Need driver modem for Tecra M2V-S310

My modem does not work. My Device Manager shows a PCI modem but pilot missing. I'm on Windows XP Pro. I try to search for driver modem on this site, but no results.
Can someone help or direct me where to go?
Thank you.


Try this site:

It s the Canadian site and they have almost all the drivers for many machines.

Welcome them

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  • Need driver modem for Satellite 2400


    I'm looking for Toshiba Satellite 2400 PS240C - 00UJXP Modem Driver modem driver.
    Serial number: 621165P. Made in the Philippines.

    My operating system is Windows XP Service Pack 2.
    Please give me the link to download the same. Thanks a ton.

    Kind regards

    Hi man,

    I give you the link where you will find that what you´re looking for:
    Toshiba - download drivers:

    When you get there, just click you trough the list and choose your machine, so you can get the driver you need.

    Welcome them

  • Need driver Ethernet for Tecra 8100

    I need a driver ether c16 ether c16 for Tecra 8100


    All the drivers that are released by Toshiba are on the European driver Toshiba-> archive page> support download &-> download drivers

    I m not sure what driver do you need exactly, but all Toshiba drivers are located on the driver page.

  • Satellite L300 - 04P - need driver modem for XP

    Satellite L300 - 04P Canadian version

    I can't find * device Modem on High Definition Audio Bus * Driver for XP.

    No help Toshiba tech support not because I'm not supposed to get grad but I would use XP and last time when I checked the Canada was a free country :-).

    All the drivers are fine, but I can't find it! Any help will be great


    Have you checked the Web from Toshiba site for driver updates?
    To do this, you can find the driver for the modem. Support => Mobile Computing

    Good bye

  • Need driver modem for L20 - 197

    Hi, anyone know where I can get updates for the above modem please that I keep getting disconnected from the internet. The current modem installed is version as of the 20.6.05

    Thank you


    Please check the download page:

    I found that the driver of the modem and the modem country select utility.

  • Need driver modem for Satellite Pro M10


    are there drivers for the modem in Satellite Pro M10
    of the original CD? I ve lost the original CD and when I
    install the drivers of "" -
    (new version), I can't connect to one of the ISPS in my
    countries (cheaper :)). And before with drivers
    original CD works...
    So if someone can post drivers or give a link...
    Thank you



    I understand that you have lost the tools & utilties CD with all the drivers appropriate for your machine, not you?

    If you have lost it,
    You can download the current drivers for the Toshiba site or
    You can order a new oneat each partner Service Toshiba for a little money!

    Good bye

  • Need driver VGA for Satellite C50-B919

    I don't need driver vga for Toshiba Satellite C50-B919 with part no pscmnv-00q00mar
    I can find no work driver on my knees for windows eny 7,8,8.1
    is that no driver in the download section is this model

    Help, please
    I have download mor that pilot 10 every thim give massege
    This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software

    Computer laptop specifications according to your model of laptop has been delivered without an operating system preinstalled.

    Unfortunately the driver for your model of laptop are not available.
    I found the thread similar here. Please check and test the drivers listed.
    They are all for Win8.1 64-bit.

    If you want to test drivers for other versions of the OS, visit European download for C50 - B Satellite.

  • Need Driver USB for Satellite A30 921

    Need Driver USB for Satellite A30 921.
    I can't find.

    Please help me

    To be honest I really don't understand why you need the USB drivers?  :|

    Is it all the USB drivers are one included in the OS. It s no matter what operating system you have. Win XP or Vista.
    Operating systems use the own Microsoft USB drivers and installation of the USB driver is unnecessary. By the way; There is no 3rd party USB drivers ;)

    So now, it would be useful to know what operating system you have installed.
    If you are using XP then you should install SP2 and should update the operating system to the State.

    Furthermore, you shouldn't t forget to install the utility of chipsets Intel (pilot).
    You can find these drivers on the European driver Toshiba-> Sat A30 page area download.

    Hope that this information could help you get the USB port works again

  • HP compac 8000 elite sff: need Driver Pack for hp compac 8000 elite sff - Win7 32 bit

    Need Driver Pack for hp compac 8000 elite sff ASAP!

    The 8000 is not registered here

    Is it archived somewhere?

    I think I found my answer... While they do not appear as a download with the rest of the driver packs, you can go to the regular pilot and under software download page - management system, you can download drivers for Windows 7.   It gives you sp46096.exe.

    This seems to be the original version... 1.0 Rev is May 21, 2010... If anyone knows an updated version, let me know.

    HP Compaq 8000 Elite Professional PC integrated drivers for Microsoft Windows 7

  • need driver sd for pavilion hp low graded victory 8 to 64-bit 7pro

    need driver sd for pavilion hp low graded victory 8 to 64-bit 7pro

    having been informed by HP suport, that there is no compatibility and none is available for a reader of sd card on my model # p7 - 1436 s that came with win 8 but was down ranked at point of purchase for win 7 pro 64-bit.  computer works CAD - CAM systems and must be in the format win 7, but there seems to be no pilot cross on the sd card reader.  CPU sees the card but do not charge card information or even show it in the icon drop-down computer showing what is in the processor.

    SD card works perfectly in another cpu, so the problem is in mine.

    Hello grunge.

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the Forums of HP, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the Forums HP first time here? Learn how to publish and more.

