Need audio does not play then moved to the new position for audio player

I have an audio player that has a custom calendar and the playhead. I use a start and stop drag to move the time line, but the only way I can do work is to play whenever I release the read head. I want to be arrested if the player is in pause mode and play if the player was playing.

Thanks in advance.

var XMLLoaded:XML = new XML();
XMLLoaded.ignoreWhite = true;
var timesLoaded:Number = 0;
this.createEmptyMovieClip ("sound_mc", this.getNextHighestDepth);
var sound_mc:Sound = new Sound();
var done: Boolean = false;
var XMLSnippits:XML = new XML();
var sStart:Array = new Array;
var sText:Array = new Array;
var sS;
var audioFileLoaded:Boolean = false;
var fileToLoadLink = _root.metaUrl;
var callFile:String;
var XMLMetaData:String;
var totalSecs:Number;
var snippitLength:Number;
var XMLTimer;
var soundLength;
var currentTime;
audioTime var;
var timeUpdate;
var amountLoaded;
var time;
the var position;
var timerStarted:String;
leftLimit var;
rightLimit var
var secLength:Number;
var min;
var dry;
var playHeadPlaying:Boolean = false;
var pausedInterval:Number;

play_btn._visible = true;
pause_btn._visible = false;
button_background._visible = true;
timeline.loader.audioLoaded._width = 0;
Dash._visible = false;
audioTotal._visible = false;
cTime._visible = false;

function startInterval (): Void {}
sS = setInterval (soundStatus, 100);
trace ("startInterval is Running");

function stopInterval (): Void {}
clearInterval (sS);

function soundStatus() {}
amountLoaded = sound_mc.getBytesLoaded () / sound_mc.getBytesTotal ();
time = sound_mc.duration;
position = sound_mc.position;
timeline.loader.audioLoaded._width = amountLoaded * 378;
timeline.playHead._x = position / hour * 378;
trace ("play Interval");

Load the Audio file

function loadAudioFile (): Void {}

trace ("loadAudioFile is executed");

XMLLoaded.onLoad = {function(bSuccess:Boolean):Void}
timerStarted = "no";
If {(bSuccess)
If (XMLLoaded.firstChild.childNodes [0] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] .nodeValue == 'Yes') {}
callFile = XMLLoaded.firstChild.childNodes [1] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] .nodeValue;
trace (timerStarted + "State of the timer");
clearInterval (XMLTimer);
audioFileLoaded = true;
sound_mc.loadSound (callFile, false);
getURL ("javascript:alert('"+callFile+"')", ");

sound_mc. OnLoad = function (bSucess:Boolean): Void {}
If {(bSucess)
This.Start ();
playHeadPlaying = true;
words.htmlText = "Please select a marker."
play_btn._visible = false;
pause_btn._visible = true;
button_background._visible = true;
timeline.playHead.enabled = true;
play_btn._alpha = 100;
play_btn.enabled = true;
button_background._alpha = 100;
clearInterval (XMLTimer);
If (snippitLength > 0) {}
trace (snippitLength + "add markers");
} else {}
trace (snippitLength + "Add timer");

} else {}
if(timesLoaded == 10) {}
trace ("there was an error loading this file");
clearInterval (XMLTimer);
} else {}


function loadXML (): Void {}
XMLMetaData = XMLSnippits.firstChild.childNodes [2] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] .nodeValue;
XMLLoaded.load (XMLMetaData);
timesLoaded += 1
trace ("XML has been loaded" + timesLoaded);
XMLTimer = setInterval (loadXML, 3000);


Load the XML of the Meta data
function fileAdded (): Void {}

trace (sStart);
timeline.playHead.enabled = false;
Words.html = true;

XMLSnippits.ignoreWhite = true;

