Need audio.

No audio output device installed and no option under device even when showing hidden devices Manager. Help, please


The following article might be worth a visit:

Windows 7 - no sound in Windows
(valid for XP - Vista - 7)

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  • Need Audio drivers for Windows 7 installed in HP pavilion dx5000 Laptop (laptop)

    I need audio drivers for HP pavilion laptop computer dx5000 (notebook) that can work with Windows7


    1. what exactly happens when you try to play to any audio?

    2. What is the exact model of your computer?

    I suggest to select the appropriate template from the computer and then try to download and install the drivers from the link.

    No sound in Windows:

    For all windows questions do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

  • Satellite L500-14F - need audio driver for XP


    I would like to ask your help with the following problem:

    I bought a Satellite L500-14F (PLSJTE) and I would like to use it with windows XP, but I failed get the audio driver.

    I would appreciate your help!


    The Satellite L500 doesn t supports Windows XP then you will need to look for other pilot sites.

    In your case I am looking on the site of the factory of the sound chip. Normally, you can also download the audio driver.

    And don t forget to install SP3 before installing the audio driver. SP3 contains 2 fixes for Audio cards high definition and you will need!

  • need audio mono via headphones

    I was using a phone LG Optimus L90. A primary use of my smartphone is going to be like a music device. The L90 was very good, with the exception of a drawback as such, the speaker was in the back of the phone. Recently, I came to realize how well LG sets up their phones. I find that I can't do without at least a LG, mono audio output characteristic, and since my audience is slightly lower in the left ear, I could use balance between the L - R channels as well. These two parameters are on LG phones in general settings in the section under the heading of hearing accessibility. These settings are there to help people with hearing impairments. It is admirable of LG, nevertheless that it confuses me greatly to know that these settings are not the standard Android adjustments available in the sound settings section. I am not hearing impaired, but I have a strong preference for listening to music in mono in particular when listening through headphones. I don't really like music that was arbitrarily divided into channel components, that is not the way I listen to music. I listen to a lot of historical records that were not particularly well rendered in stereo. Yesterday I listened to one of my favorite artists. This guy was ahead of his time, in harmonic and rhythmic terms, but he played with a rhythm section of his time who were mediocre, at best. It is the type of stereo Audio on my LG L90 has been defined. and the music sounded terrible. Stereo was separated on the drummer, almost all alone in a channel he used brushes making its very sharp, distracting, if not downright annoying, as it was just time for maintaining a way boring and repetitive. The music sounded so terrible, and I love this artist so much, I've adjusted the audio back to Mono so I was driving home in the car. He did an enormous qualitative difference in the listenability of this track to the drummer in the group where it really doesn't have its evil. This is just one example. In general, I find mono more reliable for music playback, so I would probably put audio in mono and leave it there just to avoid experiences like that I just described. If you want me to expose on the theory behind my preference for mono audio output, I do reluctantly. But here's something to consider for Google and Motorola. I find that listening in stereo through headphones is very distracting, unpleasantly awkward for me. Now, have you ever heard of the distracted driving as a result of the use of the cell phone? This is the big problem.

    In any case, to continue, I am disappointed that my new Moto G 3rd gen doesn't support mono audio output. Frankly, which is a deal breaker for me because I use my smartphone to listen to music, and I find stereo headphones to be distracting, unequal, unbalanced and often inaudible. I'm not thrilled about installing buggy 3rd party applications like PowerAmp, or using clumsy from stereo to mono plug adapters. Regarding the latter, is there a problem with impedance matching when you use such an adapter? Another concern is that mono audio output audio stereo WRT with loss? You know, I saw a hack for Mono Audio Out in less than 20 lines of code (on XDA). Why Motorola cannot provide a fix for this? Stereo/Mono is a fundamental parameter for listening to music. And throw into the balance between channels from left to right while you're there. I feel that LG is the only one who has any common sense in this regard. It makes no sense to produce a listening complex as the smartphone device and provides no user choices listens to Basic.

    So, in practice, for this device works for me as I want, I need to root it. Is it not so?

