I'm currently launching the code reader barcode and get this exception NationalInstruments.Vision.VisionException

Here is the code

Public Shared Function ProcessImage (ByRef image As VisionImage) As PaletteType
'Initialize the IVA_Data structure for the results and coordinate systems.
Dim ivaData As New IVA_Data (1, 0)
' Creates an empty region of interest.
Sun King as new Roi()
' Creates a new RotatedRectangleContour with the given values.
Dim vaCenter As New PointContour (243, 181.5)
Dim vaRotatedRect As New RotatedRectangleContour (vaCenter, 140, 111, 317.6)
return on investment. Add (vaRotatedRect)
' Reads the barcode on the image.
vaBarcode = Algorithms.ReadBarcode (image, BarcodeTypes.Code128, King, False)
return on investment. Dispose()
"Eliminating the IVA_Data structure.
' Return the type of range of the final image.
return PaletteType.Gray

End Function

Thank you


Hi mreuveni,

The exception may be thrown for various reasons such as the image is not a barcode or attempt to ReadBarcode of the type false image. You read the same image that you use in the Vision Assistant and the Barcode Read in WILL read the code correctly barcode? Here is a screenshot which should help us determine what exception is thrown. Try to add the



Catch ex As Exception

End Try

As seen in the attached screenshot and adding a breakpoint on the line to Catch * then view the exception details to see the VisionErrorText. This example was when I tried to read a solid black image.


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    Currently the image processing takes ~ 200ms per cycle (mainly grey filtering image).

    ~ 150ms of this time is taken by load images from disk or cloning model images of the model (using the flatten/unflatten visionimage).

    The reload or cloning is that the Algorithms.MatchPattern2 has the image of the model during execution, i.e. I have to reload or clone images model each acquisition/processing cycle.

    Ideally, configuration I would like to provide 1 x set of images of model for processing application that is reused (without cloning) each treatment cycle to a time of 50ms ~ process.

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    Thanks for the reply Rob.

    Note: I use .net VDM and coding in c# libraries.

    My purchase is decoupled from my transformation. The main reason to mention the acquisition should provide a bit of context to my question.

    I first thought that my large KING was originally the processing time increased (initial duration process = ~ 230ms). Then I reduced the sizes of my Kings and improved the execution time = ~ 190ms.

    I am currently creating a model images table and passing to the function (essentially by 9 x 1 x OCR and correspondence to the model) image processing.

    When I remove the model image cloning code (visionimage flatten/unflatten), the image processing function runs in 50-60ms but runs only once. On the second cycle of the excution, it throws an exception.

    "Cannot access a deleted object."
    «Object name: "NationalInstruments.Vision.VisionImage".»

    I'll try MatchPattern 3... My current version doesn't have a MatchPattern 4.

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    Hello UH and thank you for your message.

    I'm sorry I don't really understand what you are doing, you develop applications with Visual Studio 2008 and then deploy it on Windows CE or use directly in windows THIS? (I ask that, because Visual Studio is not supported on Windows CE:

    In addition, what device OR do you use? What is the fat of your project?

    Thanks for the responses,

  • How can I determine the type of image to be used before loading an image?

    I'm developing an application using VB 2005 which measures two 8-bit or 16-bit image files. When I saw the picture, I find that I have to set the type of image the image buffer before playback of the image in it. For example, if I read a 16-bit image in a buffer of 8 bits, the image is truncated. I guess I could read the image in a 16-bit buffer and retype it if the pixel values are less than 255.

    Is there a better way to do it? Can I determine the number of bits of an image before loading in a buffer?

    Thank you!

    Hi Steverino,

    Olivia is incorrect... VDM has a function called GetFileInfo which does just what you want. It only reads the header of the image but does not load the entire image in memory. It will give you various properties such as the bit depth.

    I think that on the new .NET support, there can exist here: NationalInstruments.Vision.Analysis.Algorithms.GetFileInformation.

    Thanks to the ICB and our legacy of .NET support, it's probably a similar name.


