Need Driver USB for Satellite A30 921

Need Driver USB for Satellite A30 921.
I can't find.

Please help me


To be honest I really don't understand why you need the USB drivers?  :|

Is it all the USB drivers are one included in the OS. It s no matter what operating system you have. Win XP or Vista.
Operating systems use the own Microsoft USB drivers and installation of the USB driver is unnecessary. By the way; There is no 3rd party USB drivers ;)

So now, it would be useful to know what operating system you have installed.
If you are using XP then you should install SP2 and should update the operating system to the State.

Furthermore, you shouldn't t forget to install the utility of chipsets Intel (pilot).
You can find these drivers on the European driver Toshiba-> Sat A30 page area download.

Hope that this information could help you get the USB port works again

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum, I have a laptop 4090CDS, usb drivers are missing, I can not connect a usb device, because it asks for drivers. I searched the download USB section & have also chosen USB in the type of driver selection box, but it is said that there is no download for usb for the 4090CDS. Anyone know where I can find the usb driver for this laptop (laptop has a usb port so I think that the drivers don't exist)? Thanks in advance.

    What operating system do you use?
    Usually it s is not necessary to install the drivers USB 3.
    Windows uses the own USB drivers Microsoft currents.

    Have you installed all the service packs? Your operating system is up to date?

  • Replacement hard disk for Satellite A30 921

    I have a satellite A30 921, which is a model and I need a replacement hard drive, could someone please recommend that it would be better for me. The model also comes with a 40 GB hard drive is possible to update with this model. Thank you

    I agree with Akuma. You can try using the drive HARD IDE 2.5 up to 100-120 GB.
    I think that by using a 100 GB shouldn't t be a problem

  • Need driver VGA for Satellite C50-B919

    I don't need driver vga for Toshiba Satellite C50-B919 with part no pscmnv-00q00mar
    I can find no work driver on my knees for windows eny 7,8,8.1
    is that no driver in the download section is this model

    Help, please
    I have download mor that pilot 10 every thim give massege
    This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software

    Computer laptop specifications according to your model of laptop has been delivered without an operating system preinstalled.

    Unfortunately the driver for your model of laptop are not available.
    I found the thread similar here. Please check and test the drivers listed.
    They are all for Win8.1 64-bit.

    If you want to test drivers for other versions of the OS, visit European download for C50 - B Satellite.

  • Need new BIOS for Satellite A30 - 404 to upgrade to a larger HARD drive

    I want to install a new (larger) disk on my Satellite A30-404.
    He says have Bios version 1.80.
    I probably need more recent (since it was purchased in 2003).

    Y at - it a newer version for this machine?


    Latest BIOS version can be found on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Currently, the version of the BIOS 1.80 is available and published for the Satellite A30 PSA30E.

    By the way; a more recent BIOS will not help to use a bigger HDD!
    The point is that your laptop supports the Enhanced IDE (ATA-5).
    Since the ATA-5 interface supports the 28-bit LBA addresses you should be possible to use Max 128 GB OF HARD DRIVE. I think that this is the maximum size, which is possible.


  • Need power supply for Satellite A30

    Can someone tell me the part number correct for the power for the Satellite A30 laptop adapter. I bought a generic and that did not work.
    I had tested machine because he kept closing and the technician said there was nothing wrong with the fan etc. so you have to order that next, I'll try, but what is the right part?

    For your Satellite A30 you need AC adapter 100-240V AC 50 - 60 Hz 120W with DC output 19V with PA3290U-1ACA part number.

    Good bye

  • Need driver video for Satellite 1800 PS183C

    Help to find the video and the display driver for Satellite ps183C-00VF1P.

    I looked in the archives, but it did not.


    It is an old Satellite 1800 series.

    You can find the compatible drivers on the European driver Toshiba page: ARCHIVES

    Choose from; Archive satellite Satellite Archive 18xx, then the Satellite 1800 sous-modèle.

    The details of the model must be placed at the bottom of the unit.

    Good bye

  • Need driver audio for Satellite A200 - 1 M 8 (PSAE6)

    I put Windows XP on my laptop. Downloaded and installed all the drivers for the Toshiba web page. But what of my laptop: need driver for "audio device on high definition audio bus".
    What is - this and where I can get this driver?

