Need driver WLAN Win7 for my Qosmio F60 - 10J


I can't find drivers for WLAN for Win7 64 bit for my computer Qosmio F60 - 10 days in the support center and download!



AFAIK drivers WLAN you can find on the Toshiba WLAN portal -

Check it out.
By the way: do you know what WLAN card has your Qosmio laptop?

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  • Need driver WLAN Win7 for my Satellite S50-B-126


    I hope you all can help me.
    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite S50-B-126
    This is with windows 8.1 BUT I installed windows 7 on it.

    Now, my question is which Wireles Lann driver I need to install.

    I hope you can help me.

    Thank you very much



    I ve checked the download page for your laptop and Toshiba is fully supported for Win7 64 bit so I presume that you didn t have some problems to install the proposed drivers, tools and utilities.
    I ve checked the specifications specification and discover that your laptop has Intel WLAN card inside please download offered Intel WLAN driver.

    You can find it here

    If possible post us a few comments how Win7 runs on your computer.
    I also hope that you created the recovery disc before you installed Win7 on this new machine of Satellite.

    Good luck.

  • Need driver WLAN Win7 for my Satellite Z930

    Hey, I've done a downgrade from win8.1 for win 7. now there are not installed devices, WLAN-driver and a USB device.

    I tried all the Driver fron the Download Support Center. But anyone not working or is accepted. Can someone help me get the correct drivers.

    Thank you


    What Satellite Z930-xxx you have exactly?
    To my knowledge the units were equipped with three different WLan modules; Intel, Realtek or Atheros are possible would be useful to know the model number

    USB drivers are also available on the Toshiba UE driver page.
    I guess you have not installed the USB 3.0 driver and therefore the USB unknown device appears in Device Manager.

  • Need driver WLAN Win7 for my Satellite P200-LD3

    I just installed windows 7 on my Toshiba laptop (PSPB3C-LD803C and I can not find drivers for the laptop wifi as it was originally installed with Windows Vista. Anyone know where I can get drivers for Atheros CJ6PA3613WL wifi?

    Any help here on this is greatly appreciated.

    Unable to find the drivers where can I get windows Vista to install the original windows, as I have the serial number on the bottom of the PC.


    Check please the Toshiba WLAN Portal
    You should be able to find it there.

  • Need serial key of Windows 7 for the Qosmio F60 - 10J


    Unmountable Boot Volume Windows 7

    I need to reinstall my Qosmio F60-10J. Reference: PQF65E-007026FR
    but my serial number windows 7

    I have the Toshiba serial number, how do I find information for windows 7?

    Thanks for your help.

    Hi, I'm also in the same boat.

    Try to do a HARD drive recovery, but my post got renegade to the subforum "valorisation" (where no one responds to the month) even though I submitted it specifically on win7 forum.
    A link for those interested:

    That's what I've learned so far...

    Option a. You have the recovery disk media or a partition:
    You're lucky and you won't need the product key anyway (it won't be asked during the installation it is 'embedded' kind of talk in image of toshiba).

    Option b. You deleted the partition or replaced the drive and does not follow the manual where Toshiba claims that should have backed up the recovery partition that you probably didn't know that you had in the first place:
    B1. Congratulations, you've reached 80% of the users of this forum which will remain unanswered!
    Here's my sanity check even if the product key was visible on your sticker it would still "invalid" since win7 iso doesn't work for 'standalone' keys then the key to your Toshiba is "pre-installed", i.e. If you do not use the installation of official manufacturers, the I am afraid to say, the key that you have already paid is well... useless!
    B2. But don't worry not toshiba has covered you! for an affordable price of 60 euros, they can send you the installation that you have already paid for.
    ... Wait there's more. Unless you don't have you can use the language option when you try to buy your recovery media. Perhaps, it is still ok if you are ready to learn to finish!

    Good luck ignoring!

    P.S. for stealth Toshiba employees here: never underestimate the damage that an angry customer can bring to your brand!

  • Drive necessary recovery for my Qosmio F60 - 111

    Please can someone help me find the cd of recovery for my Qosmio F60 - 111.

    I lost it

    I agree with IronMan.
    The recovery can be ordered from the Toshiba that the link (above) to the page is all you need

  • Need driver WiFi Win7 for Satellite L350 PSLDCE

    Can not find the internal antenna for Satellite L350 PSLDCE Windows 7 SP1 wireless driver


    You can download driver WLAN on Toshiba WLAN download page -
    According to the specifications of the laptop computer has Realtek WLAN card inside.