XMLSnippits.onLoad = {function(bSucess:Boolean):Void}
If {(bSucess)
snippitLength = XMLSnippits.firstChild.childNodes [3].childNodes.length;
trace (snippitLength + "is the length");
for (var j: Number = 0; j < snippitLength; j ++) {}
sStart [j] = XMLSnippits.firstChild.childNodes [3] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [j] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] .nodeValue;
sText [j] = XMLSnippits.firstChild.childNodes [3] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [j] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [4] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] .nodeValue;
var sStart:Number = 53;
Send: var number = 234;
trace ("success");
getURL ("javascript:alert('"+fileToLoadLink+"')", ");
trace (sStart);
} else {}
trace ("Failed");

XMLSnippits.load (fileToLoadLink);
XMLSnippits.load ('call-meta - data .xml');


sound_mc.onSoundComplete = function (): Void {}
finished = true;
play_btn._visible = true;
pause_btn._visible = false;
words.htmlText = "Please select a marker."


play_btn.onRelease = function (): Void {}
{if (audioFileLoaded)}
{if (finished)}
sound_mc. Start();
finished = false;
} else {}
sound_mc. Stop();
sound_mc. Start(sound_mc.position/1000);
pause_btn._visible = true;
play_btn._visible = false;
playHeadPlaying = true;
clearInterval (pausedInterval);
} else {}
words.htmlText = "load your call."
play_btn._alpha = 45;
play_btn. Enabled = false;
button_background._alpha = 45;
trace (sStart + "is the sStart table");

pause_btn.onRelease = function (): Void {}

sound_mc. Stop();
pause_btn._visible = false;
play_btn._visible = true;
playHeadPlaying = false;
pausedInterval = setInterval (updatePlayHead, 100);

timeline.playHead.onPress = function (): Void {}


timeline.playHead.onRelease = function (): Void {}
{if (playHeadPlaying)}

} else {}
sound_mc. Stop


timeline.playHead.onReleaseOutside = function (): Void {}

function startDragger (): Void {}
leftLimit = timeline.loader._x;
rightLimit = timeline.loader._width + timeline.loader._x;
sound_mc. Stop();
play_btn._visible = false;
pause_btn._visible = true;
startDrag (timeline.playHead, false, leftLimit, timeline.loader._y, rightLimit, timeline.loader._y);


function stopDragger (): Void {}
soundLength = sound_mc.duration / 1000;
sound_mc. Start (timeline.playHead._x/timeline._width * soundLength);
trace ("seconds equal:" + timeline.playHead._x/timeline._width * soundLength);

function addMarkers (): Void {}
totalSecs = XMLSnippits.firstChild.childNodes [1] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] .nodeValue;
secLength = timeline.loader._width / totalSecs;
for (var i: Number = 0; i < sStart.length; i ++) {}
timeline.loader.attachMovie ("marker", "marker" + I, i);
Timeline.loader ["Marker" + i] ._x = sStart [i] * secLength;
Timeline.loader ["Marker" + i] ._y = - 3;
trace (i);
trace ("marker" + i + "fact");
trace (timeline.loader ["marker" + i] ._name);
function addTimer (): Void {}
timeUpdate = setInterval (checkTime, 500);
audioTime = convertSecs(sound_mc.duration/1000);
audioTotal.text = audioTime;
trace (CurrentTime);
Words._visible = false;
Dash._visible = true;
cTime._visible = true;
audioTotal._visible = true;

function convertSecs(sec:Number):String {}
s = Math.round (sec);
min = Math.floor (sec/60);
s = s - (min * 60);
seconds = String (Math.round(secs*100)/100);
If ((dry) Number < 10) {}
seconds = '0' + dry;
"return min +": "+ seconds;

function checkTime (): Void {}
currentTime = convertSecs(sound_mc.position/1000);
cTime.text = currentTime;

function updatePlayHead (): Void {}



Clear your pausedInterval.

Tags: Adobe Animate

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    If all else fails, I buy a Windows 7 Upgrade disk and which will still work? Or would I need to buy the complete installation of W7 to "clean up" my system?

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    Jacob S.,.
    Thanks for posting with us.  Have you tried to run MSConfig from safe mode?  If the immediate window does not work, you can right click on your taskbar and start the Task Manager.  From there, you can select file > new task > and then type msconfig in the window.

