Mysterious FF 5.0.1 for Linux and Windows


Mozilla has released, on 11 July, FF 5.0.1 to bring increased compatibility with Mac OS X Lion. You said:

Please note: users on Windows and Linux do not need and will not see the updated offer.

Yesterday, I noticed that FF 5.0.1 for Linux and Windows are available.

However, I can't find any credible information on the Internet which is all about. "Notice of security for Firefox", "The Mozilla Foundation security advisories" and 'US-CERT current activity' pages did not mention of FF 5.0.1 for Linux and Windows at all.

Could you please shed some light on this particular and still mysterious version?

Thanks in advance.

So that all OSs have the same version number of Firefox. Something on the update server, I think. You seem to have already Firefox installed 5.0.1. See find your version of Firefox

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    It could be how you have installed the software itself (options checked). Take a look at this thread, it may help.


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    I searched a bit on the Toshiba site and it seems that your model is part of the PSLJTE series and as a result, you can download all the drivers for XP and Windows 7 here: > support & downloads > download drivers
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    What I've read, it is possible in some cases, such as the Windows Server cluster.

    Windows uses a cluster without sharing, wherever a single node has access on the drive shared at the same time. Microsoft does not support concurrent access to an NTFS file system, with the exception of Hyper-V.


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    Yesterday, I bought photoshop elements 12, it came with disks for Mac and Windows, since I own a Mac and a Windows machine I would like to know if I can legally install on two machines?

    Yes, you can install it on two computers, and they can be a mac and a windows computer.

  • Can Adobe Lightroom 4 for Mac and Windows, I install the same license on two systems or only 1?

    I just bought 1 full license of Adobe Lightroom 4 and I can see that there is an installer for Mac and Windows.

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    Thank you



    Yes, LR is cross-platform and you can install it on both systems.


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    In windows, I used the windows SDK to create/manipulate the system tray icon menus.  There may be a similar approach under Linux?

    Thanks for reading,


    Hi Pete,.

    After a little more research, I found that it is possible to change these attributes, because CVI for Linux uses the X Window System. To do this, you would be able to get a reference to the X Window System attribute by using the function int GetPanelAttribute (int panelHandle, int panelAttribute, void * attributeValue) with ATTR_SYSTEM_WINDOW_HANDLE for the panelAttribute. From there, you can use X Window System functions to change the properties.


    John M

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    Hello. I have installed Oracle Database 11 g 2 server in the Oracle Linux 5 Starter PT853 Instance of database virtual machine. Then I installed Oracle Database 11 g 2 client for 32-bit Windows XP 64 - bit Windows virtual machine. Now I face the problem of connection of the VMs 2 as below:

    In Manager Net Linux Server Machine:

    Service name: PT853
    Connection type: default database
    "TCP/IP Protocol".
    Host name: localhost
    Port name: 1521

    Listener: LISTENER
    Protocol: TCP/IP
    Host: localhost
    Port: 1521

    I test the Service PT853 with "SYSADM" username and password "SYSADM". The connection is successful.
    In the Windows XP Client computer, the information in the Net Manager is the same, but the connection is not successful. Its details are as below:

    NET Service Name: PT853
    Protocol: TCP/IP
    The database Machine host name: localhost
    Port number: 1521
    Name of the Basic Service: PT853
    Connection type: default database

    I have test the Service using "SYSADM" UserID and password to 'SYSADM' which are the same with Linux, but this error: TNS: listener does not currently of service requested in connect descriptor.

    I followed this tutorial to configure 2 virtual machines in Windows 7 host machine.

    In Windows XP Oracle database Client Installer directory, the "tnsnames.ora" file has an entry that matches the name Service in Net Manager. Directory of database server installation Oracle Linux, the file 'tnsnames.ora' has no entry because I installed the server of Oracle database with the instance of database startup PT853.

    I tried to test 2 virtual machines in the way as below:

    In Linux, [user@localhost ~] $ping WindowsXP_HostName
    Release: Unknown host WindowsXP_HostName

    At the Windows XP command prompt:
    C:\ping localhost.localdomain
    Its release: ping localhost with 32 bytes of data...
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 2ms TTL = 128

    He meets a few times and then disconnected by itself. It seems that Windows XP is ping itself and not Linux server. The host name of the Linux server is 'localhost' as well. It is a kind of confusion for me.

    From the information above, we can see that 2 VMs cannot connect between them. Net Manager in Windows XP Oracle Client unable to connect its Service PT853 with the Oracle Linux database server.

