Need an old Bios for Satellite M70 151

Hello everyone is able to share the old 1.30 bios for satellite m70 151

Thanks Matthias


Can you please tell us why you want to have the old version of the BIOS again? You have problems with your Satellite M70?

Only the newer BIOS versions are usually available on the Toshiba page.
If you want to install an older version of the BIOS of your laptop, you can try to contact the ASP in your country for assistance.

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  • I need an old BIOS for Satellite M40x - 123 (PSM4XE)

    After update (BIOS 1.60) my pc do not work properly.
    I need an old BIOS image. Please send it to me if you have one.

    Thank you

    I have V1.2 for you.

    Windows version

    DOS version


  • Need old Bios for Satellite M70 181

    Everyone knowes where I can get old Versions of BIOS (operating system independent) for my Satellite M70 - 181 (PSM70)?
    Look for the Version 1, 00 - WIN or 1 10-WIN-in the new BIOS, there is no need for cooler adjust :(


    > Does anyone know where I can get old Versions of BIOS (operating system independent) for my Satellite M70 - 181 (PSM70)?
    I m afraid you won't find older BIOS versions for download on the pages of Toshiba I have found that the latest versions of BIOS.

    If you want you could contact the partner of service allowed in your country and ask if it of possible to get older versions of BIOS

    But look, man. I doubt that an older BIOS would support or contains a few additional options or settings that are not available in the latest BIOS.

    Good bye

  • Need old BIOS for Satellite A100 - 407 (PSAANE)

    Hi, need of old BIOS FW (as 5.30 - 5.90)., only for this model. because after the 6.00 update, computer laptop will not start. Sorry for my English!


    Old BIOS, you can find HERE.

    Please note: these updates are updates to VICTORY and can be started by running Windows only.

  • I need the old Bios for my Satellite A100-233 PSAA8E

    I had updated my BIOS to version 6 and now my battery doesn t even hard 10 min... it see the 103 percent when it is fully charged...
    Is it possible that I can get my old BIOS... I think than v5.1


    It's very strange

    First of all you will not be able to download the old version of the BIOS for Toshiba page provides only the most recent versions.
    So if you need the old BIOS, you will have to ask the help of the ASP

    With regard to the issue;
    I'm not very well if the BIOS has something to do with it, maybe you should unload until the battery would be total empty m and then try to charge it again.

    Check it out!

  • Need the original BIOS for Satellite A210 - 1AO PSAELE

    Hi all!

    long in vain looking for the original BIOS for my satellite A210-1AO PSAELE-03Q00FRU (Vista32bit preinstalled).

    Unfortunately I've updated and laptop lost the ability to disable.
    VERY noisy DWD - ROM (TS-L632H) through the BIOS (but it worked without a doubt with the original BIOS)
    It is also impossible to turn it off through the Device Manager (tried several times).

    I looked for BIOS anywhere where I could (Yes, I tried to download & support from Toshiba for Europe, USA, Canada, China, Russia - no. satellite A210 PSAELE BIOS in lists, even for the A200 PSAELE).

    Written in support of the Russia of Toshiba - no result. the point is that I don't know bios original version for my model, so I tried BIOS version 1.1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.3 - no result.
    The latest idea is to physically remove the DVD-ROM, but it is the solution.

    So where can I find that BIOS? or you recoomend a truly customer friendly toshiba can support office?
    Thanks in advance!


    The Toshiba driver page provides us with all versions of BIOS for Satellite A210/A215 (PSAEGU/PSAELU)

    Toshiba Satellite A210/A210 PSAELU US is the same series as series of Toshiba Europe Satellite A210 PSAELE

    [Versions of BIOS for Satellite A210/A215 (PSAEGU/PSAELU): rpn = PSAEGU & modelFilter = A215-S4697 & SelCategorie = 2756709 & selFamily = 1073768663]

    Welcome them

  • Need the original BIOS for Satellite C850-B237

    I was updating Toshiba Satellite C850-B237 insydeh20 bios, but after having restarted the laptop its bricks.

    Now I need the Original bios (no updates) to boot from USB might work. Who should I contact for oraiginal bios?

    I can imagine that Toshiba service provider in your country can help you with this. They must have access to the database of Toshiba and also access to all previous versions of the BIOS.

  • Can not download the update of BIOS for Satellite M70


    I have a question. I'll upload an update of the BIOS for my laptop, but the site for downloading I have to give the name and the password. I m registered but I can't open the download of the update.

    Can you help me?

    It seems that BIOS for M70 has been removed from the page of the driver and that's why you can not download or user, a password is required.
    You need to wait that Toshiba will publish it again.

