My Toshiba not satellite C655-s5082 no boot device

Can someone please help me that I spent countless hours asked this same question with no luck?  My computer screen reads... For Atheros Ethernet PCIE controller v2.0.1.9 (15/12/09) check the cable connection! PXE - MOF: outgoing Intel PXE ROM No. bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key. Intel UNDI, PXE - 2.0 (build 083) thanks for any help to solve this frustrating issue.



Set the BIOS to boot from the hard drive first. Often F2 as the computer starts then
look at the screen to enter the BIOS/CMOS (Setup) to change the boot order.

Check with Toshiba Support, their drivers and documentation online and ask for their
Forums about known problems.

Toshiba - Forums

Toshiba - Contacts

Toshiba - drivers - access your model

Toshiba - Support

I hope this helps.

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  • Satellite L50 - B - "no boot device - please reboot your system.

    This laptop does not start, it gives just the message "no boot device - please reboot your system.

    It looks like the partition table has disappeared.

    There is no support of recovery, no recovery partition, I can access it on the hard drive and no Windows key.

    How can I install windows on it?

    L50 - B PSKTNA-02R016 satellite

    Have tried to start while holding down the 0 key, but no luck.

    This computer is TWO DAYS OLD!

    According to specifications of the laptop, this machine was delivered with pre-installed Win8.1. Yes, there is no recovery media. For years, Toshiba and many other laptop manufacturers offer laptops without disk installation, but original recovery image is saved on the HARD drive, so if everything is OK you can start installation of recovery of the HARD disk image or create a recovery media that you can use for installing the OS.

    If you get your laptop work again thanks to create this media. How this is described in the document s user manuals.

    Recovery partition cannot disappear from the only one. to be honest, it's not clear to me what happens exactly with your laptop.

    Start your machine and press F12 to get into the boot menu. There you should find option enter the configuration. Using this option, you will be able to enter the BIOS settings. Please check if the HARD drive is listed and recognized correctly. by default the BIOS settings and restart your laptop. What happens when you do this?

  • Satellite C55-B802 - no boot device

    Hi guys,.

    While working on my C55-B802 Satellite laptop is get hung up as usual, that I just forced my knees to restart by pressing power button .that computer of it appears. "No boot device, please restart" I tried removing the battery and gng through the start by not sure boot and bla bla bla menu that can be done, but no use it please help someone. the sound is like clicking and beep

    It is not easy to say what the problem is here, but I can imagine that the HARD drive is the troublemaker.
    Enter the BIOS settings and check it please if the HARD drive is listed and he acknowledged.
    What you can try is to set the BIOS to the default settings and try to restart your laptop.

  • Satellite C55: error - no boot device

    My laptop showing No. BOOTABLE DEVICE - insert the diskette of starting, and then press any key

    I do not have any disk how do I fix this

    Hi Renji

    Of course, no boot device (typically the HARD drive) can be found and so the laptop asks to insert media to boot the system.

    End most of the cases this message appears if the internal HARD drive is defective, and no system located on the HARD disk... it would be also possible that the HARD drive is not recognized by the BIOS.

    That's why I recommend you to check the BIOS (first page).
    Usually, HARD drive should appear on the first page of the BIOS, and you should see some HDD details such as size of HARD drive or the HARD drive name.

    If the HARD drive does not appear, you will need to replace the HARD drive and retrieve the laptop using the Toshiba recovery disc.

    You said that you do not have the installation diskettes... Well for me it means that you have not created the recovery disc in the past...
    It was a big mistake; However, you can order the CD here:


  • Satellite C50-A0413 - no boot device - restart System

    Satellite C50-A0413 that was installed with Win8 pr but I didn't like it so I decided to downgrade it so that I can install Win7.

    I formatted the HARD drive and then installed Win7 on the HARD drive. Everything happened until perfect present, but do not forget that the HARD drive was working on another machine, so when I put it back for the things of my laptop went bad because the machine couldn't detect my drive again. Is he didn't keep show no boot device - restart System. What has tried to remedy the situation? Press f2 to access my utility set up 'Security' tab and change the value of the "Secure Boot" option to "Disabled" then the System Configuration but I can't find Boot Mode to change the UEFI to CSM.

    What do I do please help?

    Sorry, but your ad is quite confusing. If I understand you right, you have installed Win7 on X computer and then removed HARD drive in your C50-A0413 Satellite and now you wonder why Win7 won t start correctly or how understand this?

  • Satellite L855-149 - "no boot device. Please restart.