    Check it out and send comments please.

  • Cannot find the driver of webcam for my Qosmio F60

    My Qosimo F60 (PQF65C-00M02D) webcam is slow to respond to the movement.

    WHERE can I find this driver and how can I reinstall it?

    Qosimo F60 models do NOT appear in the support page?

    > F60 Qosimo models do NOT appear in the support page?
    Qosimo might not but Qosmio definitely Yes.

    Can you please post the link to the support page of tosinba where you try to find your Qosmio model?

  • Need driver Touchpad Win7 for Satellite P300

    I have a P300 - 19 p and that you have just installed windows 7. Have installed all the drivers Toshiba relevant and everything works fine except for my touchpad, I lost all the scrolling features.
    I don't seem to be able to find a driver that works not either I can choose the mouse as a touchpad under control panel.

    As you can appreciate it's quite annoying to lose this, help greatly appreciated.
    See you soon,.


    What touchpad driver, you have installed on your Satellite P300?

  • Need driver TouchPad Win7 for Satellite A210

    Hi guys/girls :)

    I have a question! Recently, I bought and installed the new windows 7 (x 86) on my toshiba Satellite A210-128. I installed all necessary drivers, except one, I can't find drivers for TouchPad here->

    I found the generic Synaptics driver but I don't know that's what I was looking for (I wish that my touchpad is fully functional - scrolling, using shortcuts...).

    Please HELP :)


    I had the same situation with my Satellite A300.
    Just use the touchpad Vista. It worked perfectly for me. I just installed Vista Synaptics touchpad driver.

  • Need driver WLan & bluetooth for Satellite C850-A786

    hope that all of your fine guys

    I have Toshiba laptop (C850-A786).

    I try to fine driver wireless and bluetooth.
    But the (ch. satellie) unfounded here and here

    can someone help me please

    Last BT stack, you can download the portal of Toshiba BT -
    WLAN driver can be downloaded from

    Check it out please.
    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • Need of WinDVD 8 BD for Toshiba Qosmio F60


    WinDVD 8 BD for Toshiba Qosmio F60 because on the page I need drivers only an update by download is available.
    And the former player must be installed first, but after reinstalling I don't have the full version of the former player more.

    Thanks for help.


    As much as I know this software is included in Toshiba recovery image that you have with your laptop.
    You use your own version of the operating system?

  • Satellite L40: Need driver WLAN for XP

    I just bought this laptop and I removed Vista and installed Windows XP. Since then, I can't use my wireless LAN.

    Does anyone know, what wireless LAN chip is on board and where can I find the driver.


    The L40 Sat must be a new series and not very long on the market because I didn t find the XP drivers for this laptop.
    But I discovered that some of the L40 units were delivered with an Atheros Wlan card.

    Toshiba offers a useful information portal WLan. You can also find the latest WLan drivers:

    Try to install the drivers from the above site.
    It seems that these are the very latest versions of driver Wlan available for Intel and Atheros cards.

  • HP elitebook 840 g3: need driver Win PE for hp elitebook 840 g3


    I need driver Win PE for hp elitebook 840 g3.

    I download

    But I don't have the driver of WinPE.

    Where I can finf them?

    Thank you

    HP Windows PE 3.0 Client x 86 and x 64 package driver

    64 bit




    32 bit

    sp71913\hp_dt_nb_wks_1.05\x86_winpe3\network\intel\P00KEKB2\Flat\Win7-32\E1D6232. INF

    sp71913\hp_dt_nb_wks_1.05\x86_winpe3\network\intel\P00KGTB2\Flat\E1D\E1D6232. INF

  • Qosmio F60 - 10J: black screen after XP Nvidia GT 330 M driver installation


    On my Qosmio F60 10J, I installed windows XP on a DD of esata, I found almost all the XP drivers. XP works well, now...
    I downloaded GT 330 m XP drivers on the Nvidia site because the Web from Toshiba site, it's only for Windows 7.

    I installed these drivers XP of 330 m easily... but to reboot XP, after the XP logo, I have a black screen and a fan running at full speed.
    I tried to change the options in the bios, but it's always the same problem.

    You have an idea?

    Thanks in advance


    Seems that the driver is not fully compatible.
    Try the graphics card driver
    But note; Drivers Toshiba not in use ONLY at your own risk.
    As far as I know, these 3 third-party drivers are not configured for mobile use and this means that the GPU could overheat and damage.

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