject.

    Alternatively, you can go to settings - general - reset - Reset all settings

    If that doesn't work, restore your device to factory settings. Please note that this will delete the data on your device.

    Take a look this Apple Support article:use iTunes to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings - Apple Support.

  • The RAM lot shown on Sys. Info. but the correct amount of shows mycomp/properties, black screen was crashing...

    Although quick and concise as possible. PC under XP SP3 Pro with AMD Athelon 2.41 GHz and had two sticks of 1 GB of ram with 256 MB radeon x 1650 just to use dual monitor graphics card. A few weeks ago it started to break up during different tasks, no bsod or error message, just a black screen crash and reboot. He wouldn't even say ms recovered or give me an option to boot safe mode or anything like that, just acted like it never happened. The typical check/clean/test when discovered that even if sys properties reported two GB of info sys ram only showed 256 MB total physical. Thought it was a RAM problem, took a stick, works slowly but not crash, exchanged, even. Put two sticks in another pc, no crash and it reads 2 Go in the properties and 2 048 Mo in sys info. Took the four MB 512 out of this pc put into this one, nothing, does not start. Put the 1 GB in works slowly with no crash, but reads only 128 MB of ram in sys info, while always reading 1 GB in comp/properties...

    So my question is: is this a power supply motherboard problem or power, or am I just missing something here? I wonder on BIOS or CMOS, but they have not been affected or modded and it worked. In addition, av is up-to-date with no reports of virus.

    Looks like you got a BSOD but just don't see it because XP is supposed to relaunch on these failures.  If your system is configured to save dump files, we can always get infromation from last bit depressed.  If the sytem is not configured to save dump files, make sure and then let a few dump files accumulate so we have something to look at.

    If you are forced to do so, you can certainly guess all what he could be and try things.

    Please provide more information on your system.

    Click Start, run and enter in the box:


    Click OK, and when the system info summary appears, click Edit, select all, copy and paste then return here.

    For information about video drivers, expand components, click view, click on edit, select all, copy and then paste that information here.

    There would be some personal information (such as the user name and the name of the system), or what seems to be only your business that you can remove the dough.  Send two copy/pasta.

    XP is configured to restart automatically on some system failures, you will need to disable this feature for BSOD information will remain on the screen for you to see.

    Configure your system does not automatically restart on system failure (this is what he wants to do):

    Right click my computer, properties, advanced, startup and recovery settings.

    In the system failure section:

    Put a check mark in the box "write an event to the system log.

    Put a check mark in the box "send an administrative alert.

    Uncheck 'automatically restart '.

    In the Write debugging information section select:

    Partial dump (64 KB)

    Set the directory small dumpster:


    Click OK, OK.

    Restart your computer.

    What is your system brand and model?

    Describe your current antivirus and software anti malware situation: McAfee, Norton, Spybot, AVG, Avira!, Defender, ZoneAlarm, PC Tools, MSE, Comodo, etc..

    Download BlueScreenView here:
    Unzip it and run it (BSV installs nothing) and let him complete the digitization of all of your files to dump.
    If you double-click on depressed, you will get information on it (including the field caused by the driver) and you should be able to spot the problem right away - especially if you see a model in landfills where Caused by field pilot is the same (beginning with this driver).
    Select (highlight) one or more of the most recent dump files by clicking on them and hold down the CTRL key to select multiple files.  Try to select only the most recent links that relate to your problem (perhaps five or six to start dump files).
    Click on file, save selected items and save information from the dumps to a text file on your desktop called BSOD.txt.  Open BSOD.txt with a text editor, copy the text and paste it in your next reply.
    Here's an example of report ASB to a single BSOD I initiated on purpose that indicates the cause of the accident as the pilot i8042prt.sys belonging to Microsoft Corporation:
    Dump file: Mini062110 - 01.dmp
    Crash time: 21/06/2010-11:51:31
    Bug check code: 0x000000e2
    Parameter 1: 0x00000000
    Parameter 2: 0x00000000
    Parameter 3: 0x00000000
    Parameter 4: 0x00000000
    Caused by the driver: i8042prt.sys
    Caused by the address: i8042prt.sys + 27fb
    Description of the file: i8042 Port driver
    Product name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
    Company: Microsoft Corporation
    File version: 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413 - 2108)
    Processor: 32-bit
    Computer name:
    Full path: C:\WINDOWS\minidump\Mini062110-01.dmp
    Send information from 5 last memory dumps.

