My Update Manager disappeared. How can I get that back in the menu bar. MAC.

My Update Manager disappeared. How can I get that back in the menu bar. MAC.


Please click on Finder and go to Applications and search Adobe Creative Cloud and launch the application thereof.

* You should restart your computer and launch the app from creative cloud.

Let us know if that helps.

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  • My Norton toolbar became deleted somehow. I need it for my Norton Internet security function Auto Fill will work. How can I get that back in the menu bar?

    My Firefox browser page to have a Norton Safe Search Bar within the toolbar area. He must be active on this subject otherwise the function AutoComplete passwords for sites Web I visit - who have need of my username AND password - is not populated automatically by the software Norton Internet Security 2011 that I have on my computer.
    My Question: HOW to make this search bar of Norton on my Firefox browser Page?

    I use Norton 360 institutions and would allow the two Add-ons of Norton (see below) when I upgraded to Firefox 8.0:

    • Norton Toolbar 2011.7.3.6; and
    • Symantec IPS 3.2.

    In your case, since you have used before, add-ons can still be installed, you should just allow them, as if I had to do. 8.0 Firefox automatically disables modules.

    To see if the modules above are still installed, you can:

    • go to \Firefox\Add-ons;
    • Click Extensions;

    .. .and you should find them there. If this isn't the case, you need to install. You can use the links that Daniel and the-edmeister provided above.

  • The clock in the taskbar has set both military, how can I get that back to the normal time display?

    Clock in the taskbar has set both military, how can I get that back to the normal time display?

    You make this kind of adjustments in the regional and Language Options applet.

    Click Start, settings, Control Panel, regional and Language Options.

    On the Regional Options tab, in the section Standards and formats, your language is selected.

    To the right of your selected language, click on the Customize button, the click the time tab.

    Change the Format of the time to your desires.

    Eastern Standard time: h:mm:ss:tt

    Military time would be: HH

    Click OK, OK to save the settings.

    You don't need to restart, but I would reboot in any case to ensure the changes 'stick '.

    Do, or do not. There is no test.

    I need YOUR voice and the points for helpful answers and propose responses. I'm saving for a pony!

  • My taskbar is suddenly vertically on the right side of my screen instead of at the bottom. (default) Ive tried to bring it back to its original spot by clicking and now an empty space, but cannot get a reaction. How can I get that back to the default?

    My taskbar is suddenly vertically on the right side of my screen instead of at the bottom. (default) Ive tried to bring it back to its original spot by clicking and now an empty space, but cannot get a reaction. How can I get that back to the default?

    Right-click on the taskbar and make sure the taskbar are not locked. Then move it using the left mouse button. Microsoft® Security MVP, 2004-2009

  • My calendar disappeared; How can I get that back?

    This morning when I opened outlook, my calendar disappeared.
    I am running Windows XP with 31.1.2 Thunderbird and Lightning (active) 3.3.1.
    Calendar is now grayed out under view.

    The last important thing I did last night was to delete several messages and my folders compact.

    I received many emails and added several calendar items since my last backup (4 days ago) and I'd rather not have to go back to that.

    Why the calendar disappeared and how can I get it back?

    Calendar under view selection is always grayed out unless you have the open calendar and you view the Calendar tab. You open the calendar under the events and tasks on the calendar. The shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + c.

  • My screen is vertical. How can I get that back to the normal position? Thank you

    My screen has fliped upright. (children played on computer). How can I get the screen to a horizontal position?

    Press Ctrl & Alt keys and use the arrows to rotate back.
    According to the graphics card on your computer, these can be alternatives.
    Right click on the desktop | Graphics options | Rotation.
    Right click on the desktop | Screen resolution | Orientation.
  • Why the doc on my small screen of wordperfect and tini tiny printing? How can I get that back to the standard size?

    When creating a new wordocument, is a small rectangel on wordperfect editing screen.  I can't see any text. How can I get to standard size?

    You use Microsoft Word

    When is to create a new wordocument

    or Corel WordPerfect?

    It's a small rectangel on wordperfect editing screen.

    And which version?

    Generally, in WordPerfect, go to the view menu and select "Draft" (without headers, feet page, watermarks, etc) or 'Page' (to see how it will appear when printing), then view > Zoom to increase the size.

    The corresponding elements in Microsoft Word are view > Normal or view > layout and view > Zoom

    If this does not answer your question, explain your problem in more detail in a new post in the appropriate forum:


    WordPerfect: or

  • I disabled the taskbar of the display. How can I get that back from the bar spots are where I can choose to view it.

    I turned off to show the taskbar. How to do it at the time where the taskbar, where I can choose to display it are no longer there.

    Hello Sue.

    Go in view > toolbars > Navigation toolbar.

    If your Menu bar is not visible, press ALT or F10 from your keyboard to make the Menu bar temporarily visible. If you want it to be visible at all times, go in view > toolbars > Menu bar, or right click on the Navigation bar (for example, the Reload button), and then select menu bar.