    Recently, I have been making a mistake on my computer; driver iqle not less or equivalent. The errors were happening maybe once more 2 weeks. Yesterday however, it started happening every hour, then the second, she has restarted since the last crash again.

    Finally windows did not start properly and it came with a recovery menu. I tried everything, except the cloth of hard drive because there's stuff that I need. After a system restore, everything worked, but then it crashed again. This time when I started it went to a black and white screen then reading letters controls the media, checking [fail] media and then no boot device. Restart the system.

    I looked but each video and post is a different error as no found boot device. Insert the disk and press a key. So now, before I lug the PC World and get ripped £ 200 to receive no said that they could not fix the problem, I come to you guys. Please help me! Your My only hope! (A * to make Star Wars reference lol)

    I'll attach some pictures to help you! Thank you!


    In general the media error check failure always appears if the BIOS cannot find the boot device.

    In my opinion the various basic scenarios are possible:
    First of all it is possible that your HARD drive is dead and so laptop can not find system
    But this seems strange because in case of BIOS, HARD drive problems would turn to another bootable device as ODD or LAN.

    So a card mother (defective controller for example?) general problem could also be possible.

    To be honest, it of always difficult to establish a fair and definitive diagnosis without verification of the material first.
    Anyway, in my opinion, you should check if the new HARD drive and the new installation of the OS would solve your problem.

    Of course, you can try to start Notepad using a LiveCD bootable disk just to see if you could start Notepad without a fresh install of the OS.

  • Not found on the computer boot device 250 hp laptop

    Hi, I have problems with starting my laptop. When I turn it on it comes up with the found boot device, please install an operating system on your hard drive, hard drive (3F0), F2 system diagnostics. Any ideas why this happens?


    If you have the copy of the invoice, you can contact HP Support on the phone and get the security number set. Also since the disk HARD is not get in the BIOS. Once the question of the guarantee is fixed, you can ask them the HARD drive replacement.

  • Satellite L50D-B - no boot device - please reboot

    Does anyone know what to do when you get only bios saying "no boot device - please reboot" during computer startup?

    Enter your BIOS, make sure that UEFI is enabled, or if you are using a linux operating system allow inheritance.

  • Acer Aspire E1 471 does not start. "no boot device, insert the boot disk and press any key".

    Acer Aspire E1 471. 8 64-bit Windows.

    It does not seem to recognize any boot device.

    Already tried:

    -F2 for configuration of the bios F9 to restore the default settings, F10 to save and exit and restart.

    -boot from usb, dvd... the screen turns black after the screening.

    -forcing safe mode or windows recovery screen (System Restore, auto repair, cmd, etc) the screen goes black, too and after about 20 minutes. the blue screen with the unhappy face appears (pc must be restarted)

    Any suggestions?

    Hi FerminSampo,

    We will try to repair the startup entries, I suggest you follow these steps and try to solve the problem of Windows 8 start.

    a. starting from hirens CD.

    b. try these commands from the command prompt.

    Bootrec /fixmbr

    Bootrec /fixboot

    Bootrec /rebuildbcd

    c. restart the computer and check if the problem persists.

  • HP laptop: when I start my laptop it will be showing "no boot device."

    When I start my laptop it will be showing "no boot device."

    Hey @Swapvb

    First of all, I want to you welcome to the Forums of HP Support! On the forums, you will find solutions, suggestions and helping hands!

    I understand that you can't your laptop because you do not receive a message from boot device.

    The error message says "Boot Device not found"? If so, please use the Boot Device found not or Hard Drive not detected error document.

    Here, I have provided a list of measures to try with an additional documentation if you need. Please try to:

    If none of the steps above troubleshooting solved the error condition, please make sure that you back up your personal data from your laptop, and then try again to perform a HP system recovery again.

    If the recovery of the system is not yet functioning, please use the document Troubleshooting an HP System Recovery .

    If this answer helped, please use the button accept as a Solution . If you want to give me a five high virtual, please click the Thumbs Up icon below.

    If you need assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please re-post with the results of troubleshooting as well as your model number (How can I find my model number or product number?).

    Thanks for joining the community of support HP!

    Have a great day!