    With respect to obtaining OEM disc, you may be able to buy them from HP, but since you have replaced the motherboard and then the OEM disc probably does not work.  You should check with HP on this one.

    If you buy the upgrade to Windows 7 you can do a clean install, but it should be started from Windows.  You insert the DVD in the drive so that the desktop, and then select the custom Setup to perform a clean installation.  It will validate your XP before you start the installation.

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    The recovery CD is blank. Never used because I bought the PC (3.5 years). Put the new HARD drive in a USB enclosure and formatted with Windows, tried again with the same result? Put the old HDD, PC starts and works very well. Put the live CD Knoppix and boot from that, works very well. See the new HARD drive.

    Thus, any suggestions are appreciated. The recovery CD Toshiba is defective? In any case to test?

    Thank you


    Sounds like a problem with the recovery disk or the new HARD disk if your computer starts up fine with the old HARD drive...

    In your case before you start a lengthy discussion, you should try a Microsoft Windows disk to install Windows. If he work it seems that only the recovery disk is defective.

    Otherwise, the HARD disk must be defective. Maybe a bad sector or something else

  • using the player for years, this new version available message, choose update, update failed. current version now does not, uninstalled attempted to load the new version of the download site. Download did not say the latest version already exists but is n

    IV ' e use player for years. received message new version available. has chosen the update failed. current version does not now. Drive not installed. I tried downloading newer version of site download failed saying existed, but it doesn't. Help?

    You can try to use this tool first remove all traces of your computer:

    Then you can download the complete player offline installer from

    After downloading, restart your computer and run the Setup program before anything else.

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    How can I get the popup dialog enter the name of the upcoming DNG profile?

    X Rite has not updated the Lightroom Plugin for 2011, and it seems that some users have problems with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. The link below is what I proposed to a single user. The poster did not, so I don't know if it was ever resolved. It works very well on my system Windows 7 using LR 2015.1.1 is most likely a problem of Windows compatibility.

    Re: File - export with Preset question (Lightroom CC)

    Another thing you can try is to put the program file Passport.exe is running in compatibility mode of Windows 7.  Go to the location of folder below and make a right-click on the Passport.exe of the file, then select Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab and check "run this program in compatibility mode for and select"Windows 7"in the drop-down list box (see below)."

    C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Modules\XRiteColorCheckerPassport.lrplugin\w in

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    Hi, I upgraded from 100 gig 250 gig drive hard nice clean installation, worked perfect. Turn off the laptop, turn back on and only bios are accessible, without window, just a black screen with a small white bar flashing at the top of the screen. Put old drive in, everything works fine and in disk management the new shows drive but are not accessible? Anyone got a clue?

    Now I found the answer to my problem. Acer Aspire9802 WKMI recovery allows only 32 GB max loading mbr, therefore partitioned readers with a free partitioner and ye he

    The free program, I called EASUS PARTITION MASTER, dead easy to use for a novice like me! and with an instruction book complete in pdf format

    every 4 years, 21 '' screen singin' and laptop dance - now considered to be old!

    I guess if the sata drive is the same sata version as controller on your laptop, that's to say sata 1 or 2 or 3
    And if a later version of the sata it's backward compatible?

    Use the utility disk provided by the manufacturer of the drive check

  • Flex app does not work when moved from the original location

    I'm doing a gallery of images in flex. It works when I run it in Flex Builder perfectly fine. Files html and swf works perfectly well open in any browser too, but ONLY when these files and all related files are open to the default location where the application has been generated in bin-debug folder. When I export a generation to another folder, the swf file loads but no other information from the display of the xml file. I tried to set all paths reference files (that is, the xml language) in the flex application to the absolute exact location on the server, and it did not work when I downloaded it on the server.

    I tried several approaches from scratch and they all arrive at the same question. I work with a teaching for Flex Builder License, I'm not sure if they jip you on those and ruin the compiled swf.

    Help, please! I'm losing my mind on that. I think it has to do with something else, in addition to the code because it works fine when I click 'Run', but if someone thinks it is helps for the zip code let me know.

