My version 10.4 of Mac is not compatible so I deleted Firefox completely. How can I get the old version (one that works with my system) back?

I have a Mac OSX 10.4.11. I installed the new update of Firefox and when I tried to open it, he said that it was not compatible with my compatible with my computer. I deleted it and now I would like to know how to install the old version of Firefox - or any version that works with my system. Thank you!


Please change the download page for other people do not have this problem. He said that the new version works with Mac OS 10.4 and more - I checked before downloading. I'm happy, there is a solution, but the download page does not. Don't use other people waste their time like I did.
When you download 3.6.24 new version downloads right thereafter. I closed it, but this looks like a glitch.
Thanks again for your help and to continue to support the old version. Firefox is a great browser.

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