Need all drivers Win XP for Satellite L30-105


I have Satellite L30-105 and I need Windows XP and other graphic sound card drivers

Thank you and I'm waiting for your answers

Satellite L30-105 belongs to the series of PSL33E.

Check this site and you choose the right set. Follow the guide line in the installation instructions and enjoy!

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    I need all drivers Windows XP for Satellite A100-786. I want to use Windows Xp on my new laptop, but I have no drivers. Please help me!

    Look at the bottom of your laptop for PSAAxxxx letters. If it's PSAANE, then the drivers are for the PSAA8xx model, as for the PSAARE model, it has PSAA9xx... Try it, it works for me. It has the same sumptuous.

  • I need XP chipset or conroller for Satellite L30-105 SM bus driver

    Hello, help me pls find a driver for my nb.
    I buy this Nb with vista & XP L30-105 (conroller Chipset or SM bus) installation


    The L30-105 laptop belongs to the series of PSL3E and is equipped with the ATI graphics chip.
    The chipset driver is part of the graphics driver, and as a result, you will not find a special chipset driver.

    The European driver Toshiba page provides all the necessary and required drivers. See this page. Other drivers are unavailable and unnecessary

    Good bye

  • Need all drivers (including LAN) for my compaq 3030IL - XP (home edition)

    Hi - I bought a subtitling system just 2 months back as well as windows XP however due to a problem during the download of updates - I had to format the c drive. Now, I have reinstalled windows XP but I need all drivers for my system and I am not able to find it anywhere, is not yet available on the HP site.

    1 can someone advise me from where can I download these?

    2 I am supposed to get all the drivers with my system on a CD? The trader me has no given the same and told that they are not given like this.


    Umesh Ahuja

    Intel Chipset:

    Intel graphics card:

    NIC Realtek 8101E:

    Audio_Choose Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs, contract, then download the file "Executable":

  • Need drivers Win XP for Satellite A215-S5848

    Good day, official fans!

    I bought my laptop (Satellite A215-S5848) with pre-installed Windows Vista with all the drivers and additional programs of Toshiba. But I like about Windows Vista! Now, I want to install Windows XP SP3. But I am worried about the lack of all the required drivers for Windows XP on the official site!
    I found some of them (5) for Windows XP SP3 but (nearly 40) for devices of all the portable.

    Why is it so? Why is there no drivers for Windows XP for my laptop on the website official? Where should I get them, tell me, please? I don't like Windows Vista, and it's just my choise which operating system I'm. Don't you think that such a policy (to force users to change XP on Vista) restrict the rights of customers who'm Windows XP? Where can I find all the XP drivers for my model?

    Thank you!

    Best regards
    Kiril Berezovski

    > Good day, official fans!
    LOL: D it's maybe s doesn't know is not for you, but it is a companion of user forum. Anything with a ;) support representative

    Regarding Win XP drivers;
    I see that your laptop model is Toshiba USA.
    So if you need drivers (no matter that drivers), then you should check out the Toshiba page we:

    Unfortunately, it seems this page doesn't provide all of the necessary drivers, why? Who knows
    Anyway, the fact that not all drivers have been published on the page shouldn't t prevent you from installing XP.

    I recommend collection the drivers of your own hands.
    Many laptops are equipped with the same features and so pilots released for other series of laptops should run on your laptop too.

    Check the Toshiba European page too and check some drivers released for Satellite A200/A210 series.
    Maybe some drivers single would go too.

  • Searching for drivers Win 7 for Satellite L40 ASMBNX1

    Hello. I got a new Toshiba Satellite L40 ASMBNX1 as a gift from my brother. It has been pre-installed with Windows 8. I can't wait to win 8 and formatted the HARD drive.
    Installed Windows 7 but now looking right and compatible drivers.

    I found another thread on Satellite L40 - A but not quite sure which model I have to choose.

    Can you help me?!

    Where you looking for drivers?

    I read the other thread and it seems that some people mixed a few sets of laptops.
    L40 is old model of laptop. But L40 - Or in your case the L40 are new models of laptops.

    However, I googled for Satellite L40 ASMBNX1 and it seems that this Toshiba laptop has been published in the United States.

    Therefore, you should use the Toshiba support page to get all the drivers.

  • Re: Drivers Win XP for Satellite L300-PSLB8A - 0d 5004


    Recently I did something stupid... to install windows xp on a windows vista computer...

    Anyway, Ive a messed up but now on this windows xp Toshiba Satellite L300-PSLB8A - 5004 0d I'm missing some drivers... I was wondering if someone could give me the correct driver links so I could download them please...

    the following drivers are missing:

    _ * ethernet controller: * _ PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8136 & SUBSYS_FF661179 & REV_02\4 & 38F101EE & 0 & 00E0
    _ * ethernet controller: * _ PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_001C & SUBSYS_7128144F & REV_01\4 & 318470AD & 0 & 00E1
    _ * device on high definition audio bus modem: * HDAUDIO\FUNC_02 & VEN_11C1 & DEV_1040 & SUB _ SYS_11790001 & REV_1002\4 & 1760F043 & 0 & 0101
    _ * Video controller: * _ PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_2A43 & SUBSYS_FF671179 & REV_07\3 & B1BFB68 & 0 & 11
    _ * Video controller (VGA compatible): * _ PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_2A43 & SUBSYS_FF671179 & REV_07\3 & B1BFB68 & 0 & 10

    When I go into run and type msinfo32 then expand the items and check problems for ethernet controllers it says that this device is not configured correctly and for the res, it tells the drivers for this device are not installed. There is also 1 * not AVAILABLE * uninstalled car door a PNP ID number if someone wants.

    Please can anyone help... I urgently need these drivers...

