Name on the track of graph


Is there anyway that I can control the names on a graph plotted in the graph XY?

My goal is to have a name that follows the chart according to which graphic I choose

Etc when I choose Chart 1, a name appears point plotted on the graph, the same thing when I choose graphic 2 but a different name associated with this chart

Not know Annatations but I can programingly control this?


Using the List of the Annotation property. Look at the example called programmatically annotate a graph to get some ideas.

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    "All songs" are the name of the playlist integrated with all the songs are currently on the shuffle.  The playlist of all the songs is the default playlist.  My guess is that you are pressing on and hold the VoiceOver button (for about one second), instead press and release immediately (to get the info of the song).  Pressing and holding is how to get VoiceOver to say your menu-playlist (list of playlists sync to shuffle) so that you can choose the one you want to use.  If you do not have any playlists sync on your shuffle (only songs), VoiceOver says that "all songs" because it's built-in playlist.

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    Dear friends

    I'm using LabVIEW 8.0.I need how to add the name of the title of graph in Excel.

    You have the report generation tool? If so, the VI of graph Easy Excel has an entry for this.

    If you don't have the Toolbox, then you need to use ActiveX. Please do a search on the use of the ActiveX (there are examples provided with LabVIEW) to control Excel. Also, there are many examples in the thread Excel. NOTE: DON'T POST QUESTIONS IN THIS THREAD.

    In the end, you will need to search for information contained in MSDN.

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    I found this page - but it doesn't seem to be any help, I have nowhere in my iTunes App can find the 'options' click symbol. (of course, this page may NOT be about this 12.5)

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    iTunes for Mac: If you do not see the song information

    grateful for any comments.



    As with many things in the new version of iTunes, changed the way to get information. For example, when you insert a cd, the upper right corner shows CD Info, CD Import, a new icon that looks like a gear wheel! and the eject button. Click the gear and it shows get track names etc.

    If you have already imported the CD, you can retrieve the info by clicking on file > library > get the track names.


  • Don't get the names of the tracks - No Error Message


    I have a problem that happens with all CD when I try to import, no track, the name appears and when I choose to get names follow No error message is given, this used to work but stopped after the recent updates.

    What is strange, is that when I go to Itunes using a different windows user account on the same lap top name of CD track info are recovered.

    So it was seems that something went wrong with my Itunes software on the way, I tried an install Itunes then re install but the same problems persists, I have not tried removing all Itunes related files before re install because I don't want to lose my playlists and metadata.

    Advice to solve this problem would be appreciated.


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    When you sign in with the account you want to use, make sure that in the Preferences - general - there is a check mark in the last selection - automatically retrieve the names of the CD tracks on the internet. Hope this helps

  • How to copy the name of the track in the layers panel to the center of the path object / in my file HAVE?  Is there a native function or some kinds of scripts that could be done?

    For example, I have a map of the United States.  Each State is a path and was named in the layers panel.  I want now to generate the name of the State in the layers panel is automatically center the text within each State/access path.  Each file will also be saved as an svg once completed.  I want to do this so that it saves me time from having to manually type the name of each State in the State.

    This should help you get started.

    will do most of the work.

    I would just be manually tweaking the position of those who do not look correct.

    function Qwertyfly_name_to_text(){
        var doc = app.activeDocument;
        var sel = doc.selection;
        for(var i=0; i		   
  • Update the name of the track in the legend of cursor


    I have a XY Chart with its legend of cursor defined as visible.  Changing the name of plot based on the string that I sent to her property node, but I don't know how to upgrade his parcel of the cursor name?  Cursor is aligned on the plot, but nothing regarding parcel of cursor name.  Could someone help me please?

    Thank you

    Here's a hint: I've found that if I switch the Cursor Mode from 0 to 1, then the cursor name changes.

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    Select the CD in iTunes.

    Sorting on the first column with the numbers heading.

    Select the consecutive titles on the CD.

    Then go to the Options at the top right and select the CD tracks join.

  • How can I block change the names of the song in iTunes?


    I want to change hundreds of names of the song at the same time.  I know that I can change the name of the album etc in INFORMATION, but I don't see an option to change the name of the song. I want to change the names of track 1, track 2, track 3, etc, so I would like to be able to enter the name of the TRACK and then, it automatically adds sequential numbers (identical to finder).

    Any ideas?

    Go to and find an apple script to do.