  • Vision runtime interop problem

    I try to the user of the module vision development with in VS 2005. The code performs the replication application was written in a VBA macro in Excel. I know the API dll is correctly installed and registered on the computer because I was able to run the macro without any problem. Now that I rewrote the code in, I get a problem running with the interop. The object CWIMAQVision instatiates without problems, but when I do a metod call on the object, an unhandled COM Exception is returned in the catch block. The error is listed as E_UNHANDLED and the text of the message which he described as a "catastrophic error." Depending on the product of stack trace nothing as long as the error no is not all detailed later.

    My project .net to the Vision API references of NOR are:

    C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\Vision\dotNET\Assemblies\Current\NationalInstruments.AxCWIMAQControlsLib.Interop.dll

    C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\Vision\dotNET\Assemblies\Current\NationalInstruments.AxCWIMAQHelpButton.Interop.dll

    C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\Vision\dotNET\Assemblies\Current\NationalInstruments.AxCWMV.Interop.dll

    C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\Vision\dotNET\Assemblies\Current\NationalInstruments.AxNIOCRLib.Interop.dll

    The method call is about as simple as you can get:

    Public Function GetImage (ByVal filepath As String) As Integer

    Dim machineVision As New CWIMAQVision()

    FileInformation As New CWIMAQFileInformation() Dim

    Dim success As Integer


    success = machineVision.ReadImage (Me.CurrentImage, filepath)

    COMex System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException screenshots

    MessageBox.Show ("COM error has occurred:" & COMex.ErrorCode & output & COMex.Message, "COM error", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error)

    End Try

    Return a success

    End Function

    Is it a problem in the interop, or miss me something?

    Thank you Eric. Unfortunately, the answer is that the API cannot be instantiated outside of a form-level control. I was trying to use the interoperability by creating a new instance in a class, but this is not possible. The solution was to include the interop on a form control and pass the API reference to the class by invoking API methods. It is not advisable, but based on the way in which interoperability is coded, the only solution is to use the round code point of the Reflection namespace to manage the instantiation and marshaling of the COM object running. Too much overhead...

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    I wonder if the vision tek hd 5450 graphics card work in my Pavilion p6213w. I wonder if I should find a different graphics card instead. I know I have to buy another power supply, I just want Advisor be cause I play several

    Online games and doing the research for the documents from the school.  I also use my PC to watch movies and television series like weather reports edge chipset does not allow some of the games and videos to be played correctly anylonger as they changed their policy.

    any suggestions for this help is taken into concideration. Thank you very much

    Hi Noel,

    Vision Tek HD 5450 video card will not work in your desktop PC without an upgrade of the power supply.

    Your PC came with a 250 Watt POWER supply and which does not respect the minimum of 350 watts required for the video card Vision Tek HD 5450. Here is a link to the plug of your PC. If you upgrade the PSU, the card will work in your PC.

    I recommend that you buy a PSU that has at least the ATX12V v2.2 / EPS12V v2 specification. Here is a link to a document on the web that shows some power supplies that work. Stick with major brand names such as OCZ, Corsair. The second level and no name power supply could disappoint you even if they are less expensive (which assimilates sometimes so lower quality).

    Best regards


  • Qosmio F750 does support NVIDEA 3D Vision with glasses?


    the portable actiually supports 3D without glasses. But I have another question:
    the F750 does support 3D * with * glasses? I want to wear glasses from NVIDEA 3D Vision. According to NVIDIA, specification for the glasses the F750 must be supported. But I can't put the 3D mode. I installed the new dreiver and BIOS 2.0. In framework of NVIDEA is now 3D appeared. To achieve a 3D mode it is necessary to adjust the 120 Hz display, but I can choose 60 Hz only.

    Can you help me please!

    Kind regards

    > To achieve a 3D mode it is necessary to adjust the 120 Hz display, but I can choose 60 Hz only.

    So this is not supported would need an external monitor that supports the 120 Hz

  • Qosmio X 770 - 3D Vision does not a vision

    I have a new laptop that I just started working.
    I did everything to put in place including 3D vision read the instructions on the site FAQ, introduction of lenses, download the Nvidia 3D player and allowing the stereotopic thing.

    But 2D is for me so far.
    I'm watching the compressed AVI, but I think I have all the latest codecs K-Lite.