  • No sound don't need audio drivers of DV8-1093

    I have a HP DV8 - 1093 note book unning Windows 7 64

    Everything was nice util that I use Driver Genius for update my drivers after runnin that Driver Genius 11 no. MORE SOUND comes the DV8

    I suspect this stupid Driver genius to laod a bad audio driver

    Where can I find the right driver to install?

    Thank you


    Please answer by the forum my direct email address is no longer valid, and I don't know how to change

    Hi, Francis:

    It would be the driver that you need your PC support and driver page...

  • I need audio driver Pavilion 17-e112dx


    I need driver audio Pavilion 17-e1t12dx. My RS is windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. I have a driver to install, but it is not work.

    When I try to run, an error has occurred: cannot run the test tone.

    I have the following driver:

    second option in the list.

    I checked the settings and I have not found any conflict, but audio does not work.

    Thank you.

    Good night

    How to install driver audio HP 17 e112dx:

    Please follow it below mentioned steps to isolate the problem:

    1. install the Windows 7 SP1:

    2. After installing audio driver (Realtek site):

    Accept the agreement. Download and install the driver for the second on the list.

    File: 64bit_Win7_Win8_Win81_R275

    My OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

    It worked perfectly.

    Good luck.

  • Need audio drivers and modem for Tecra A6

    I couldn't find the drivers (audio + modem) Tecra A6 EZ6411 for Windows XP SP2 home edition.


    and why you n t visit the Toshiba driver page and download the correct drivers?

    The Toshiba driver page provides drivers XP for Tecra A6 PTA60E and Tecra A6 PTA61E.
    If you n t know which Tecra you check exactly please the label at the bottom of the unit.

    I hope and think that everything is clear now.

    Have a nice day ;)

  • Need audio drivers for a Satellite A40-241

    I'm looking for audio drivers for a Satellite A40-241.
    There is no audio drivers in the download page for this model and the computer crashed while trying to install the latest Realtek AC 97 drivers.


    > computer crashed while trying to install the latest Realtek AC 97 drivers
    I m not surprised! You tried to install a bad dude driver sound ;)

    > I'm looking for audio drivers for a Satellite A40-241

    What page did you check?
    I visited the page of driver of Toshiba and found the audio driver Analog Devices Inc. v
    This driver has been designed with an XP operating system.

    Best regards

  • Need audio XP drivers for Satellite L300 (PCI-Device)


    I installed windows xp pro on my satellite l300 and now I am looking for the drivers get all devices running.

    Unfortunately, I can't find the drivers for "PCI Device" which is, I suppose, the audio device. Also, I can't find any information about the manufacturer of this device.

    So can someone please tell me where I can find these drivers?


    The L300 is a new series on the market. I checked the page European driver of Toshiba and it seems that XP drivers are not being released at this time

    What to say to boyfriend. I think you have to wait until Toshiba release all the XP drivers for this series L300

    By the way; As far as I know a few series L300 is equipped with the chip Realtek audio.

    If the its doesn't work under Win XP you could install the audio driver from Realtek site.

    Best regards

  • Movement is useless if you need Audio

    I really don't understand how this app has been broken regarding audio for so long.

    I have a few questions that appeared with Motion 3, if I remember correctly these two questions are always in movement 5 and these issues were transferred in any other Mac too.

    Question 1: Motion 1 and 2 have been able to play my animated graphic and audio at the same time without any problems. I use audio in my motion graphics, of course. You have your sound FX, transition sounds, foley sounds and music. You have audio in video clips that you use, such as talking heads, etc. I did a project where I had a comics guy talk and I used an audio behavior to animate his mouth with the audio waveform. Good things.

    Movement 5 cannot play audio without clipping sounds. I have a Mac Pro 8 Core with bi 2013 - GPU 700, 32 GB of RAM and a TB Thunderbolt 2 RAID 10 disk that reads 930 Mbps. It modifies the RED images in real time so I think that it can read from small sounds.

    I have a simple project in this moment I have a few transition like whoosh and swish sounds, using sounds own Apple CAF on my system came with Final Cut Pro X. When I press the play button, the sounds are clipping or don't play at all. He cuts the first second or two before starting playback of the sound. If the sound is only in a second time, you don't even hear it.