  • Name of the dynamic legend in XY-graph in labview 7.0

    Dear all,

    In my application I display several plot in XY-Graph. The total number of graphics may very. I want according to the total number of display legend selected route. And the name of this parcel is not set very according to selection.

    I tried to use the 'name of the conspiracy' property node, but in this case only first name plot evolves.


    Hi Vishnu, use the property 'Legend'-> 'plots illustrated!

  • Losing the name of the bar graph XY

    I have this question of loss of cursor name:

    I have two sliders of interest in the attached graph, the Green shallow who lose the cursor name (I've already activated, the name of the cursor), dark green who carries the cursor with her name "LTstart". Can someone help me find the name of cursor back? Thank you!

    Hi there is dough,

    I met the same problem with my sliders several times. The label is missing, and sometimes I even had to replace the graphic with a new back on the slider labels. Centering slider did everything well, because this is the label that has lost its 'blocking' to the cursor in the first place.

    For a long time, I had trouble with this problem, but earlier this year, I discovered somewhere in this forum, that there is a sort of the hidden attribute for the position of the slider label. You can't create it directly on the chart, but it is to show if you check the Help cursor attribute list. You will see at the bottom marked "Label offset" (X, Y). By setting these values, you will probably be able to get your return to his slider again label.

    See you soon,.


  • Track of the names of the objects for stocks?

    Can someone provide organizational practices, that I can use to keep track of the many names given to objects that will be used in advanced Actions? Here's something that you would print with a screenshot? I can see how it's easy to lose track of the names as I build in Captivate.

    Thank you

    I always label each object, group to be used in Advanced/shared actions. Match by naming: I'll start each name with 1/2 characters identifying the nature of the object: T_ (for containers of text), Bt (for buttons), SB (for form buttons), I_ (for images), Gr_ for groups.

    Don't you know that you can filter in the drop-down lists in the advanced Actions dialog box and in the settings dialog box. Type a sequence of characters that appear anywhere in the name, and the list is filtered on the objects with this sequence. Example: type "co" and objects with name 'v_counter', 'T_Code', 'I_cow' will remain in the list.

  • change the name of the parcel

    I'm editing a program that has an XY graph on the front panel.  It has 5 slots.  When I started working on this, he had the first 3 parcels shown in the legend of the plot.  I added a second scale of Y and 2 last visible plots in the legend.  I then change the names of the last two of parcel 3, draw 4 to something meaningful and yield parcel 2 and draw 4 on the second scale Y.  When I run the VI the names of the 3 & 4 back to draw the 3.4 and plot 4 returns to the first scale of Y.  I tried this programmatically, with assign track active etc but I can only change the attributes of the first three plots.  What is happening with this?

    I omitted one detail in the first assignment.  The table gets its data from a subvi, which was created using "create a subvi.  The data is passed to the chart via the property node.  I destroyed the reference control refnum and the property node.  Then I changed the field names and assignments of the axis and then recreated the reference control refnum and the property node.  All right.

  • How to change the name of the graphic cursor Position

    LV 8.6.1 - Win Vista

    I've seen this question asked before, but the responses were 4-5 years ago, and perhaps that things are different now.

    I have a chart xy (see photo) where I display a cursor and use the NAME attribute to be DISPLAYED.

    Outside the graph, the user can click on various things that changes the location of the cursor and change the name.

    In other words, I'm highlighted on the chart of one of several selected points.

    The problem is that the name seems to show that in the same position relative to the slider itself; namely just above.

    As you can see in the photo, the name ('NTE B speed') is not readable.

    I would like to request some information here, to make it more useful.  Something like:

    If cursor above Y-median

    Cursor = below

    on the other

    Cursor = above

    end if

    If cursor > X midline

    Cursor = LeftSide

    on the other

    Cursor = right

    end if

    The idea is to ensure that the name is fully visible in all cases.

    However, I can't find these assets.

    Suggested solutions include adding a ghost cursor that shows the name and I've compensated by an appropriate amount, and extending across the track to allow (which means that I have to deal with all the AutoScaling stuff).

    Is there a better way?

    Annotations help?  I've never used them.

    If you look at the cluster list cursor and cursor properties there is a property of position to label that you can use to move. I'm not in front of my laptop so I do not have the exact name, etc., but you want to you can add. Evan



    The name of the folder is what it is. If you rename, Firefox may lose track of it, so I would leave just the full name, exactly as it is.

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