My video plays upside down, how do I reverse the trend?

The video was taken on a mobile phone, without doubt stands head down, how can I "flip" video to run properly?


  • It happens with all the videos that you play using Windows media player?
  • What is the format of the video file?

There is no way to shoot a video with Windows media player.

You will need to use Windows movie maker to turn the video and save it, then later play using Windows media player.

(a) open Windows movie maker, click fileand then click import media items.

(b) locate the file you want to import and then click import.

(c) click the Clip, and then click Add to the timeline or Add to the storyboard table.

(d) click Tools, and then click effects.

(e) in the content pane, click the effect you want to add. You can click read under the monitor to see a preview of what the effect looks like.

Importing files into Windows Movie Maker: frequently asked questions

Note: Above link includes on Windows 7

If you don't have windows live maker, you can follow the link below to download:

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