    The movies play fine as 2D films of colour TVs - seemingly all 3D movies when they are not viewed with 3D enhancements.

    Thoughts, what could go wrong?

    Thanks for the input.

    What Media Player do you use?

    You must use a compatible 3D player, then try the Toshiba Media Player which was preinstalled, or the nVidia 3D video player.

  • Satellite A660-158 - vision 3D support?

    Is supported in Toshiba Satellite A660-158 nvidia 3d vision?
    CPU - Intel Core i3 2130 Arrandale (330M)
    RAM - 3072? B DDR3
    -nVidia GeForce GT 330 M graphics card

    Help, please!


    3D is supported, but only on an external monitor that supports 3D, but not on the internal display.

    More information on Satellite A660 you can find on the product page:

  • HP Pavilion Notebook15 L5Z89EA: 3D Vision


    I would like to know if my phone is active 3d and or if I could use Nvidia 3D Vision glass kit with this laptop.


    It's your games/movies. If a game or movie is in 3D, you can use 3D glass to watch. You may need a few tablets of aspirin at the beginning (except if you already get used to). The following link shows its specifications:

    Kind regards.

  • Qosmio X 770 - no support of 3D vision with nVidia driver


    I just bought a Qosmio x 770-107 with nVidia 3D Vision package. All right, I could enable stereoscopic 3D with the pre-installed drivers.

    Then tried to access some 3D content (in the browser) and after a trial ([]), I discovered that I have an out of date version driver for my GTX560M card and need to update before.

    First step is to download the right driver from nVidia (280.26-notebook-win7-winvista-64bit-international-whql). Then I saw that failed the system compatibility test saying that I don't have the appropriate hardware for it, which is false, double checked what I downloaded and covered material including GTX560M.

    So, this is the first problem.

    Then also studying, I managed to modify the INFs to accept and install the driver.
    It worked, I got the latest driver from nVidia (using a clean installation, remove all first).
    Then I discovered a new (frustrating) problem, when you try to reactivate the stereoscopic 3D, saying that I do not have a stereo monitor and disable this feature in the menu.

    How can we get appropriate and entirely achievable latest drivers for our GPU with support for 3D Vision?

    Kind regards

    Hey Buddy,

    That s illustrated why Toshiba recommends installing only their own drivers and not 3 third-party drivers from nVidia.

    The reason is that no one has tested these drivers on your laptop so probably a few features such as 3D vision don t work. In addition, your laptop could overheat due to different thermal management.

    I recommend you to install the latest display driver Toshiba you can find on the page of Toshiba. These drivers are tested and work properly with your laptop.

  • Crop Factor, the size of the sensor, field of vision

    I find all of it. a but confusing when many call of cameras themselves as full frame, but when you put the same lens on different cameras, the frame is different.. crop factor. field of vision... different .but
    So what crop factor... is the f55 sony please? I've seen a number of different things on various forums not suggesting no harvest to 1.3 but you see the Abel cine graphic field and the f55 is cropped than a c300, which is 1.6. .some how I thought that we were heading toward a world where 50mm meant 50 mm...

    This becomes particularly relevant by using the lens wide angle. When you use the tokina 11-16 (I think only accepted the wider for those who have no characteristic budget) on one of these cameras, the crop or field of view factor restricted means that you have nowhere near frame... a 1.6 crop what goal can give you the grand scale?

    So what is the truth about the f55... Please thank you...

    So, from what I can tell with the F55...

    Sensor is 24 x 12.7 mm with a diagonal of 27.1 mm

    By comparison, when you work with a negative S35 (1.85, 2.40, 1.78) will all use the same horizontal dimensions for the extraction of the negative. What is happening at 24mm (through the book of ARRI frosted glass dimensions). So what this tells us, it's that your lenses will have the same field of view HORIZONTAL on the F55 as they would a film camera. So a 50mm should have the same field of view HORIZONTAL as a film S35mm camera.

    Even a 3perf S35 cameras extraction rates from the exposed negative will be 23,11 mm, slightly more small, but with regard to the horizontal field of vision, people aren't saying that their 50 isn't a 50 because we turn 3perf vs 4perf.