    What boggles my mind is that Motion 5 same audio clips so I did a RAM Preview. He will play the audio.

    Question 2: after making a film ProRes of my Motion project, certain sounds are distorted. I've seen this issue with the movement for years. The audio sounds very good movement. I put the volume of it-4 db. I have not put on Jack up to + 6. Render out, looks like it's all deformed as it passes through a rock guitar amp.

    I have attached a sample of film QuickTime of this distortion sound (the sound of discharge is distorted).

    I really like Motion 5 but I'll have to go to After Effects, if I can't fix this audio problem. For this project, I work now, which must today, I'll have to keep this Final Cut Pro X and do the audio he. It's crazy, and it denies also all behaviors audio wonderful I could use.

    Number 3: When I use the behavior Audio Fade In / Fade Out, he Faints, but in the end, volume breaks out back for a fraction of a second before he became silent. So it's a bland, bland, quiet, split second volume full, silent. I'll have to manually key frame it to fade.

    Anyone else having these issues, or is it just me? Someone at - he found a solution for this?

    Thank you!

    Hi Scott,.

    I had problems with M5 until recently. Audio would stutter and delay making any sort of audio animation an impossibility. But now, which has stopped, and I don't know why. I've not being updated at El Cap again. I think he played with 5.2.1 and continued with 5.2.2 but as I said now has resolved itself.

    What about other audio issues, audio and deformation fades. I dropped many years ago doing any kind of audio work in motion. I don't think it is built for this kind of thing. Usually I create a rough bed, use it as a guide, and then import the exported file the motion in fcpx or logic and finish than the audio.

    Thank you


  • No sound: I need Audio installHD Driver PKG KB888111 for WindowsXP Professional, 2002, Service Pack 3

    Tried fix, does not support my service Pack3 read all the tutorials, I accidentally uninstalled my audio driver and now have no sound anywhere, CD ROM, nothing...

    Assuming that you have sound chip built into your motherboard, drivers found on your motherboard site. When a name brand PC or laptop, on the site of decision makers

  • I need audio driver for presario c700

    Hello everyone.

    I have Compaq presario C700.

    Serial number is: C740EE

    I have problem in its definition.

    Please help me to find audio driver for my computer.

    My operating system is: windows xp professional (5.1 bulid 2600).

    Thanks in advance.


    First install correct MS - SAU:

    MS-UAA for XP with SP2 (required with a reboot before the Audio driver and Modem) here


    MS-UAA for XP with SP3 (required with a reboot before the Audio driver and Modem) here

    When you go to this download:

    Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221 here

    Unzip it to a folder... Use the device, right click "Audio Device on HD" Manager, choose Update driver,
    Not to communicate,
    Install from a list or specific location,
    Select don't search, I will choose the driver to install.
    For the hardware Type select 'show all devices '.
    Remove control "Show compatible hardware" and click on 'disk '.
    Next... Navigate to the unzipped folder and choose the "WiSVHe5.inf".
    Ignore XP when it complains.

  • Need audio does not play then moved to the new position for audio player

    I have an audio player that has a custom calendar and the playhead. I use a start and stop drag to move the time line, but the only way I can do work is to play whenever I release the read head. I want to be arrested if the player is in pause mode and play if the player was playing.

    Thanks in advance.

    var XMLLoaded:XML = new XML();
    XMLLoaded.ignoreWhite = true;
    var timesLoaded:Number = 0;
    this.createEmptyMovieClip ("sound_mc", this.getNextHighestDepth);
    var sound_mc:Sound = new Sound();
    var done: Boolean = false;
    var XMLSnippits:XML = new XML();
    var sStart:Array = new Array;
    var sText:Array = new Array;
    var sS;
    var audioFileLoaded:Boolean = false;
    var fileToLoadLink = _root.metaUrl;
    var callFile:String;
    var XMLMetaData:String;
    var totalSecs:Number;
    var snippitLength:Number;
    var XMLTimer;
    var soundLength;
    var currentTime;
    audioTime var;
    var timeUpdate;
    var amountLoaded;
    var time;
    the var position;
    var timerStarted:String;
    leftLimit var;
    rightLimit var
    var secLength:Number;
    var min;
    var dry;
    var playHeadPlaying:Boolean = false;
    var pausedInterval:Number;

