need driver audio beats for pavilion dv7t - 6 c 00 product a1l69av

I had to replace the hard drive and restore my computer but I do not see the driver audio beats? can someone tell me where to find the link?



Download and install the IDT Audio driver on the relevant link below - this should also provide the graphical interface of beats.

IDT Audio Driver - Windows 7

Driver Audio IDT - Windows 8

When the installation is complete, restart the laptop.

Kind regards

DP - K

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  • Need driver audio beats

    I recently installed Windows 7 on my laptop and I'm not able to find driver audio beats or the software.

    My laptop model hp pavilion p077tx

    If possible give me link\s for the download.

    (my laptop came with the software audio preloaded beats and earn 8.1 but due to some resons I went to win 7)

    Thanking you


    Try the Realtek HD Audio software at the following link - this should also install the Beats audio interface.

    Realtek HD Audio Driver - Windows 7 64 bit.

    After the installation is complete, restart the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • driver audio Beats for new installation of windows 8


    Thank you

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  • I need driver audio WinXP for Pavillion DV6599ee


    I installed WinXP on my Pavillion DV6599ee but I can not correct audio driver for this laptop.

    Can someone please give me a link to the correct audio driver for WinXP for Pavillion DV6599ee?

    Thank you.

    Thanks CherylG. I'll follow your instructions and let you know how it went.

    Kind regards.

  • I need driver audio for hp pavilion dv6000 xp operating system

    I need driver audio for hp pavilion dv6000 xp operating system


    Please read the XP downgrade guide at the link below:

    If you really have a model dv6000 and not a dv6700 or higher, the guide to install the audio drivers for model you series are under the section titled 1. E Modelisation asy


  • I need driver audio windows enterprise 8 for asrock g41m-vs3 r2.0 new windows is loaded, but not his driver .other that I got take advantage of windows 8 Please help.

    I need driver audio windows enterprise 8 for asrock g41m-vs3 r2.0 new windows is loaded, but not his driver .other that I got take advantage of windows 8 Please help.

    According to this site: R2.0
    There is no driver Win8 MB for. You can try to install the Win7 audio driver in compatibility mode.

    According to VIA, this Windows 8 driver:
    supports the VT1705 chipset, which is what your MB.
    (Step 1 - Windows
    Step 2 - Windows 8 bits - xx
    Step 3 - audio
    Step 4 - VIA HD Audio codec VT1702S, VT1705 VT1708B, VT1708S, VT1716S, VT1718S)

    SC Tom

  • Need driver sound WXP for Satellite A100 - 044 PSAANE

    I bought a new laptop Satellite A100-044 PSAANE with Vista as operating system; I downgraded to Windows XP and I have downloaded all the drivers required for the Web from Toshiba site; But still I have no sound in my laptop.
    Can someone help to solve this problem please?
    Please note that I have this driver from the Web site: sound-xp-51005345_2
    and I get this error message: "Bad DirectSound driver. Please install the proper drivers. error 88780078 "code
    I'm waiting for your answer please


    I checked the page of the Toshiba driver and the PSANNE Sat A100-044 need driver audio XP version The zip file is called sound - xp -
    You have downloaded a sound-xp-51005345_2. Maybe's it a difference between these two audio drivers.

    Please check the txt-file of installation instruction on the driver page. This document contains an install command that is very important.

    One question; have you installed the latest DirectX software available?
    Remember that this software has been installed. It s necessary to the operation of sound and graphics.
    You can start this tool by typing the command: dxdiag

  • HP elitebook 840 g3: need driver Win PE for hp elitebook 840 g3


    I need driver Win PE for hp elitebook 840 g3.

    I download

    But I don't have the driver of WinPE.

    Where I can finf them?

    Thank you

    HP Windows PE 3.0 Client x 86 and x 64 package driver

    64 bit




    32 bit

    sp71913\hp_dt_nb_wks_1.05\x86_winpe3\network\intel\P00KEKB2\Flat\Win7-32\E1D6232. INF

    sp71913\hp_dt_nb_wks_1.05\x86_winpe3\network\intel\P00KGTB2\Flat\E1D\E1D6232. INF

  • Need Driver Wireless Lan for Satellite C670D-126 for widows 7-64 bit

    Need Driver Wireless Lan for Satellite C670D-126 for Widows 7-64 bit PSC4AE
    I can't download the file driver Lan Wireless page

    Thank you

    The Satellite C670D-126 laptop supports Atheros AR9285 802.11bgn / Bluetooth combo card.

