Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower - "error ini file."

Original title: My game Nancy Drew displays error message when downloading

I have a version of Nancy Drew Trésor in the Royal Tower and when I installed the game, I get a message sayng FILE INI ERROR and I don't know what that means. All my other games will probably be saying the same thing or show something different. How can I get my other games to play? And how do I clear the message?


Hi MisSandra,

1. which edition of windows is installed on your computer? Is - this Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7?
2 are. what other games you trying to play?
3. What is the full error message and you have installed the patches for the game?
We did check the compatibility of Nancy Drew Treasure game for Windows Vista and has found that the Publisher of the game has a solution to make the game work with Windows Vista.
See The game with Vista compatibility
See Game with Windows 7 compatibility

To install and play games, please check if they are compatible with the version of Windows that you have installed on the computer.
See Make older programs run in this version of Windows

Kind regards
Syed - Microsoft technical support.
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