  • I have a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5305 application, running Windows 7. I made a few cds of music there are chandeliers and that they will not play on this computer. They do not play on my computer of husbands, good girls.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5305 application, running Windows 7.  I made a few cds of music there are chandeliers and that they will not play on this computer.  They do not play on my computer of husbands, good girls.  I think that they are MP3.  My cd drive is appearing and showing to work properly, but just read it as a blank CD.  To go with this... I am a legal transcriptionist and use a program called FTR player.  I downloaded some MP3 audio files and who won't play in my FTR player either, so I think it has something to do with. MP3 files, in the form of .wav files play in my FTR player very well.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance, Jodi

    Red flag.  CCcleaner.  If you used to "clean" your registry database, which can cause problems.  CCcleaner is also a good program, but registry cleaners do not help and remove what they think are "unused" entries in the registry that can cause problems later.

    Try to download the Real Player and see if that corrects your problem, but if it is not, you may need to restore your computer to the factory settings by your user guide's instructions.

    When you got your system back as you, I invite you to buy an external hard drive, and a good backup 3rd party program. You can configure it to automatically do everything in time and frequency of your choice. External hard drives 1 TB are about $85 these days and a very good FREE backup program corresponds to the Easeus todo backup free of charge that you can download from . Who can make you save a lot of time and frustration, the next time something like this happens. Sooner or later, it happens to all computers for one reason or another.

    Good luck.

  • Satellite C655 does not start

    Have a Toshiba Satellite C655 who works stopped. Failed to get the system starts. Tried pressing F8 for safe mode and get nothing, F11 for recovery does not work. 0 does not work, only works F2 and F12. Don't have a recovery disk.

    Win7 Home Premium on system and tried using Win7 Pro but does not fix strtup files because it does not have the correct version.

    Please help if a solution is available that send back to support.

    F11 is not for recovery. You try to get into the advanced boot options.
    When you start your notebook F8 press * SEVERAL reprises.*

  • Satellite C655 - new keyboard is not working properly

    I have fairly new Toshiba Satellite C655 and after spilling a (tiny) amount of soda on the upper left keyboard, the keyboard stop working completely.

    After you install a new keyboard, most of the keys work except the P, V, R, T, [and space keys. External USB keyboard works perfectly. I bought another new keyboard and replaced it with care, but the problem persists. After that, I tried updating the BIOS without result.

    Anyone who is familiar with this and knows how to solve the problem?


    I assume that this question was not included in the past, before the drink is spilled on the keyboard. Right?

    This means that this fluid is the reason for the keyboard problem.
    I guess, both new keyboards are OK.

    In this case, the problem may be the motherboard or you used two keypads which are not entirely compatible. But I guess that this isn't really a problem.

    Maybe you card mother is affected. :(mais c'est juste une suggestion)

  • Satellite C50-A-1JV boot not ODD (CD or DVD)


    I just bought a laptop Toshiba Satellite C50-A-1JV that has no operating system. I tried to install windows XP, but I get the following error: no boot device - please reboot the system. I turn on the laptop, put the Windows XP CD inside and then restart then I press F12, I have WEIRD boot--> HARD drive order in the menu then restart then press f12 then click on strange but it does not start.

    How can I fix it?

    Windows XP is the old operating system and not supported for this machine. Even Windows 7 is not supported for all machines produced in the last 12 months.
    To be honest, there is no sense trying to install Windows XP Home edition on your new machine.

    Please visit the download page of Toshiba on and check the supported operating systems. If possible I recommend to install Win7 64bt.

  • Does not begin with satellite C655-S5128 - power problem

    My laptop won't turn once I do a shutdown of windows.

    After it closes completely, when I try the power button nothing happens (or an led, or screen the wind. it does not start)

    After I remove the power supply and the battery for a minute and put it back, when I try to turn it on - it begins.
    I changed the RAM with good, same thing. I cleaned up the laptop and put the dough on the processor thermal quality.

    The model is: Toshiba Satellite C655-S5128.
    This thing happens because I cleaned up my laptop.
    (I mention that I have clean for laptops all day, so I know how to do)

    The unit doesn't power since clean you the laptop?
    Hmm these sounds like something was wrong during the cleaning procedure.

    I think you have a lot of experience in cleaning for laptop and you know how to do this, but obviously this time you made a mistake, sorry to say this.

    In my opinion, the question certainly pertains so a hardware problem I put t know that you clean the device and what parts (next to the CPU) have been removed during this procedure, but without doubt one of these parts have been affected or don't function properly.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Satellite NB10T - failed to update Windows 8

    NB10t satellite is fairly recent and has just this message when you try to start "failure of Windows updates are preparing to retry don't turn off your computer. This can stay for hours and it happens quite often. Can anyone suggest what this can be?

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