    My question is:

    Can any folk tell me how to connect Oracle Client in Windows XP with the Oracle Linux database server?

    Very grateful in advance.

    user8860348 wrote:


    Hello. Thanks much for the reply. I am very grateful for your help.

    In Manager Net Linux Server Machine:

    Service name: PT853
    Connection type: default database
    "TCP/IP Protocol".
    Host name:
    Port name: 1521

    Listener: LISTENER
    Protocol: TCP/IP
    Port: 1521

    I test the Service PT853 with "SYSADM" username and password "SYSADM". The connection is successful.

    In the Windows XP Client computer, the information in the Net Manager is the same as below:

    NET Service Name: PT853
    Protocol: TCP/IP
    The host of the database Machine name:
    Port number: 1521
    Name of the Basic Service: PT853
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    I test the Service using the "SYSADM" username and password "SYSADM" which are the same with Linux and the connection is successful as well.

    IP is Linux. This means that oracle database Client in Windows XP may log into Oracle Database Server under Linux. Don't you think I'm not mistaken? If so, I'm very happy and very grateful to you.

    "Do you think I'm not mistaken?

    By definition, if you can establish a connection, then you are correct.

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    I use the dual operating system Windows Vista and Linux open SUSE distribution on Toshiba Satellite A350-10z, everything works great except Windows Recovery. I have Linux (start: dev / sda6) and Windows Vista (starting: dev / sda2). Windows has 2 partitions, C and D drive, D drive I have folder HDDRecovery. After F8 I using the option of repair and waiting, then massage is displayed "the installed program cannot start. Click OK to turn off the computer.

    Before I installed Linux recovery worked well. Is there a chance to use the HDDRecovery of Windows Disk D or I have to boot from the recovery DVD?

    In my opinion, Linux messed with partitions or the MBR and maybe that is the reason why HARD drive recovery does not seems the DVD recover is your order of ion option to restore the laptop to factory settings.
    By the way: I didn't install Linux on my laptop, but I use Linux using the Knoppix Live CD

  • Trials of poor performance for Matlab and Windows reference


    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad W520 with Windows 7 64 bit installed. Compared to other laptops with comparable hardware, my Lenovo is very slow. To prove my thought, I realized with a test evaluation of Matlab (64-bit) and Windows 7 assessment test. In both tests, my Lenovo was worse than other laptops. During testing, I put the Power Manager performance and activated the Lenovo Turbo.

    Now, I wanted to ask, if there are parameters, perhaps in the bios, to speed up the laptop? Or why such a bad performance even if the material is very good?

    Thanks for your help

    Thank you very much for your answer!

    I have dated BIOS version 1.27 to 1.32. Now the benchmark testing all look great!

    Thank you

  • Local TV news sez DO NOT USE Windows Explorer for XP and Windows 7!

    Information TV local sez not to use Windows Explorer in Windows XP and Windows 7. Microsoft will provide you with a "Toolbox" as a temporary solution. There is problem that a 'hacker' can support my computer through Microsoft Windows Explorer. Is a CLEAR and PRESENT an IMMEDIATE DANGER?  Can I uninstall Windows Explorer? What should I install to take the place of the Windows Explorer?  How can I find the 'Toolbox' of Microsoft?  I use Microsoft Update at least twice a week to keep abreast of updates. I have McAfee Security installed.  Thanks for your comments, Kenneth Markson - * address email is removed from the privacy *

    Don't believe everything you read in the newspapers or see on TV.

    Then, you must distinguish 'Windows Explorer' (file management tool) and "Internet Explorer" (web browser).  You cannot uninstall Windows Explorer.  It is an integral part of Windows.

    You can't really delete Internet Explorer either, although in recent versions of Windows, you can remove a lot of it.

    You probably think of this story of a discovery recently 'zero-day exploit' in Internet Explorer:
    You can read about so-called bypass Microsoft here: but they are so heavy that they are virtually worthless for the average user.

    If you are worried, I suggest the following:
    1. do not visit web sites that you don't know everything.
    2. make sure that your antivirus application is up-to-date.
    3. make sure that you have Microsoft Update set to automatically get updates (not just twice a week, although that normally, it's probably OK):
    4 and probably first of all, rather than Finally, download and install another browser, like Firefox or Google Chrome.  If you use one of these browsers instead of Internet Explorer, there is no need to actually remove Internet Explorer (and you still need to use it to get Microsoft Updates).

    Get Firefox here:
    Download Chrome here:
    Get opera here:
    Download Safari here (even if apparently Apple growing is more Safari for Windows):

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