My Windows does not start normally. I can't get past the "Welcome".

My computer or my windows does not start normally. I can't spend the 'welcome' after that I put my password!


Did you change your computer?

Method 1:

Step 1:

I suggest you check in safe mode.

Advanced, including safe mode startup options

Step 2:

I also suggest you perform the clean boot and check.

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

Note: After troubleshooting, make sure the computer to start as usual as mentioned in step 7 in the above article.

Method 2:

I also suggest you to see link and check.

What to do if Windows does not start correctly

Method 3:

How to resolve performance issues during startup in Windows Vista

How to troubleshoot performance issues in Windows Vista

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  • I have a Toshiba Satellite A85 with XP Home Edition series. Windows does not start. At startup I get Toshiba logo then a black screenwith cursor upper left. Can I save it?

    Toshiba Satellite A85 Celeron with XP Home edition. Windows does not start. I have Toshiba logo screen, then it turns into a black screen with the upper left corner of the cursor. I have the recovery disk. Is it possible to record HD without re-formatting and losing all data?

    Thank you;


    If you run the Toshiba recovery application, you will lose all your data.  As indicated in the warning, this application will restore the computer back to wherever it was when it was first delivered by the factory.

    Without other complementary diagnostic information, it is difficult to determine what is happening.  Pressing the key (do not hold) of F8 beginning immediately after that the sequence of power should bring you to the Advanced Boot Options menu.  Try again then press repeatedly the key rather than pressing on and now.

    The recovery CD Toshiba, you have probably does not allow a "repair installation".  Contact Toshiba to see if they will provide you with a suitable CD.

    Given the fact that you can get a useful place when you start with the Toshiba Recovery DVD, my guess is that the computer is OK but that the hard drive has failed - or maybe more likely - the startup information is damaged so that it does not start.  If you have access to a computer equipped with a burner, download and create a bootable Windows CD.

    There are a number of available bootable CD which include various recovery and diagnostic tools.  You'll have to do some research to find out how to use the tools.

    Ultimate Boot CD 4 Windows
    Ultimate Boot CD
    Hiren BootCD

    If you feel overwhelmed by the tools and I just want back the data, and then use the Toshiba Recovery DVD, make you a Knoppix CD and use this key to your data, preferably on a network connection.

    If all this sounds like too much for you - and there is no shame in admitting that--take the laptop for a good local computer repair shop (not a type BigBoxStoreUSA or rather GeekSquad) and ask them to check it out and make sure to recover your data before anything else.

  • Windows does not start normally after Windows Update

    My computer does not seem to start more. Whenever it starts, it makes to the 'Starting Windows' screen, and then my screen goes black. My primary monitor does not receive a response, but my second monitor stays on until the computer restarts again. This happened last night after that my computer shuts down for the first time in a few weeks to install windows updates from July. I had updated windows to try to fix something with iTunes, which might have something to do with my problem. My computer was not showing any other kind of problem before that.

    Here are some other details:

    * I use Windows 7 Home Premium (Microsoft Windows Version 6.1.7601)

    * Windows does not load with normal settings but will load in safe mode.

    * System Restore never works in the system recovery (a non specifiederror occurred during system restore.) ((0x800700b7))  and sometimes says it works when I do it in safemode, but solves nothing. Yes, I tried using different restore points.

    * I think that my roots of the problem in the fact that I tried to restore my phone, but the computer could not install the drivers correctly.

    * Startup Repair does not detect it.

    Attempt to sfc/scannow in command prompt returns two different answers: "there is a system repair pending whice requires the restart ends.» Restart Windows and run sfc. "during the attempt to system recovery and" Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and managed to fix their. " Details are provided in convertible bonds. Journal windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log"in Safe Mode with command prompt.

    I apologize if my description is a bit vague, but I need some urgent help with my computer. I tried all the solutions I've come across, but the same problem persists.


    Sorry for the delay in response.

    Your problem has been resolved. Let us know if there is not, and we will be happy to help.

  • I installed jZip, it crashed Firefox and does not start again; How can I get Firefox to work once again, preferably without uninstalling?

    I installed jZip and it crashed Firefox, I tried to restart Firefox, but it wouldn't. I uninstalled jZip, Firefox didn't work; I restarted the computer and it still does not work. I can't use even run Windows to pull up the profiles. Is there something I can do to get Firefox to work again without reinstalling? I really like to use the session restore but its so erased its uninstalled.

    Yes to aid,

    Start > Search > firefox.exe /ProfileManager {ENTER}

    I got to the profiles.

    I'm fed up and uninstalled Firefox, when he asked if I wanted to erase all data associated with Firefox I did not and when I reinstalled it straight last session here, I assume that this sort of program file has been damaged and has stopped working. Put it back, fixed everything that was wrong.

  • Windows does not start due to a lack or corrupt the file "\windows\system32\config\system.

    Original title: problems with \windows\system32\config\system.

    I met a now well-known problem where Windows will not start due to missing or corrupt file "\windows\system32\config\system" now, I have read articles about how to solve the problem but they all involve some kind of recovery cd while I use a Toshiba Mini NB205-N312/BL and have the cd player.  Any help to find a solution to this problem by using a usb key would be very appreciated.