    Often this is because you must add the - use-network = true compiler option in FlexBuilder menu bar:

    Project - Properties - Flex Compiler - additional compiler arguments:

    Add - use-network = true, and then recompile and post back to the server, should work fine.

    Note: If you create a "Release" version and move elsewhere on your local computer, you may need to add - use-network = true, and then recompile the application to access local resources outside the Flex Builder environment.

    If this post answers your question or assistance, please mark it as such.

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    I use the TV TV8245
    I want to take this to a presentation

    I create a ddd.wmv file. This file is located on a storage DLNA.
    I see this film one I can play this with MediaPlayer
    But at the end of the stop of the film and is NOT from the beginning.
    How can I fix with TV

    1. I create a movie file very Long
    2. I copy several files in the same directory

    The problem is very long film the file size is so BIG
    More one the Loding to the following decoding file is 1 Minute

    Anyone have an idea how I can solve this
    Kind regards

    Hello again

    I have test it with photo.
    But this problem is after loading the image next I see on the screen the text of decoding for 2 seconds.

    How do I turn off this message...

    THX for the help

  • Embed the video does not stop when moving to the next slide...


    I have a swf file that has 10 slides.

    2 blades have video integrated inside. His works well when I look at continlusly and better bandwidth, but when I tried on lower bandwidth then the video takes time to appear. On average while when clicked on the next slide to ignore the video, overlapping sound happens.

    So what are the best way to stop the previous video of the slide with voice so overcome that problem.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you

    Jonathan morsa

    Have you tried using Insert > FLV or F4V option to see if it works differently to you regarding audio turn off when you switch to the next slide in the file?

    Insofar as the loading time of your videos, try adjusting your project to a higher percentage preloader, for example 50% or more.  However, in general, I would say that you don't place video files even moderately heavy on the slides to the beginning of your project.

  • When you select a contact in your contacts list which does not use an iPhone, are the menu options for this contact that is supposed to display text green or blue?

    Hi there, this is not necessarily a problem, but I was wondering if you could awnswer this. I recently adding some new contacts to my contact list, who are both using android phones is said by the way and noticed that options for these contacts, such as: Send Message, share contact, add to Favorites, block this caller, as well as the options of call and text, are all displayed in blue text. I could have sworn at a certain point my contact options were displayed in green text for users of android and blue text only if this contact was using an iPhone. So I looked through my contacts, I needed to update some of my contacts anyway information and discovered that even the options of contact for non-iPhone users were posted in a blue text. I know that iMessage is always displayed in blue, and that regular messages always appear green, it is always the case when I text someone. I know that's really not a big deal, but still when I really could have sworn that the colors are different depending on whether my contacts using iPhones or not. Don't know if a blue font for the selection of these options would have is part of an update or not, or if it was always supposed to be the appearance of these options. If you could tell me what colors your iPhones display when you select a contact from your contact list, and if this would be something that would be possible to change if these colors are supposed to differ, it would be highly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this, once again, I know this is really not very problematic, but I am always curious about it. Thanks to a bouquet.

    This text is blue, no matter that the person has an iPhone, Android phone, landline phone or not phone. Contacts don't 'knows' what kind of phone is connected to the number.

  • Creative cloud does not appear purchuased apps on the new laptop computer

    Hello, recently I changed the laptop, and after installing the creative cloud Office, I discovered that any purchased apps are listed in it after I have connected with Adobe ID I have a confirmation e-mail that I bought Adobe Illustration plan year, but it is not reflected in the desktop application. What should I do?

    Your subscription to cloud shows correctly on your account page? for subscriptions on your page from Adobe

    If you have more than one email, you will be sure that you use the right Adobe ID?


    If Yes

    Sign out of your account of cloud... Restart your computer... Connect to your paid account of cloud

    -Connect using




    -ID help



    If no

    This is an open forum, Adobe support... you need Adobe personnel to help

    Adobe contact information -

    Chat/phone: Mon - Fri 05:00-19:00 (US Pacific Time)<=== note="" days="" and="">

    -Select your product and what you need help with

    -Click on the blue box "still need help? Contact us. "

Maybe you are looking for