    Now, using the diagonal, show us the lens cover. Yes, the sensor has the same height as a negative film, so if a lens covers the sensor or will not play with the diagonal. And to also know the lens image circle. I can't find what the image circle is for this device, kind of coverage I can't tell you.

    What I see, is that it was designed for the size of APS - C sensor cameras that, on average, would be a 25.1 x 16.7 mm (all manufactured products have different dimensions some small some bigger ones, that it is supposed to use on average). So a device to sensor APS - C on AVERAGE, a bit of a wider horizontal field of view you. The diagonal of 30.1 mm makes me believe that you should have a cover and that he should not thumbnail, although the difference in horizontal makes me think that it might be a very slight decline offshore on the corners.

    Something to remember... well that this objective was intended for 35mm film, in the world of images is fixed. S35mm film in the film world is different. So when a film camera say it's Full Frame, it is in relation to a negative S35, not a camera negative. So with a film lens, a 50mm would mean a 50mm, but when you start to move the lenses of disciplines, that's when things start to become difficult.

    And please keep in mind, that's how I know. I'm not saying this is 100% the perfect answer, it's just what I saw, what I heard and what tells me the calculation.

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    I'm trying to airtime of various Apple devices to my AppleTV. When you try to do, I'm getting audio but not vision. When return to Apple devices, everything works normally again. I guess there is a problem with my AppleTV. It doesn't seem to matter where the stream is coming from who. It will usually be YouTube or BBC iPlayer. That said, it seems to happen when I try to content of airtime which is stored on the device from Apple too. I use the latest AppleTV unit and the software is up-to-date.

    Everything worked OK until recently.

    Not all applications are enabled for AirPlay, it is up to the developer to do. However, if she does it for all the content you can try a reboot for ATV, IOS device and router. If during testing of wifi Ethernet

  • Qosmio X 870 - 3D Vision does not

    I just bought a Toshiba Qosmio X 870 and its fantastic, but I can't seem to activate the nVidia 3D Vision.

    I open the stereoscopic 3D and go in the Setup Wizard, I wireless 3d glasses (fully charged), go to the next screen and the next button is disabled.

    I have glasses on the score on the screen - what am I am I doing wrong? (Nvidia drivers installed, 296.31)


    Have you installed or uninstalled everything related to graphics and 3D?

    Make sure you have the pre-installed nVidia driver that is provided out of the box.

    If you have installed the factory driver, try a system restore or run recovery.

  • Blue screen on HP on HP all-in - One PC Vision

    Hello. For the last week or so my PC all-in-One was bat with a blue screen every time that comes out of hibernation. It seems not serious if it went into hibernate on its own, or through start-> sleep action. The blue screen usually indicates a page KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR error.

    I restored my system to attempt to repair. He did, for a while, but today it started again.

    A few web searches made me suspect that it is a manifestation of problems with the fix for Microsoft KB2670838. Other users have reported blue screens after installing (usually as a sine qua non for IE 10), although I have not seem to reports of what happens after a sleep, as it is for me.

    Others hit this kind of problem? Suggestions on solving?

    I intend to uninstall this hotfix, see if it helps. I'll report.

    The number of my all-in-one PC product is

    HP Vision 120-1026

    (Sorry, I wanted to include it).

    I ran the diagnostics twice, but no problems were found with the S.M.A.R.T. tests or anything else; all the past. In addition, the hard drive is not that big by today's standards, just 685GB (not 1 TB or more as suggested the fix).

    I have some good news, however. During the uninstall of the KB2670838 bug fix only made no apparent difference, I managed to solve the problem by using the system restore to restore my system to the first point of restoration, this day here. Thus, it seems that it is triggered by a Microsoft Update, but not pain causes one on other systems.

    I configured my system for manual updates now and will see if I can identify the culprit was updated.

Maybe you are looking for

  • WiFi unstable with Satellite A665-11Z

    Hi allI have a 11Z A665 - and after trying to connect to the internet for the first time, but the connection is very unstable and it is very slow when he manages to connect through the wireless network. It basically detects networks around me, and wh

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