Need audio drivers for a Satellite A40-241

I'm looking for audio drivers for a Satellite A40-241.
There is no audio drivers in the download page for this model and the computer crashed while trying to install the latest Realtek AC 97 drivers.



> computer crashed while trying to install the latest Realtek AC 97 drivers
I m not surprised! You tried to install a bad dude driver sound ;)

> I'm looking for audio drivers for a Satellite A40-241

What page did you check?
I visited the page of driver of Toshiba and found the audio driver Analog Devices Inc. v
This driver has been designed with an XP operating system.

Best regards

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    1. what exactly happens when you try to play to any audio?

    2. What is the exact model of your computer?

    I suggest to select the appropriate template from the computer and then try to download and install the drivers from the link.

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    I can help find you the drivers, because it is so easy to find them using and your machine name or search engine forum of it s.

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    What operating system do you use?
    Satellite L300-14 x belongs to the PSLB0E series.

    You can find all the drivers on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Choose your model laptop and you will find drivers for Win Vista, Win 7 and XP!

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    USB controller
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    Unknown device

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    Drivers for all supported operating systems, you can download it from

    What operating system do you use?

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    What you mean with the drivers work? Nave that you have installed drivers 'non-functional '? Which one?

    The fact is that the list of tools and utilities for Windows XP Home and Vista edition are not the same because some of them no longer exist. That's all.

    All WORKS WELL drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on Toshiba page under for assistance

  • Need two drivers for my Satellite L850-13R


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    2 unknown device (location: on system compatible ACPI Microsoft)
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    Can you identify the two devices by following the advice on

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    The fact is that XP can be installed on the A210 and XP will run.
    On the European driver Toshiba page, you will find some common XP drivers, but not all.
    If you miss some XP drivers graphic driver, audio driver, etc. use the XP drivers from the manufacturer of the chip or the Satellite series others which have been equipped with the same features and as A210!

    Have you seen this thread?

    It s interesting and useful

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    Service packs are supported?

    Can U suggest me...

    It is a Toshiba laptop that was specially designed for the American market.
    You should visit the Web from Toshiba site we and should look for here.

    If you will not find the correct drivers, then you might try some single XP drivers went out for another series of laptop computers which was equipped with the same features as your A135-S2386.

    Good luck

  • Need some drivers for my Satellite C660


    I tried these last days download drivers sound card for my laptop and the display. I filtered to find the most appropriate for my laptop, downloaded, extracts, he wonder then confirm that I am happy for changes at this time, nothing happens. I tried with several different downloads and none of them seem to be installing.

    Can anyone help?

    I don't know who don't C660 you exactly and what operating system you use, but all the drivers, tools and utilities for your model mobile, you can find on the download page of Toshiba -

    Just choose your model of laptop, operating system, and you'll find all the.
    By the way: is there a problem with your machine or you simply want to update some drivers?

  • Need some drivers for my Satellite A100 WXP


    because the virus had to reinstall windows XP. found most of the readers on the site disappeared.

    However still not get wlan and lan to work. still not working shows in Device Manager: * Ethernet controller, mass storage controller, SM Bus controller.*, network controller

    I'm not more skilled with the PC, so in the hope of a few simple instructions: P

    I found the drivers LAN from here: [ |] but if I redirect disk update file are preserved, does not recognize the above controllers (maybe they are not related to the LAN?)

    I just want to make it for the internet still works once it's my wifes laptop and after almost two weeks trying without success is not happier.

    Any help is appreciated.

    At has first of all tell us please what A100 you exactly (A100-xxx).

  • Need graphics drivers for my Satellite P100 WXP


    not sure if I'm good sector. I have the Satellite P100 T5200 I recently installed Windows XP SP2 home edition. It came with Vista. I was not sent a driver CD, but I have managed to find most of them since the formatting of Vista, but I can't find a video driver. Thank you


    Satellite P100 laptop computers were shipped with different hardware specifications!
    You check the full name for laptop (P100-xxx) and visit the Toshiba driver page.

    Choose the right laptop series (you can find the serial number on the label) and download the XP graphics driver for the graphics card right!

    If you are not able to find the right graphic driver for XP, I would recommend research for a compatible graphics card manufacturing sites.

    Good luck

  • Re: Need drivers for my Satellite A210 - 10 c


    I need all drivers for Toshiba Satellite A210 - 10 c.
    Can someone tell me where I can find it, or if the drivers are the same on the other model?

    Thank you
    João T

    Not looking properly!
    The A210 is old. Drivers are moved to * archives * e box.

    So in + product + type (first option) you can choose * archives * instead of laptop!

  • Need a driver for TOSHIBA SATELLITE 1620

    Please, I need a drivers for TOSHIBA SATELLITE 1620:
    Video: ATI3D-RAGE LT PRO

    or the image of the original CD.
    My e-mail is [email protected]

    Thank you

    Hi Milan

    The original CD image can be controlled only by the authorized service partner and cannot be downloaded. Drivers, tools and utilities can be downloaded from the download from Toshiba site.

    Good bye

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