My Windows Vista laptop suddenly went into hibernation mode, and I can't wake him up!

The machine never went into hibernation before (it's about a year old and little used) and when I opened it, it was in hibernation.  I can't answer anything.   push the power button or closing this fact the black screen, but when I reopen it or press the power button, it goes to «hibernation...» "once again.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Hello lkstar,

a. don't you make changes to the computer before the problem of hibernation on your computer?

Often, a laptop goes into hibernation when the power is low. I suggest that you plug the laptop in charge for one when you try to turn it on.

Plug the AC adapter and try turning on the laptop using the power button.

I suggest that you make sure that the battery indicator indicates that the battery is charging while the computer is connected.

You can also use the battery completely (with the AC adapter connected) and then try to turn on the laptop.

Thank you
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