    Hi Ickido,

    You have the disc to install Windows with you?

    If you do not have the Windows XP installation disk, I recommend you to make arrangements for a disc that is the same edition as it is installed on your machine.

    Subsequently, try performing a manual system restore by following this link.

    How do I recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP startup

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Windows does not start, or I can fix it.

    Had an error saying no emulation that got told to change the SATA mode I did, but now it won't start nor can it be repaired. I try to install Vista to Windows 7 upgrade. Mode IDE said s/o on the side of it. My laptop do not initialize and start in any mode and has no emulation. Please can someone help. I'm usaing Samsung NP-R510 laptop 64-bit FAAEUK. Initially, now win vista win 7 but go back to vista to get the product key and activate it.

    If the system was originally shipped with Vista you reinstall Vista using recovery discs you made according to the instructions of Samsung (you start from the recovery disk) after you have reset the Bios to frustrate the default security settings.

  • Windows does not start after I log in get registry error error message

    When you connect to windows after the beginning of my computeer, my screen goes blue with the STOP message error in registry.  I can boot into safe mode, but it doesn't allow me to do all the analysis or download the software to correct the problem.

    You gave us a general indication of the nature of the problem but the specific error reports are a much easier solution.

    When a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) the system failure occurs, for most users, there not enough time to fully record what he says. the exact text is important for anyone trying to diagnose what is wrong. You can save time when the error occurs then by following the procedure described below.

    If you already did it disable the auto reboot system error. This should help by allowing the time to write the code to Stop error and related information correctly. Do right click on the icon my computer on the desktop and select Properties, advanced, startup and recovery, system failure and uncheck the box before automatically restarting. Re-do not enable automatic restart in the event of system failure after obtaining this information, this setting is the best left to not allow an automatic restart.

    If the failure occurs during the initialization of the computer, you need to try a different approach. You can access the Advanced Options Menu of Windows on multiple computers by constantly pressing the F8 (key) key when starting and selecting the option - disable automatic restart in case of system error. This method is not always easy to use because it may be difficult to press the F8 key at the right time. Try again if it doesn't work the first time. On some computers, a different key must be used.

  • After installing Windows XP service pack 3, Windows does not start not upward and only able to boot mode safe

    After installation of service pack 3 I try to restart the computer, but I am sent to the screen that allows only "SAFE mode", safe mode with network, etc... Start up.  Windows does not start normally.  Also during the instalation it won't save the backup files msadds... file inetwiz... file inetwiz...


    · You receive an error message or error code when you try to start in normal mode?

    · What is the number and the model of the computer?

    Follow the steps below and check, if it helps:

    1 uninstall windows XP service pack 3 from your computer, you can check the link below: how to remove Windows XP Service Pack 3 from your computer:

    2 start the computer in normal mode, and then install service pack 3 on the computer. Before installing service pack 3 see the link that has steps to take before you install Windows XP Service Pack 3 below:

  • Windows 7 does not start normally.

    Windows 7 does not start normally.  The Startup Repair tool will not fix the problem and restore the system to the restore point further did not help either.  I ran a Windows Memory Diagnostic, and he says that he has no problem.  I started the system in Mode safe, everything seems to work fine, but I can't seem to find something that will solve the problem and allow Windows 7 start in Normal Mode.

    In Safe Mode, try setting up Windows for "clean boot".

    Follow step 1 to clean boot, and then see if you can start the computer in Normal Mode.

  • Windows XP does not start normally. BIOS appears at startup

    Date & clock must be reset, Save and Exit (F10) does not record.  How can I get it to start normally?  Could it be caused by a virus... Use AVG Free... no sign of a virus.

    This is usually caused by a pile of dead motherboard.
    Find a battery on your motherboard and replace it.  Usually, this is a battery of size quarter drive.  If you do not, check the manual of your computer or download the manual of your manufacturer's Web site.


  • Windows does not start after the update...

    Hope someone can help with this,

    I just installed the update sp1 for my computer for Windows Vista Premium Home dir all installed with no problems, but when I restarted my pc, Windows wouldn't start. The only thing that is on display is a black screen with Windows Error Recovery on top, then he said "Windows does not start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. I tried to restart it in different ways, but nothing. Then he said: I have to insert my OS drive to try to fix, but that's not even start. Everyone knows about this problem? This has happened right after that I installed the update...

    Are you able to boot from your Vista DVD or recovery partion and run the Startup Repair tool?  If you do not have a Vista disc so make sure that your computer is configured to boot from the CD drive before booting from the hard drive.  Once you start with support for Vista select the "Repair your computer" option and first run "Startup Repair".  If that is not correct the problem then boot with Vista support and select the option "System Restore" and choose a date prior to the update install.
    Once you are able to boot normally again, then I suggest that you are looking for virus\malware.  SP1 was released in April 2008.  So if you install earlier means there may be other problems on your system.  If you have a backup of your current personal data then I recommend to do a clean restore to install\factory.  Then immediately install antivirus software, and then do all Windows updates before installing other software. Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
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  • IdeaPad Y530: windows does not start after that laptop went to sleep mode.