    You can download the driver here:

  • need bios pwd reset for Pavilion 15-n013dx win8 halt-code 65925557

    need bios pwd reset for Pavilion 15-n013dx win8 serl # [redacted for privacy] halt-code 65925557

    A used Guigou the laptop computer and the password of the bios.  I see that you have a way to run the stop code to an access code.   It's an allmost new PC and I prefer not to take he goes looking for the reset pins.

    Try the DNF.



    I must inform you that these services are not endorsed by HP, and that HP is not responsible for any damages that may occur to your system using these services. Please be aware that you do so at your own risk.

  • need driver or difficulty for Ricoh memory stick control

    need driver or difficulty for Ricoh memory stick control on laptop lenovo ibm

    Hello rodreeder,

    The driver should be provided by the manufacturer of the device.

    My recommendation is to go to their site and download/install the latest version of the driver.

    Best regards


  • need driver or app for ' beats audio control center "for HP Envy 14 1110nr

    Hi all

    I have a HP Envy 14 model 1110nr. A while back I reformatted my computer and I tried to restore it to its 'presets' and something went wrong during the format. So I tried to use my recovery disks that I had done and for some reason whenever I got to the last disk as 86% done I would get an error and the installation from the recovery discs would not work.

    For awhile, I thought maybe that could drive was bad, but after much research, I saw that a few people with my laptop even "HP Envy 14" had exactly the same problem in trying to use their recovery disks. If a guy said that he solved the problem by downloading Windows 7 64 bit and fresh install of iso of windows 7. So I did and it was working fine, and now I have my laptop works very well. One thing however that I do not have the Beats Audio Control center app came with my laptop. I tried to look on the official site of HP drivers however I can't find anything that has to do with «Beats Audio»

    Did someone here knows where I can download either the driver for the "centre of control audio beats" or application if a driver is not required?

    I would like to get the app to control audio specific beats for my laptop-> "HP Envy 14 1110nr".

    If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would great appreciate it...

    Thank you all for your time and your help.

    Here are the specifications of your HP ENVY 14-1110nr laptop computer. Here are 14-1110nr HP the HP Software Driver Downloads page . The original IDT Audio driver is available for download on this page. A newer version is available HERE. The new version contains the control user interface updates audio Beats and audio enhancement.

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  • Need driver audio for Satellite A200 - 1 M 8 (PSAE6)

    I put Windows XP on my laptop. Downloaded and installed all the drivers for the Toshiba web page. But what of my laptop: need driver for "audio device on high definition audio bus".
    What is - this and where I can get this driver?

    You can find it here

    tell me if it worked coz he doesn't on mine (A200 - 1 M 8) and I have no sound except for the usual "beep"

    Good luck

  • Need driver modem WXP for my Satellite L40 - 17R

    Dear all,

    I installed Windows XP in my SATELLITE L40 - computer 17R laptop but my modem is not connected, my Device Manager shows tthat? (!) MODEM DEVICE ON HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO BUS, where I can get driver appropriate to do this, I wouldn't find in the TOSHIBA Site. Please help me.

    A more unknown device appears in Device Manager, please help me.


    Hey Buddy

    I think I'll start with basic information;
    Laptop you seems to belong to the series of PSL4C;
    You must choose this series if you download the drivers;

    On the other hand; If you use XP on this unit, you will need to update the BIOS to the XP version.

    Last but not least I found the compatible modem on the Toshiba driver European page for this series. That is why I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to use the modem on Win XP.

    Check it out!

  • Envy 17 K205nl: Envy 17 k205nl driver (audio Beats + buttons) page


    I bought a brand new Envy 17 K205nl a few days ago and downgraded to windows 7 SP1 x 64 (cloned my old HDD, since I haven't the time to reinstall everything)

    I managed to install all the drivers properly, but I now have 2 things missing:

    -Audio work but no Beats Audio and speakers are very weak without it...

    HDAUDIO\FUNC_01 & VEN_10EC & DEV_0290 & SUBSYS_103C229D & REV_1000 and

    HDAUDIO\FUNC_01 & VEN_8086 & DEV_2808 & SUBSYS_80860101 & REV_1000 (why I have 2 sound cards, audio bt + Nvidia audio?)

    -Function buttons (they do not work properly, but I have no GUI and my bright orange F6 Mute button lights when you press on)

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    p.s. This page: shows no driver/software for my laptop, for the two windows 7 or 8.

    Thank you for the update!

    For more information, the HP System Event (sp71156) utility works also under windows 7. My button mute is now illuminated pressed orange, but still no GUI with the exception of the FN + ESC which displays now system information correctly.

    Installs the audio software (sp69618) and now I get the Panel audio beats up & running as well as the key FN + B.


    Setup HP Coolsense gives an error during installation, may be missing some required software but I don't have any additional info.


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