my Windows Update does not - impossible to check updates

original title: my Windows Update does not work.

I have windows vista service pack 2. My Windows Update does not work. When I try to use it, I get the following message:
"The Windows Update cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running." You may have to restart your computer. »

I restarted my computer several times with no response



1. you remember to make changes to your computer before the problem?

I wish that you follow these steps.

Step 1:

Components resetting Windows Update and see if that fixes the problem.

Step 2:

Try to install the updates in a clean boot State.

Note: Follow step 7 to your computer as usual.

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    Hi my NameJoel,

    See the methods mentioned below and check if that helps.
    Method 1:
    How to troubleshoot an installation fails on Windows XP Service Pack 3
    Note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.
    Note: A firewall is software or hardware that checks information coming from the Internet or a network. Then the firewalleither blocks information or allows information to pass to your computer. If the information is blocked or throughdepends spent on your firewall settings. A firewall can prevent malicious software (such as worms) to access your computer through a network or the Internet. A firewall can also help stop your computer from malware sent to other computers. Windows XP, Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) include firewall software.
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    Important: Make sure that you enable the antivirus software after you install Windows XP SP3.
    Hope this information helps.
  • Windows 10 does not work on my PC, and Windows 7 would not be updated

    I downloaded the Windows 10 Upgrade Wizard for free. However, whenever I run it, the error message appears saying "Windows 10 does not work on this PC", because "the display is not compatible with Windows 10. Check with the manufacturer for support.

    So, I contact the manufacturer of the display. Verified support Office my PC online and found the optional Windows updates 10 have not been installed. I tried to run the update, but the update of Windows crashes to download updates. I also ran a convenience store, but the resolution of the problems also got stuck.

    I would start by reinstalling the video driver

    Completely, remove the current (or software) driver and install the latest driver available.  For instructions on how to do read everything to update the drivers of my partner JMH3143 here
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    Restart the computer and the iPhone. Unlock the iPhone before connecting it to the computer. Any change?


  • Windows XP does not install the automatic updates.

    Original title: kopieerfout

    After several years, my laptop with Windows XP does not install the automatic updates, giving only a mistake:


    ER is een doing opgetreden bij het van het bestand ntoskrnl.exe copying

    Kan het bestand niet naar doelmap copying.

    Everything works OK.

    Thanks for your help

    Everything works OK.

    It seems that it is not... Why Dutch? You use or have the corresponding language version installed?

    Free translation of message:

    "An error occurred during the copy of the file ntoskrnl.exe
    Cannot copy file to destination... »

    Please note that ntoskrnl.exe is a process in the cycle of the initial startup on your computer program.

    Try to load your "last known good configuration".

    The issue is also known to be caused by a short circuit in the ground cable into the keyboard cable. Make sure that it is not the cause of your error by replacing the keyboard with another keyboard or just disconnect the keyboard from the computer. You can also look at your function "Add or remove programs" If KB2686509 <> > is installed.  Install manually if it is not.

    If the above doesn't help, try using the Sfc.exe tool - see here >

    Or run the Chkdsk tool - see here >

    If still no luck, you may need to restore the file ntoskrnl. exe as follows:

    1 - insert the Microsoft Windows XP CD. Note: If you have a recovery CD or a restore CD and not a Microsoft Windows XP CD is probably the procedure below does not solve your problem.

    2 - restart the computer and that the computer starts, you should see a message press any key to boot from the CD. When you see this message press any key.

    3. - in the Microsoft Windows XP setup menu, press the R key to enter the recovery console.

    4 - Select the operating system you want to set and enter the administrator password.

    5 - type expand d:\i386\ntoskrnl.ex_ c:\windows\system32

    6. - you will be asked if you want to overwrite the file, type Y and press enter to replace the file.

    7 - type exit to restart the computer.

    Hope this helps - good luck!

  • My update of Windows media player in windows vista does not play a mkv file.

    * Original title: about file mkv

    My update of Windows media player in windows vista does not play a mkv file, what do I do

    There are solutions out there, depends on how much you trust the software that you download. Here is an example for Windows 8, could work for vista too - make sure you have a full backup and AV before you start :)

  • I can't get my updates. the Windows Installer does not work how to fix it

    I can't get my updates. and I can not install other programs. the Windows Installer does not work. How can I fix?

    See the above article, I suggest you use not Fixit, but it's your choice.

    For manually fixit it you follow the steps in the resolution.


  • My computer (windows vista) is not able to check the updates of windows, anyone able to help?

    My computer (windows vista) is not able to check the updates of windows, anyone able to help?  I get the following error message


    What error message?

    see if that helps to fix:

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    There is also an automatic 'fix - it' here

    Also, try to put the KB numbers in the search on the link below and then manually download the


    or please repost your question in the correct windows update forum, INCLUDING the error message

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    Contact adobe support by clicking on this link then "still need help" as soon as it appears,

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    I can't uninstall a program because I get the message Windows Installer does not work correctly... contact support

    Have you tried to install the latest version of Windows Installer?

