My XP desktop seems to have thrown my 'system tools' function and I want to use the disk cleanup and defragmentation... How to get back the system tools?

My computer is as I said above a desk with the microsoft XP program and is a little less than five years.  It has been slow and it dawned on me that I hadn't used the disk cleanup or some defrag for a while, but I clicked on start, all programs, accessories, System Tools was is no longer.  I have not been able to access the disk cleanup or defragment option and hope that out there, can someone advise me how to get this feature.


You can run Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter disk since the start > run box by typing the following


You can restore all of the 'Accessories' group (including system tools) by following the directions here-->

Or you could just create shortcuts to


Note that % SystemRoot % is the directory where Windows.  You can use this form or explicit as in the example for the shortcut from the Defrag.

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