  • The search for OLD BIOS for Satellite L50-A-160 PSKK2E

    Hi all! After the upgrade to 1.90 BIOS there is a problem with my SSD (840 EVO).
    Where can I get old 1.70 BIOS?


    Thank you

    Generally on Toshiba BIOS download page is always latest bios offers download and older versions are not available at all.

    Can you please tell us what type of problem did you notice with new SSD?
    Have you noticed this problem with the old BIOS version?

    I can only imagine that Toshiba service provider in your country can get the older version for you. They have access to the database of Toshiba and I think they can get what they want.

  • How to get the old BIOS for Satellite P100-454?

    Hi all.

    I want to downgrade my BIOS of 4.7 to the original.
    But I have no file bios.bak more and I can't find any old BIOS on the Toshiba site.
    How and where can I get the old BIOS?

    I have a P100-454 runing Vista.


    When the new BIOS update came out an old is no longer available.
    What you can try is to contact nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer.
    They have access to the database of Toshiba and they can help you with it.

    Call and ask.

  • Updating BIOS for Satellite M70-165 with Windows7


    I recently got properly installed Windows 7 on my M70-165 with all the drivers!
    I ve installed a SSD hard drive too and now the phone works really well.

    But now I would update as bios version. I ve searched on this site and I find the updated 5.30 - WINNER, but it seems that it is only valid for Windows Vista...

    My questio is:
    Can I install this version on my laptop?

    I want to be very secure before installing this because I don't want to mess up now...

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    First of all thank you for your report on installing Win7 on this old Satellite notebook. I had it a long time ago and I was very happy with it using Windows XP Home edition.
    Up to now, on this forum, no one has mentioned on the M70 and Win7 so there is not much info on this subject.
    Fact is that this old piece of hardware is not supported for Win7 and if you have installed and configured successfully don't change anything. Leave it as it is.

    Update the BIOS is not important and does not help improve your laptop as it is. You change any BIOS.

  • Question about updating the BIOS for Satellite M70 (PSM71)

    On the download page, there is an update of the bios 08/07/07 - 1.50 - WINNER, but I already have this version, y at - it a mistake? This version in the old...

    Thank you!


    On the download page, there are two BIOS available for your laptop model:
    -1.50 aged and
    -new 5.10 and this one are designed for Vista.

    If you want to install Vista on your Satellite do BIOS update first.

    All that s!

  • Question about updating BIOS for Satellite M70-337

    I just bought an M70-337 and the Toshiba site I noticed that there is an update of the BIOS - my current v1.3 to v1.4. Several things occurred to me - mainly centering around me after spending 3 days Exchange my sytems to a new computer: -.

    I've never updated a BIOS before.
    I've heard that it can be potentially disastrous
    So it is worth risking 3 days for an update that is perhaps not necessary?
    I downloaded the bios file - - is it just a matter of installing the program in the same way, install other Windows programs?
    Or I'd be suspicious?

    Anyone know? or have experience of updating a BIOS through Windows?

    Hi Alan,

    As your say quite rightly, BIOS updates can be disastrous if something should go wrong with the process.

    I wouldn't recommend that you try to update the BIOS unless it is absolutely necessary in order to correct some of the problems you are having with your laptop. The usual reason for an update of the BIOS under production to fix a bug identified in the previous version, is to provide new functionality/pick-up load of new devices or operating system settings. If you have no problems with you laptop, then I would leave well alone and run with the BIOS that is already installed.

    The M70 is a very nice unit and I don't know of existing bugs or updates that are essential for this. Take advantage because it's :-)

    Kind regards

  • Need to update Bios for Satellite P100-284

    My Satellite P100-284 has the number PSPA3E
    This does not correspond exactly with any BIOS update files for download from Toshiba.
    Please can someone confirm if the correct file is available?

    Hey Buddy,

    I Don t understand your problem. Just go to this site:

    Choose the correct product type (Notebook), family (Satellite), series of products (series P Satellite) and the model (Satellite P100 PSPA3E).

    Download the WINBIOS file and update your bios...
    So now I ask you again, what is the problem? :)

    Welcome them

  • Need BIOS for Satellite L30 (PSL33E)

    I need the original BIOS for Satellite L30-134 (PSL33E) - I again, but need of origin (older than v 3.10 - date 24/10/07).

    Thanks in advance :-)
    PS the model is PSL33E-00E013G3

    Unfortunately, older versions of BIOS are not available on the Toshiba support page but the service provider authorized in your country can give you the old version.

    Call and ask.

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