Navigation tools are displayed

By default, not all page navigation tools are displayed in the toolbar. How can I quickly view all page navigation tools?

Right click on the toolbar > page navigation > show all page navigation tools.

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  • Control the order in which the tools are displayed


    I have developed a number of folder level JavaScripts.  Each JavaScript displays a button to launch under the "additional tools".

    I was hoping that someone could tell me how I can control the order in which these buttons will be displayed.

    Buttons are displayed in alphabetical order according to the 'cLabel '?  If they are listed according to the date and time the file was created or modified?

    Is there an optional parameter to set the order?

    Thank you



    Actually, I figured out how to control the order in which appear the buttons below "additional tools".

    There is an optional parameter for app.addToolButton called NPO: which can be used.  I think that the lower the number used, the highest on the list, the button will appear.  This kind of work.  The list of buttons re - arrange themselves, but not exactly the way I wanted to.

    Another thing I did was to rename the JavaScript files. I went before the first file name with a '1 '.   The second file directly under the first I preceded it's name with a number '2' and so on.  That seemed to do the trick...

    All I had to do was probably to rename the JS files with the '1' and '13' numbers and buttons with appear correctly.

    Thank you


  • Hi, my navigation bar does not work and only the white pages are displayed

    Hi, my navigation bar does not work and that white pages are displayed - I watched the debate and made sure that each page is checked on "Export Page"; I checked that all pages are included with hyperlink. I deleted everything and started a new navigation bar; I have created a new site and started from scratch... nothing seems to work!

    It does not appear in the preview IE. I created 4 pages and when you perform a navigation bar, the title of the pages appears but when I saw and click one of the links, I get a full blank page with no navigation bar. What I am doing wrong? He worked for a time perfectly, but no more.

    Also, is it possible to manually check the links to see where I am redirected to?

    Thanks for sharing the file with me. Everything looks fine when I checked your file on my machine.

    Clear the browser cookies could solve the problem as default browser preview Muse use to render the pages.

    Kind regards


  • How do you show page of the SET of navigation tools in Adobe Acrobat Pro ms?

    I have the choices selected in:

    View | Show/hide | Toolbar items | See the Page in the Navigation Tools. View all tools in Navigation of Page

    BUT the only one that presents (in the toolbar of QuickTools) is the FIRST PAGE SHOW

    I'm completely lost with this version of DC (for Mac).  I edited the Quicktools bars, saved the changes, and they do not.  I make selections, as above, and they do not.  They are 'there', but I do not see their cause working on computer 13 "laptop?  Where can I see the 2 rows of toolbars... is that even an option?

    Help!  It's so frustrating!


    Can you please share the screenshot with us in the navigation pane.

    Simply go to the menu display-> show / hide-> Navigation pane->, select all of the items listed for the navigation pane and then click Show Navigation pane.

    Kind regards


  • When I open the files they are always displayed as a default icons, I would like to change the default setting so my files are displayed as a LIST. How to change this default setting.

    When I open the files they are always displayed as a default icons, I would like to change the default setting so my files are displayed as a LIST.  How to change this default setting.

    Hello combat

    Open Windows Explorer/Tools/Folder Options

    On the general tab, click the options you want.

    In the view tab, click the options you want.

    On the view tab, click apply to all folders.

    Click Yes, then OK


  • The cutting tool are not sent Snip to the e-mail recipient.

    The cutting tool are not sent Snip of recipient of mail on Windows Live Mail 2011.  Had worked on earlier versions.  Click on the send Snip button, and nothing happens.

    A couple of things you could try.

    Launch the tool captures via a right click on it and select 'run as administrator '.

    See if the uninstallation and reinstallation of the Snipping Tool makes a difference.

    This is a quote from Ronnie Vernon.

    "Try refreshing the Snipping Tool installation. This tool is part of the Tablet PC optional components in Windows Vista.

    Open Control Panel, click Classic view in the task pane.

    Double-click programs and features.

    Click on the 'activate Windows features and turn off' in the task pane.

    This window may take a few minutes to display.

    When the options appear in the list, scroll to the "Tablet PC Optional Components" and remove the check mark for this element.

    Click OK, quit everything and restart the computer.

    This allows to uninstall the "Snipping Tool" System.