    play_btn._visible = true;
    pause_btn._visible = false;
    button_background._visible = true;
    timeline.loader.audioLoaded._width = 0;
    Dash._visible = false;
    audioTotal._visible = false;
    cTime._visible = false;

    function startInterval (): Void {}
    sS = setInterval (soundStatus, 100);
    trace ("startInterval is Running");

    function stopInterval (): Void {}
    clearInterval (sS);

    function soundStatus() {}
    amountLoaded = sound_mc.getBytesLoaded () / sound_mc.getBytesTotal ();
    time = sound_mc.duration;
    position = sound_mc.position;
    timeline.loader.audioLoaded._width = amountLoaded * 378;
    timeline.playHead._x = position / hour * 378;
    trace ("play Interval");

    Load the Audio file

    function loadAudioFile (): Void {}

    trace ("loadAudioFile is executed");

    XMLLoaded.onLoad = {function(bSuccess:Boolean):Void}
    timerStarted = "no";
    If {(bSuccess)
    If (XMLLoaded.firstChild.childNodes [0] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] .nodeValue == 'Yes') {}
    callFile = XMLLoaded.firstChild.childNodes [1] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] .nodeValue;
    trace (timerStarted + "State of the timer");
    clearInterval (XMLTimer);
    audioFileLoaded = true;
    sound_mc.loadSound (callFile, false);
    getURL ("javascript:alert('"+callFile+"')", ");

    sound_mc. OnLoad = function (bSucess:Boolean): Void {}
    If {(bSucess)
    This.Start ();
    playHeadPlaying = true;
    words.htmlText = "Please select a marker."
    play_btn._visible = false;
    pause_btn._visible = true;
    button_background._visible = true;
    timeline.playHead.enabled = true;
    play_btn._alpha = 100;
    play_btn.enabled = true;
    button_background._alpha = 100;
    clearInterval (XMLTimer);
    If (snippitLength > 0) {}
    trace (snippitLength + "add markers");
    } else {}
    trace (snippitLength + "Add timer");

    } else {}
    if(timesLoaded == 10) {}
    trace ("there was an error loading this file");
    clearInterval (XMLTimer);
    } else {}


    function loadXML (): Void {}
    XMLMetaData = XMLSnippits.firstChild.childNodes [2] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] .nodeValue;
    XMLLoaded.load (XMLMetaData);
    timesLoaded += 1
    trace ("XML has been loaded" + timesLoaded);
    XMLTimer = setInterval (loadXML, 3000);


    Load the XML of the Meta data
    function fileAdded (): Void {}

    trace (sStart);
    timeline.playHead.enabled = false;
    Words.html = true;

    XMLSnippits.ignoreWhite = true;

    XMLSnippits.onLoad = {function(bSucess:Boolean):Void}
    If {(bSucess)
    snippitLength = XMLSnippits.firstChild.childNodes [3].childNodes.length;
    trace (snippitLength + "is the length");
    for (var j: Number = 0; j < snippitLength; j ++) {}
    sStart [j] = XMLSnippits.firstChild.childNodes [3] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [j] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] .nodeValue;
    sText [j] = XMLSnippits.firstChild.childNodes [3] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [j] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [4] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] .nodeValue;
    var sStart:Number = 53;
    Send: var number = 234;
    trace ("success");
    getURL ("javascript:alert('"+fileToLoadLink+"')", ");
    trace (sStart);
    } else {}
    trace ("Failed");

    XMLSnippits.load (fileToLoadLink);
    XMLSnippits.load ('call-meta - data .xml');


    sound_mc.onSoundComplete = function (): Void {}
    finished = true;
    play_btn._visible = true;
    pause_btn._visible = false;
    words.htmlText = "Please select a marker."