    You can find it here

    tell me if it worked coz he doesn't on mine (A200 - 1 M 8) and I have no sound except for the usual "beep"

    Good luck

  • Need driver Wireless for Satellite L505 - 10 h

    Can someone help me find driver wireless for L505 - 10 h of Pentecost and tell me how to install it.
    And how to find my adapter wireless via my mobile phone?

    Thank you.

    Hi mate

    The laptop seems to bear card Realtek RTL8191SE Wlan.
    You can find the drivers here:

    For that you first download the driver package, then uncompress the package install.
    Exe file must be available in the driver package. Run this exe file and installation should products.

    Good luck

  • Need driver modem for Satellite 2400


    I'm looking for Toshiba Satellite 2400 PS240C - 00UJXP Modem Driver modem driver.
    Serial number: 621165P. Made in the Philippines.

    My operating system is Windows XP Service Pack 2.
    Please give me the link to download the same. Thanks a ton.

    Kind regards

    Hi man,

    I give you the link where you will find that what you´re looking for:
    Toshiba - download drivers:

    When you get there, just click you trough the list and choose your machine, so you can get the driver you need.

    Welcome them

  • Need driver WLAN for Satellite M70-256

    Which Wlan driver I need for the M70-256?
    With the Atheros or Intel Driver, I get the error "no device".

    Thank you

    At first check please if the wireless card is there.
    Open the Device Manager and check under network adapters.
    Wireless network card is listed there?
    Some unknown device is listed in Device Manager?

    I have Satellite M70-159 and it has an Intel WLAN card. It must be Intel PRO 2200g.

  • Need driver XP for Satellite L300D-043 graphics card

    Hello world!

    One here that never heard you before - I burned the OS on this Toshiba L300D-043 is really a PSLC8C 043019 of his bloody useless VISTA to XP and I managed to dig up enough drivers for everything except the video card in it.

    Now I show as an ATI Radeon 3100 series, at least that's what the windows 7 install says it is...
    So once the continuous hunt... anyone know what other series of laptops has the same video chipset and it will install happilly on this PC?

    I went to ATI and found the chipset and told by the site they don "t he provide for mobility series... Thanks ATI!

    Yet once again, I need the XP version of a video driver ATI, which runs on a Toshiba D300L-043 who formerly Vista and now runs XP Pro instead!

    Thanks for your help!



    European driver Toshiba page provides different drivers for certain Satellite L300D series.
    There, I was able to find the driver for Win XP for ATI GPU

    It s [ATI Win XP v 8.479.1.4 driver: _driver_details & action = search & SelCategorie = 2 & selFam ily = 2 & selSeries = 178 & selProduct = 785 & selShortMod = no l & language = 13 & selOS = 10 & selType = 11 & yearupload = & hupload mount = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = allMachines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = all & action = arch is & page = 1]

    Maybe you could test it

  • I need drive recovery for Satellite U400-10N

    Hi fans of Toshiba

    Please I need the recovery cd for my labtop. The model is Satellite U400-10N

    Quickly please


    In this thread, you will find exactly the same question:

    As I already wrote in the other thread the laptop must be equipped with HARD drive recovery and you should be able to create a DVD of own recovery using the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.

    Please check your system and try to burn your own DVD of recovery first.


  • Need Driver AHCI for Satellite L550D


    need Win7 SATA/AHCI driver for my Satellite L550D - 10G

    Thanks for the help!

    In general all drivers necessary for the operating system that you can download from

    A long time ago I installed Win7 on AMD platform, and I have no need of this driver. Can you please tell us what exactly is your problem?

  • Need driver network for Satellite A100-233

    I just did a reinstall of Windows XP Home on a Satellite A100-233 bought in the Middle East. I have downloaded Intel chipset, then looked up some network driver, the only one that I found that I downloaded (zip file) when I opened there was no facility or the executable file.

    Can you please post the URL for the network driver and all the other necessary drivers for a new installation?

    Thank you

    PS: by the way search gave 0 results whenever I used it.

    You n t need any exe file to install the LAN driver.

    The LAN driver can be installed via the Device Manager. Here, you just mark the unknown device located in the network controllers and point the installer to the place where the LAN driver files have been decompressed.

    All that s.

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