    I need YOUR voice and the points for helpful answers and propose responses. I'm saving for a pony!

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    Hi you

    After running CHKDSK, it said replacement of the security id invalid with the default security id in windows 7 64 bit

    After that it's over, he just showed a black screen with the mobile mouse cursor!

    I searched but did not find the answers on Microsoft

    Please help me


    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    We need more information about the issue so that we can help you better.

    Check the drive run at Windows startup?

    Thank you for details on the issue.

    This message is displayed because the specified file has an invalid security ID. Each file on a NTFS or FAT volume has security what ID assigned. The ID assigned to the data file does not match the ID assigned to the security data stream file ($SDS). There is a mismatch of Ids. CHKDSK replaced the invalid security ID.

    Black screen with cursor may appear due to corrupted display driver.

    I suggest you try using the steps described in this article and check.
    Why my screen is black when I start Windows 7?

    Important notes:
    Serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    Running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data can be lost.

    When you use system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, the programs and updates that you have installed are removed.

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • Shows not any change in the color of the window when a relevant theme is chosen and applied. Why?

    Shows not any change in the color of the window when a relevant theme is chosen and applied. Why?

    Hi John,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

    I understand that your computer shows no change in the color of the window, when a relevant theme is chosen and applied. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will certainly help the question of fixing.

    To help you suggest several steps to solve the problem, I would appreciate if you could answer the following question:

    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    2. have you made any recent hardware or exchange of software on your computer before the show?

    3. you receive an error code or message?

    4. How are you trying to change the theme?

    5. are you using Windows themes to change the theme or any third-party software?

    Please follow the methods and mark the question below:

    Method 1:



    I suggest you to refer to the link below to use the System File Checker tool (SFC) to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files in Windows:

    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7



    Method 2:


    Try to create a new user account and check the issue by following the steps in the link below.

    Create a user account:

    If everything works well in the new user account, then I suggest you to transfer data and settings to the fixed aid profile is corrupted from the link below.


    Fix a corrupted user profile:




    Your response is very important for us to ensure a proper resolution. Please get back to us to help you accordingly.



    In the future if you fall on any question relating to Windows, please do not hesitate to post your request here on Microsoft Community, we will be more than happy to help you.





  • The dynamic Types shows not all objects in the inventory


    I thought I'd have a look at the new feature of dynamic Types in vCO 5.5.1 after falling on this tutorial: tutorial dynamic Types: set up your own Twitter plugin without any script, however - I ran into a bit of a problem.

    So I downloaded the plugin generator of dynamic Types package and run the creating a new plug-in (namespace and corresponding REST host) -it went very well and created the namespace and the REST host as planned.  I then ran the create a new type of plugin and followed through the forms of user interaction and validated all of the received data - it also has been correctly performed.  My only problem is, no instance of the type created is displayed in the inventory - and there are 100% at least of 4 objects returned by our REST API.  When I manually run the COE-> plug-in-> plugin generator dynamic Types - methods - > FindAll I see in the newspapers that it deploys the correct objects with the correct id/name - why these objects are not displayed workflow inventory?

    So this package that I thought I would use the provided standard workflow with dynamic Types plugin, so I added names/type space and automatically generated stubs of workflow for the type.  Then I went into each of these heels of workflow and filled in the script of "To-do" with the code to set the appropriate output, for example the workflow find all uses the host REMAINS appropriate for an array of objects API JSON, and then iterates through these objects and calls the method DynamicTypesManager.makeObject () , before finally pushing them into the output array.  However, this does not show all inventory items is.

    In both cases I rebooted namespace of the inventory several times and nothing.  It seems that the DynamicTypesManager.makeObject () merely create the object in the local scope that I can see to create types of objects/correct data using System.debug, yet they do not arise outside the workflow and in token of workflow attributes, they remain unset.

    There is something really obvious that I'm missing? / someone at - it suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!


    Please use updated Plug-in dynamic types here: version Technical preview of the plugin dynamic Types

    And update the plugin generator from here: plugin generator of dynamic Types package

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    Is there some decided to plans to show a 3d view of the pdf in acrobat reader mobile?

    HI jihoon85,

    This is an old post from blog about 3D on iOS PDF support.

    Support PDF 3D on iOS

    Please note that the app (PDF 3D viewer) is not supported by Adobe. The third party app is still available on the Apple App Store.  But the app has not been updated since November 2013.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to speculate on future projects of products or publication dates in the public user like this forum.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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