  • I had a bookmark that seems to have disappeared - how can I get that back

    I did not remove this bookmark and cannot find in anywhere in my favorites or my scrap basket. Is it possible to get it back?

    Have you tried a search in case you accidentally move to another folder?

    If you've accidentally deleted bookmarks, then use "organize > Cancel ' in the Bookmark Manager (Bookmarks > show all bookmarks) to recover.

    Hold the button is the first of three buttons next to the back and forward buttons on the toolbar in the library (Bookmark Manager).

    That only works if you have not closed Firefox.

    If it does not work so that you can restore bookmarks from a JSON backup.

    This will replace all current bookmarks and you lose the favorites that have been added since the backup was created.


    In this case, you need to export current bookmarks to an HTML file before you perform the restore and import this HTML file after you restore the backup JSON.

  • Calendar of WIndows re: I lost my original calendar with all my appts on it. How can I get that back. The one that I am on now is new and vacant.

    I worked on my calendar Windows appt info and somehow, I lost all this. Can someone tell me how to get it back?


    Step 1: If you are running Windows Vista Ultimate Edition you can use the previous function to retrieve the file.

    Please, perform the following steps:
    a. click the start ORB, then click computer

    b. click on computer and left click on properties

    c. click the previous Versions tab

    d. Double click on a folder with the date of when you knew that calendar events were present to open the folder of the time, and go to:
    C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Calendar\Calendars
    e. slide the calendar on your desktop file and open it to retrieve calendar items you are looking for.

    NOTE: If you are not able to see some of the folders listed above, you will need to activate the system and hidden files in Folder Options in the control panel

    Step 2: You can also you could restore the same file from a backup and open it in order to recover your missing events.

  • I resized the window at 150% and now I can't get back to 100% view and keep this size. How can I get that back to the right size?

    I resized the window adobe to 150% and now I can't go back to the 100% size and keep this size. How can I retrieve the original 100% and keep this size?

    View menu > Zoom > Zoom on...

  • The new upgrade puts the message 'remove' in the middle of the index of right click menu, how can I get that back on the bottom?

    Your response help topic indicates that the default position of "delete the message" in the menu click right index is on the bottom. But after installing the upgrade, it now appears in the middle. This makes the removal of e-mails much slower process. I don't want a filter on this email account. Can I move down or uninstall the upgrade?

    Install Menu Wizard, then open its Options, expand the main pop-up Menu, then drag and drop 'mailContext - remove' to the bottom of the tree.

  • I recently bought a laptop with vista not genuine installed. How can I get that back to the origin o/s (xp)?

    Its an acer aspire 5500Z. I bought off trademe and want to go back to the original settings but alt f10 (empowering tech) has a game of password be previous owner with "dog" as an indicator and the cd/dvd drive does not work.  I can't ask the previous owner because I bought a cash converters store via trademe. I think that the cd drive is unreadable because of the upgrade to vista so I can't use a recovery disk. Any help would be appreciated thanks.


    Contact Acer and ask them to send XP Recovery discs to reinstall the dos operating system as it was when new

    they do it for a nominal cost of $

    "I think that the cd drive is unreadable due to the upgrade to vista so I can't use a recovery disk"

    you don't say what kind of recovery disk you are talking

    If you already have a for her XP Recovery disk, you start from the DVD drive to reinstall

  • My actions panel disappeared - how can I get that back?

    I looked everywhere in the program to bring it back view and no luck.  I'm running on the latest updates on the windows operating system.  Everything works perfectly, any lack of practices in the Panel buttons actions. Thank you!

    all good now - help chat fixed Adobe.  This announcement here in case where someone else runs into this problem.

    Sonam: Trinity, could you please leave Board animate?
    Kretz Trinity: Yes and
    Sonam: Okay, please open 'run '.
    Kretz Trinity: yep
    Sonam: type '%AppData% '.
    Kretz Trinity: k
    Sonam: This will take you to the "roaming" folder
    Kretz Trinity: yep
    Sonam: From there, go to the Adobe folder
    Kretz Trinity: k
    Sonam: Do you see an edge host record there?
    Kretz Trinity: yep
    Sonam: Please rename this folder
    Sonam: Suffix ".old".
    Kretz Trinity: ok
    Sonam: Please open dashboard animate now and check
    Kretz Trinity: sweet, Yes, the pop up is back
    Sonam: excellent!
    Sonam: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    Kretz Trinity: that was great, thank you very much!
    Sonam: You're welcome.
    Sonam: So, I will be closed this case on my side, and you will receive an email from closing case where you can share feedback on the quality of the service you on this case.
    Sonam: Please contact Adobe, have a nice day!

  • When I used to hit ctrl, ALT, delete, Task Manager appears. Now, just the screen CPU usage. How can I get that back for the bigger task manager, which, the CPU usage was a tab to the breast? Thank you.

    The Task Manager is now just 'CPU' because I must have hit something wrong.  I was hoping just to click on the tab use the CPU in the Task Manager, now somehow when I hit CTRL, remove alt. it shows only the CPU usage graph.

    Double-click the window border.

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