    Otherwise, try to run the following from start-> Run:
      msiexec /unregserver

  • Error updating Windows 10: does not work if the PC is joined to the domain

    My company requires that employees upgrade to Windows 10 before the deadline. When I went to install Windows 10 came an error message that says "Windows 10 does not work on this PC" and then told the user account: this PC is connected to a domain. Contact your system administrator

    Does anyone have an idea how to get around this problem? At least 2 other people in our office have successfully upgraded to Windows 10 without feeling it, and another co-worker gets the same error message.

    This is a screenshot of what happens:

    Your best option is to download the ISO and upgrade to a Local account.

    Step 1: How to download official Windows 10 ISO files

    Step 2: how: upgrade from previous versions of Windows using the file ISO for Windows 10

  • Windows 7 does not recognize my drive Blu - Ray LG Electronics WH10LS30

    For over 3 months now, my computer decided that it didn't recognize my drive then under Windows. Seen in the Bios very well. I can not even start it. But once I am on Windows, it does not yet appear and it says that it cannot install the driver correctly in Device Manager. It is almost impossible to find a driver for this device. Anyone having problems with this drive? I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.


    This hard drive is fully compatible with Windows according to the compatibility site.

    Windows 7 compatibility for LG ELECTRONICS WH10LS30 Blu - Ray player: LG ELECTRONICS. Drivers, updates, downloads:

    I would recommend that you contact LG Electronics support to ensure you have the latest driver and check all of the current problems with this product.

    Customer service LG & Support product. LG USA:

    Tell us what you find.


  • iTunes won't uninstall on my XP Professional version 2002. I get an error message that says that the Windows Installer does not work.

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    Run the tool fixit in the following article and check:

  • Windows Installer does not work with Vista Home Premium 32-bit system.

    My computer did not an automatic update in over 6 months.  I discovered this when I could not install my tax preparation software.  the error message is gone "windows installer does not work, a file may be damaged, contact support windows technique.»


    Check the alteration of the file by clicking on Start - All Programs - Accessories - right on command prompt and choose run as administrator. Type


    For the results of the SFC
    Check the alteration of the file by clicking on Start - All Programs - Accessories - right on command prompt and choose run as administrator. Type

    findstr/c: "[SR] cannot" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log|more "

    The system update tool

    Ensures the consistency of the folder WinSxS (Side by Side).

    For 32-bit Windows

    For 64-bit Windows

    To see the results click on Start - All Programs - Accessories - right click on command prompt and choose run as administrator. Type (or copy the below line and a line empty below and right click in the command prompt window and choose Paste).

    Notepad %SYSTEMROOT%\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.log

    Reregister Windows install

    Desktop shortcuts are shortcuts to the Windows Installer which then starts the Office program.

    Click Start - all programs - Accessories - right click on command prompt and choose run as administrator. Type

    regsvr32 c:\Windows\System32\msi.dll
    regsvr32 c:\Windows\System32\msihnd.dll
    regsvr32 c:\Windows\System32\msimtf.dll
    regsvr32 c:\Windows\System32\msisip.dll

    That you re-register Windows Installer.

  • Windows Vista does not recognize my Ipod Touch

    Windows Vista does not recognize my Ipod at all. He even appears in Device Manager. I know that is not my USB cable because it is new, and it isn't my Ipod because it works on Mac computers. I just need someone with expertise to help me get my computer to recognize my Ipod so I can go back to enjoy my music.


    MTP mode for WMP11 sync - mode MSC to treat the MP3 as a reader. So you have set up in the MTP.

    If necessary:

    Tips for solving problems of USB devices - and a Mr Fixit

    Make sure that Windows is updated appropriately that there have been several USB updates.

    1 check that the driver letters for them, for a player, if the drive of the default drive letter is changed, what is happening.
    Mine was h: I added a device that took H: and the player stopped. So I put it back to H: and the other
    device to J: and everything worked again. If necessary start - type in the area of research-> disk management find top
    -Right-click on it - RUN AS ADMIN

    Don't forget to remember the MP3 must be set to the PSG to sync with WMP, and meteorological service of Canada to copy and delete files
    and update the firmware.

    If no joy follow these steps:

    You may need a powered hub. (all the USB ports on your computer are not powered, often only 2)

    Try these:

    Make a Restore Point

    Control Panel - Device Manager - click in the empty area - VIEW - show hidden devices

    Here, your devices are the MP3 player.

    Now look everywhere EXCEPT the USB controllers for your devices (cannot be found) and if you find

    now go to the USB and UNINSTALL ALL controllers in the category, but the category itself.



    This refresh battery USB and hopefully it will allow the unit to install. (You may need a powered hub)

    Here is the similar procedure under XP, Vista is the same, except that we need clear specific devices, as appropriate.

    This is a utility to help you, but do 1 above.

    USBDeview is a small utility that lists all USB devices currently connected to your computer, as well as all USB devices that you previously used. Run Options and check the 1st three choices to see if one is there.


    You must remove all instances of the devices and restart.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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