    play_btn.onRelease = function (): Void {}
    {if (audioFileLoaded)}
    {if (finished)}
    sound_mc. Start();
    finished = false;
    } else {}
    sound_mc. Stop();
    sound_mc. Start(sound_mc.position/1000);
    pause_btn._visible = true;
    play_btn._visible = false;
    playHeadPlaying = true;
    clearInterval (pausedInterval);
    } else {}
    words.htmlText = "load your call."
    play_btn._alpha = 45;
    play_btn. Enabled = false;
    button_background._alpha = 45;
    trace (sStart + "is the sStart table");

    pause_btn.onRelease = function (): Void {}

    sound_mc. Stop();
    pause_btn._visible = false;
    play_btn._visible = true;
    playHeadPlaying = false;
    pausedInterval = setInterval (updatePlayHead, 100);

    timeline.playHead.onPress = function (): Void {}


    timeline.playHead.onRelease = function (): Void {}
    {if (playHeadPlaying)}

    } else {}
    sound_mc. Stop


    timeline.playHead.onReleaseOutside = function (): Void {}

    function startDragger (): Void {}
    leftLimit = timeline.loader._x;
    rightLimit = timeline.loader._width + timeline.loader._x;
    sound_mc. Stop();
    play_btn._visible = false;
    pause_btn._visible = true;
    startDrag (timeline.playHead, false, leftLimit, timeline.loader._y, rightLimit, timeline.loader._y);


    function stopDragger (): Void {}
    soundLength = sound_mc.duration / 1000;
    sound_mc. Start (timeline.playHead._x/timeline._width * soundLength);
    trace ("seconds equal:" + timeline.playHead._x/timeline._width * soundLength);

    function addMarkers (): Void {}
    totalSecs = XMLSnippits.firstChild.childNodes [1] Sublst.ChildNodes(1).ChildNodes(0) [0] .nodeValue;
    secLength = timeline.loader._width / totalSecs;
    for (var i: Number = 0; i < sStart.length; i ++) {}
    timeline.loader.attachMovie ("marker", "marker" + I, i);
    Timeline.loader ["Marker" + i] ._x = sStart [i] * secLength;
    Timeline.loader ["Marker" + i] ._y = - 3;
    trace (i);
    trace ("marker" + i + "fact");
    trace (timeline.loader ["marker" + i] ._name);
    function addTimer (): Void {}
    timeUpdate = setInterval (checkTime, 500);
    audioTime = convertSecs(sound_mc.duration/1000);
    audioTotal.text = audioTime;
    trace (CurrentTime);
    Words._visible = false;
    Dash._visible = true;
    cTime._visible = true;
    audioTotal._visible = true;

    function convertSecs(sec:Number):String {}
    s = Math.round (sec);
    min = Math.floor (sec/60);
    s = s - (min * 60);
    seconds = String (Math.round(secs*100)/100);
    If ((dry) Number < 10) {}
    seconds = '0' + dry;
    "return min +": "+ seconds;

    function checkTime (): Void {}
    currentTime = convertSecs(sound_mc.position/1000);
    cTime.text = currentTime;

    function updatePlayHead (): Void {}


    Clear your pausedInterval.

  • I received an email with a MOV file need audio to play on Windows Vista.

    I followed the prompt that says right click and save as a file tarket successfully.  My computer sysem is Windows Vista.


    1. What is the error message or an exact error code?

    2. using an email client or webmail?

    I would suggest trying the following steps and check if it helps.

    Step 1: Download and save the post .mov file and save it to the desktop. Do not save the file as target.

    Step 2: Right click on the downloaded file and try to play in Windows Media Player.

    It may be useful

  • Windows XP; No noise, Code 10, need to HELP Audio!

    I have a Gateway laptop with windows XP. I deleted a non-Windows program, and it took my sound with it. After looking at all & put thru to update all the drivers, I found in 'Advanced Volume Audio Controls' I "No. Device" in reading or recording. Now, he tells me he needs a "table of mixer with volume control. There are a lot of mixers of music out there, but one that is good. I also had this code 10. Also need Audio driver "ATI SB400 PCI AC 97" Microsoft approved.  Any help is more than good! Thank you, Stephen B


    You can follow the steps from the link: errors Code 10 Description that generates the Device Manager in Windows computers:

    You can also run the troubleshooting utility from the link: no sound in Windows:

    Here is the link to the manufacturer's website:

Maybe you are looking for