    Once the computer restarts, go back to the Panel and repeat the same procedure.

    This time the check box adds the "Tablet PC Optional Components".

    This will install these components in the system with a new copy of all the files. »

  • Hidden tools not displayed in the toolbar when mouse over


    IM currently using a trackpad from Apple don't know if this is a factor.

    When I place the mouse pointer and click on the triangle that the hidden tools are not - they appear only if I hold down the CTRL key and click mosue. Is this an opetion so they display by simply placing the mouse on the triangle.

    Thanks in advance.



    As far as I know to click on tools from the Toolbox for tools hidden to appear.

    On a mouse standard you can either left or right click on the icons in the tool in the Toolbox. You don't have to click directly on the small arrows.

  • Can't access some emails received on my PC - they are displayed, but cannot be opened

    All emails are displayed on the home page. However, as of last week, e-mails have become inaccessible. They do not show a preview when I click once. And when I double-click on these emails, they share their locations since the last email that I had looked at.

    Try to rebuild the troubled folder index file.
    Right click on the file - properties - file Repair


    He says inside that I have 12 emails when I click on my Inbox folder, but only 6 messages are displayed.
    For other files, the total is correct, sent mail etc. - number of messages displayed matches the total displayed

    right click on the folder, select Properties, and then on the button repair

  • Can I change the order in which my various email accounts are displayed in TB?

    I use TB to access emails from 5 different accounts. They are displayed in the order in which I added the but I would like to change this order. Is it possible, please?

    Go to the Add Ons page and the search for records of manual sorting. It will allow you to rearrange the files and accounts.

  • When I type in my Thunderbird email all characters are displayed correctly, but in Firefox characters are displayed incorrectly.

    When I type in my Thunderbird email all the characters appear correctly. When I type in a web site using Firefox or Chrome the characters are displayed incorrectly. For example: I'm going to type the same thing here. It will come out like this or a Variant: 456 7890-= qwe rtyu. If I do the same thing again it will be: [IOPS] as dia jkl;' ' \zx. What is going on? Bye the way I had to type this in Thunderbird and copy and paste into this web site. Also, if I type in MS Word or Excel, all is good. The problem is on the web sites.
    Using Win7.

    This problem may be caused by the Anti-Keylogger in ZoneAlarm, so you can disable this function until ZoneAlarm has published an update.

  • the fonts are displayed as foreign or symbols

    On a few websites fonts do not display correctly, they are displayed in the form of symbols or foreign policies.
    I tried to clear the cache of police, then by restarting the pc, it works initially but when I turn on pc and I turn it back on, the same issues of police are back. I don't want to have to keep clearing cache fonts and restart pc every time. Fonts seem to display when I uncheck the box let the police chose to Web sites.
    This is the font settings, as they are now:
    Fonts for the West
    New roman times
    Courier new
    allow Web sites to use specific fonts are checked
    iso-8859-1 Western

    any help would be appreciated.

    A test of police confirms a problem with the "Neue Helvetica" font?

    This help if you uninstall the "Neue Helvetica" font?

  • Favorites in Hebrew are displayed in the jumbled letters

    I imported Favorites, but those not in English but in Hebrew letters are displayed as asterisks with a question mark. Using and modifying the kode letters under view had no effect. Hebrew appears in the display on the web well

    I am aware of some problems that occur when you import the bookmarks in the past, but these issues should not affect new bookmarks created directly inside Firefox and I don't know if this could be a problem of fonts like Hebrew poster right on your bookmark folders and the user interface of the application.

  • I would like to have at least 1 of my toolbars that are displayed at the bottom of my browser open screen. How can I move a toolbar from the top to the bottom of the page?

    I would like to have at least one of my toolbars that are displayed at the BOTTOM of my browser open screen. How can I move a toolbar from the top to the bottom of the page? I don't want to do this by using an extension, and when I read about the extension, I really have not seen how it would move the toolbar to the top-down any browser page open.
    Thanks in advance for the supply, the answer and the procedure to get this accomplished.

    You can't drag an entire toolbar to the bottom of the window. The Bar of the Addon is a "toolbar", drag whatever you want from the Palette to customize or a toolbar up to the bar of the Addon.

  • I downloaded the latest version of Firefox 13 and all Web pages are displayed wrong

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    You are welcome

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