    This will help you to identify the device and to get good drivers:
    [How to identify an unknown device (e.g. LAN wireless module)? |]

    But at first glance, it seems that you have need of a driver for the graphics card, modem, LAN and WLan driver.

  • Use of drivers Win XP for Satellite L555 - 10 p

    I am interested in buying the aforementioned Satellite phone that comes with Win7 - 64 bit. I would install XP - 32 bit dual boot alongside Win7 mode (I know that the procedure).

    I found only the XP drivers for L555-10 q on the Web from Toshiba website. Can I use them?


    Satellite L555-10 q belongs to the series of PSLW8E and Satellite L555 - 10 p also belongs to the same series. So I see no serious reasons why the driver should not operate.

    But for now I didn t find drivers for Satellite L555 PSLW8E on the European driver Toshiba page

  • Question about extension USB for Satellite L30-105

    Just ordered a L30-105, but have you noticed that there are only 2 USB ports. Is it possible to increase this via a card extension (or any other solution!)?

    Because I have broadband via USB, an optical mouse, 2 printers, external hard drive (for music - pictures etc) and a photo card reader, it looks like I can have lost a decent amount of money by buying the L30-105.

    Cheers in advance!

    HI Daniel,.

    Unfortunately, the only one in which you can add additional USB ports is to use a hub powered of some sort to increase the number of USB ports available. Using a powered hub will ensure that your USB devices all receive enough power to function properly.

    You might also consider a PCMCIA interface card that will provide two ports USB, but this will obviously prevent you to use your PC for other purposes. I just use a map on my A30 from time to time.

    Kind regards

  • Need all drivers and tools for my Satellite A35-s209

    I have a Satellite A35-s209 and I can't find anything regarding drivers. All I have is the Toshiba console. The site has nothing. I need the sound card drivers, drivers for vid card and all that I'm missing.

    Are drivers for older machines is not now in the support center?

    Hello, my friend

    I assume that you are looking for all the stuff on the European page. Am I wrong?
    Your computer laptop is an American model and everything you need you can find on Toshiba U.S. support page under
    Please click on downloads and choose your model of laptop. All that s!

    If you have any other questions, please write again.

  • Need drivers Win XP for Satellite L355-S7812

    Hi all

    Could you help me please to find the of the Satellite L355-S7812 drivers for windows xp.
    I need drivers for:
    -Ethernet controller
    -Network controller
    PCI device-
    -Video controller

    I appreciate your help...

    Thank you and best regards,
    Oum nasser

    Hello Nasser

    Turn on the boyfriend. You'll be lucky if anyone here can find it for you.
    But be a little more realistic. Who knows what equipment do you have on this laptop. On this forum people write especially on laptops models and you have a mobile American.

    I recommend you to check the US forum under

    Maybe you can write with people who have similar laptop model.

    Can I just say follow: If you need something go support page under us and check if you can find something. Missing search hardware manufacturers support page.

  • Need drivers Win XP for Satellite L305D-S5873


    Sorry for my bad English. I have a problem with my lap top toshiba satellite L300D S5873. I can't find the drivers for Windows XP Home edition. I want isnstall Xp but I have no drivers.
    I look at everywear in the American site and google, but I don found drivers for xp for this model.

    Someone help me? Sorry for my English but... :)

    Laptop models with the 5 at the end as Satellite L305D are U.S. and please look for drivers on the US page only models of laptops.

    Helen if you need drivers for the mobile Australian model visit Toshiba Australia.
    Australian laptops are not tested with Toshiba stuff offered on the European page. So if you use this it might work but... maybe not.

  • Where can I find all the drivers Win 7 for Satellite L40 - 14F

    Hi all
    Find all the drivers for L40 laptop model 14F for windows 7 OS? Is that someone has installed this OS? Is it possible to have some problems during installation? Thank you very much.

    Most of the new models is Win8 or Win10 models, they won't get Win7 drivers available.

  • Looking for drivers Win XP for Satellite A100-487

    Hi gentlemen.

    I'm looking to download drivers for my laptop, but they are not in the toshiba download web stream...

    I don't have TO format and reinstal, and now I don't know where can I download it.

    could someone help me?
    my mail is "my nick" "

    Thanks a lot to all

    > I'm looking to download drivers for my laptop, but they are not in the toshiba download web stream...


    -Satellite a series
    -Satellite A100 PSAA8E
    -Win XP

  • Some drivers Win XP for Satellite P300D - 21K necessary PSPD0E


    I'm trying to put Windows XP on my Satellite P300D - 21 k PSPD0E. I've successfully installed and download all the drivers from the Toshiba site... but I still have an IEEE 1394 controller, Ethernet controller and PCI device no drivers in Device Manager.

    I think that these usually come with the chipset drivers?
    They are not on the site of anywhere... and assume that they are not part of the update of the BIOS (I didn't run it because I have a double partition).

    Any ideas for help would be muchly appreciated.


    > However I still have IEEE 1394 controller, Ethernet controller and PCI device no drivers in Device Manager.

    Ethernet controller seems to be LAN or WLan card and would recommend the LAN and WLan driver installation.

    The wireless network card seems to be Atheros.
    Here you can find the WLan drivers:

    LAN chip is Marvell and the driver is available on the European driver Toshiba page. If you have not installed this in the past, then do it

    Do not know what could be the another PCI device, but you can find it easily by using this work around:

    The IEEE 1394 controller seems to be firewire port.
    Since the laptop seems to be equipped with a graphics chip ATI chipset driver is the graphics driver.
    The graphics card driver folder (once it has been unpacked) contains the SBDrv folder.
    You can try to install the driver through the Device Manager pointing to the files in the SBDrv folder

    Good luck

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