    I understand that you are having problems for your card reader to work in Windows 7. The card reader part number 644491-001 is used in more than 200 computers of HP Desktop running the Windows 7 operating system and more. I don't see not all pilots on all systems so I'm assuming it uses the default Windows drivers. As it does not appear on your system is running Windows 7, I will assume that it is related to a Windows 7 problem that a drive letter is not assigned to external storage devices.  I provided you with some steps to try to solve this problem for your below:

    Step 1. Click Start

    Step 2. Click on Control Panel

    Step 3. Click on Administrative Tools

    Step 4. Click on computer management

    Step 5. Click on disk management

    If he has not seen here, go to 'Action' in the menu bar, click on "Scan drives" and it should come

    If it does not have a drive letter assigned? If this isn't the case, follow the instructions below:

    Step 1. Right click on the removable drive

    Step 2. Click on change drive letter...

    Step 3. Assign a drive letter

    Please re-post if you need extra support. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

  • I need driver audio for hp pavilion dv6000 xp operating system

    I need driver audio for hp pavilion dv6000 xp operating system


    Please read the XP downgrade guide at the link below:

    If you really have a model dv6000 and not a dv6700 or higher, the guide to install the audio drivers for model you series are under the section titled 1. E Modelisation asy


  • Need audio drivers and modem for Tecra A6

    I couldn't find the drivers (audio + modem) Tecra A6 EZ6411 for Windows XP SP2 home edition.


    and why you n t visit the Toshiba driver page and download the correct drivers?

    The Toshiba driver page provides drivers XP for Tecra A6 PTA60E and Tecra A6 PTA61E.
    If you n t know which Tecra you check exactly please the label at the bottom of the unit.

    I hope and think that everything is clear now.

    Have a nice day ;)

  • Satellite Pro L500 - need driver modem/fax for Windows 7

    My laptop has no analogue modem/fax. Because I have to send a fax, please send us factory and model * WIN7 driver compatibile * to send by fax.

    Thank you


    To send a fax, the modem must be installed correctly and that's why you can find the driver on the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > download drivers

    There you can download the modem for Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64-bit driver. :)

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A100 - 011 PSAARE: need player modem for Win XP Pro

    Hi dear all

    gently, I need xp PRO drive modem Satellite A100 - 011 PSAARE OR what is the way to install it.

    Thanks & best regards,

    Hey Buddy,

    you need a modemdriver for XP? Where you are looking for?
    Maybe you can find the driver you need here: (European site Tosh) (Toshiba Canadian site)

    Good luck

  • Need Driver XP for CQ40-116TU

    Hi answertome,

    I need driver Windows xp for CQ40-116TU.

    I called HP customer support and they said that there is no driver xp for CQ model.

    I have already installed Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset and Intel Graphics.

    These following are Hardward ID for other devices that can see in the Device Manager

    (But there is no audio, Modem, HDMI device in Device Manager. Don't know why? Please help).

    Base system device
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2382 & SUBSYS_30F7103C & REV_00\4 & 1B3EBCEA & 0 & 00E4
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2383 & SUBSYS_30F7103C & REV_00\4 & 1B3EBCEA & 0 & 03E4
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2384 & SUBSYS_30F7103C & REV_00\4 & 1B3EBCEA & 0 & 04E4

    Ethernet controller
    PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8136 & SUBSYS_30F7103C & REV_02\4 & 22AB4E2B & 0 & 00E3

    HP Integrated Module
    USB\VID_03F0 & PID_171D\5 & 7F31A01 & 0 & 1

    Network controller
    PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4315 & SUBSYS_137D103C & REV_01\4 & 2A17DF6C & 0 & 00E2

    Unkhown device

    Thank you

    Message edited by hpk on 2008-11-28 02:52

    After looking for drivers for CQ40 by following answertome solution,
    I managed to install all the drivers for my CQ40-116TU.
    These following are

    (1) Intel mobile 4 Series Express Chipset Family
    1.1 chipset

    1.2 Intel graphics card

    (2) HD Audio, Modem HD and HDMI
    As a first step, there is not these devices appear in Device Manager. After using DEVCON. EXE and

    follow the instructions of answertome these device appears and then click Device Manager.

    The instructions are
    create a start_audio.bat file, write on this restart of devcon.exe string "PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_293E,"

    then save it to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Menu Démarrer\Programmes\Démarrage

    or download it from here

    Download the DEVCON. EXE from microsoft.

    Unzip the file, you have two files copy the i386\devcon.exe in c:\windows

    When you see the new hardware found and then use these drivers

    HDAUDIO\FUNC_02 & VEN_11C1 & DEV_1040 & SUBSYS_103C137E & REV_1002\4 & D 3360655 & 1 & 0101
    Audio modem Agere, OK in VISTA for XP

    HDAUDIO\FUNC_01 & VEN_111D & DEV_76B2 & SUBSYS_103C30F7 & REV_1003\4 & D 3360655 & 1 & 0001
    Audio IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Driver
    When audio works, go into Control Panel, serach the IDT icon,.
    Click top and dsiable the power management to avoid a noise of 'click '.

    HDAUDIO\FUNC_01 & VEN_8086 & DEV_2802 & SUBSYS_80860101 & REV_1000\4 & 21E8FE0E & 0 & 0201
    Service of Intel High Definition Audio HDMI

    (3) Realtek RTL8102E/8111C Family PCI - E Gigabit Ethernet NIC Driver

    (4) Broadcom Wireless LAN

    (5) HP Bluetooth software

    Software support for HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

    (6) buttons to
    Direct Application Launch button,

    Manually add the driver from Device Manager

    (7) basic devices system (3 of them) JMB38X Card Reader host controller driver
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2382 & SUBSYS_30F7103C & REV_00\4 & 1 B 3 EBCEA & 0 & 00E4
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2383 & SUBSYS_30F7103C & REV_00\4 & 1 B 3 EBCEA & 0 & 03E4
    PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2384 & SUBSYS_30F7103C & REV_00\4 & 1 B 3 EBCEA & 0 & 04E4

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