    More great frustration in my life have laptop brand new, this for me.

    After that the laptop goes into mode 'sleep', I'm not able to go back to Windows. All light are there and watch as usual, but there is no Lenovo Welcome logo or any other sign of normal behavior. I can turn it off by holding the button market / stop, but when I turn back the problem is still there. Windows does not start.

    I was able to go back to Windows that day after leaving just laptop without any power and battery.

    I called Lenovo and they suggested to disable the standby modes use put into hibernation. I did it. When the screen saver started, something went wrong, computer got froze and I had to restart, but then again, black screen and no reaction.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks for the reply.

    That's what I end up doing. OnKeyrecover does not work either so what spoke on the phone with Lenovo. Then he is gone now for repair.

  • Windows does not start. Stuck on the WIndows logo or a black screen United

    Original title: BOOT ERROR

    It's been 6 days since my computer is having this problem.i spin asrock pc.the problem is when I restart my computer it doesn't not load some time the screen appears black and sometimes windows logo appears faintly.and when I restart once more, he sows me windows error message it says windows does not start correctly and give me options to start , they start windows normally, sfafe mode, last known good... etc.when I chose an option and start same happens.but when I turned off my pc and wait a minute and start windows boot normally without a this because of my startup file or something else?

    No, you can't.

    If you have a true bootable XP with SP1 or SP2 installation CD, you can create a new installation CD with SP3 integrated using a process called "slipstreaming".

    It is a pleasure to the project for a day and there are several methods, you can read on the Internet, such as BleepingComputer:

    If you want to use the Recovery Console and is not a real XP bootable installation CD or are not sure what you have, simply create a bootable XP Recovery CD of Console yourself (without XP media required)

    Here's how:

    If you have no XP bootable media (or aren't sure you have) create a bootable XP Recovery CD of Console and do not forget.

    This is not the same as recovery disks that might have come with the acquisition of the system store.

    You can make a bootable Recovery Console CD by downloading an ISO file and burn it to a CD.

    The ISO bootable image file you need to download is called:

    xp_rec_con. ISO

    Download the ISO from here:

    Use a new CD and this simple and free program to burn your ISO file and create your bootable CD:

    When you install ImgBurn, DO NOT install the Ask toolbar.

    Here are some instructions for ImgBurn:

    It would be a good idea to test your bootable CD on a computer running.

    You may need to adjust the computer BIOS settings to use the CD-ROM drive as the first device to boot instead of the hard drive.  These adjustments are made before Windows tries to load.  If you miss it, you will need to restart the system again.

    When you start on the CD, follow the instructions:

    Press any key to boot from CD...

    Installing Windows... going to pronounce.

    Press 'R' to enter the Recovery Console.

    Select the installation that you want to access (usually 1: C:\WINDOWS)

    You may be asked to enter the password (usually empty).

    You should be in the folder C:\WINDOWS.  It's the same as the

    C:\Windows folder that you see in Solution Explorer.

    The Recovery Console allows base as file commands: copy, rename, replace, delete, chkdsk, fixboot, fixmbr, cd, etc.

    For a list of the commands in the Recovery Console, type help at the prompt of commands or read on here XP Recovery Console:

  • Windows does not start - XPS 8300

    I have a XPS8300 (2010) who does not successfully start windows.  System Restore does not resolve the problem.  Especially when I try to start it, the HARD drive runs very fast, Windows does not start, the screen turns off, but the machine does not stop automatically.  A few times I was able to press F8 and load it to the ' last known good state ", but this does not work normally.  When it works (like now) the function of machine reasonably well and I can access the files.  So I think that the HARD drive may be OK.

    I ran the ePST - he tried repeatedly - and he never performs the test.  No error code.  The screen turns off and then sometimes it just hangs. But earlier it gave me a code of "beep".  It's "1 - 2 - 3.

    Tried to run the Dell diagnostic online, but it's pretty slow, I can't tell if it has "hooked", or if it is still ongoing.

    Would appreciate recommendation on next steps.

    A flaky power supply can cause these problems, and they are quite common.

  • drive Windows does not start a cd or dvd. it keep said to incert cd after I insert it

    drive Windows does not start a cd or dvd.  it keep said to incert cd after I insert it.  It can not read the cd or the dvd to start.  I rip, but it tells me to put it on cd.  I made a full recovery but still does not.  I have a Lenovo all-in

    Hi Kenneth,

    1. are you able to read files with another player?

    2 have you made changes to your computer recently?

    3. from when are you facing this problem?

    4. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    I suggest you follow the method and check if it helps.

    Follow the link and check if that helps.

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media

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    What does Windows Defender 0x800705b4 error Code?

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    Hello Is it still possible to upgrade remaining Windows 7 Home 64 bit to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit? We are not yet ready to take on Windows 8 that there software we use, and which do not yet support Windows 8. However, I buy a laptop with Windows