Need drivers for Compaq Presario sg3350IL for winxp

Hello world

Need drivers for Compaq Presario KN220AA - ACJ SG3350IL for winxp.

Help, please.



First install the chipset driver and reboot: & DwnldID = 18494 & lang = eng & OSVersion = Windows % 20XP % 20Professional * & DownloadType=.

So if you have onboard video, you need this driver: & DwnldID = 16835 & lang = eng & OSVersion = Windows % 20XP % 20Professional * & DownloadType=.

Audio: Accept the contract, download and install the driver 7th on the list: & PNid = 24 & PFid = 24 & Level = 4 & Conn = 3 & DownTypeID = 3 & getdown = false

Network: Not quite sure...

Try this link first... pilot of 6th on the list & PNid = 14 & PFid = 7 & Level = 5 & Conn = 4 & DownTypeID = 3 & getdown = false

If that is not it, try this link: pilot 6th on the list & PNid = 14 & PFid = 6 & Level = 5 & Conn = 4 & DownTypeID = 3 & getdown = false


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    Need drivers for Chipset for XP Pro 32 or 64 bit on COMPAQ Presario C751NR

    Apparently, all links to sites with drivers from the chipset XP for this laptop died. Anyone know where I can get them?

    Thank you.

    I reinstalled Vista for now, but it's the only factor missing in my XP for this device. I'll stash possible downgrade to XP so I'm too bored with Vista again.

  • Need drivers for Win98 for Satellite L100 113

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    Unfortunately, you will find not all original Toshiba for Win98 drivers for this device.
    I have goggled autour and it seems that this laptop has been delivered only with Win XP and that is why drivers are not available.
    In addition, the Win98 is a very old operating system and Satellite L100 is designed several months ago. No one is using the Win98 on this laptop. Everyone wants to install the new Vista ;)
    I n t want to dash your hopes, but I don t think that Toshiba will create the Win98 drivers for this laptop.

    What you can do is to check the net for different drivers that might be compatible with devices portable single... good luck

  • Need drivers for my Dynabook CX1/214LE

    Hallo all.
    I have Dynabook CX1/214LE model Portege 4130 series.
    I need drivers for the new facility. Where is possible to download? On the Web from Toshiba site are not.
    Thank you


    You must understand that there is not some sort of Toshiba global support and download page. That is why if your laptop is designed for the Japanese market so only is this laptop backed on to the Japan Toshiba support page.

    This laptop model is not available in Europe, and you won't find drivers on European support page. So either try to use drivers for some similar Portege model or directly check the download page for equipment manufacturers.

  • Need drivers for my Satellite M40X

    I need drivers for my satellite M40X 295. WHERE TO GO?


    Check on
    Choose your unit and you will find all the drivers you need.

    Good bye

  • Portege M500 (PPM50H-0FL028) - need drivers for Windows 7

    Help, please

    I can't find drivers for portege M500 PPM50H-0fl028 for Windows 7

    Where can I find (do I need drivers for Windows 7)

    You should check here:


    If you do not, you can try the Vista drivers.

  • Hi I need drivers for my laptop HP Copmaq Presaria CQ43

    Hi I need drivers for my laptop HP Copmaq Presaria CQ43

    Windows 7 (32 bit) drivers are available here.  Install the drivers for the chipset-> first driver Intel IMEI-> Intel IRST driver-> Realtek-> card reader driver Graphics driver-> Audio driver

    You will need to identify what network drivers and graphics you need by using the Device Manager. Display the string PCI\VEN here in your thread.  You can also use the PCI\VEN string as keywords on Google or Bing search term to identify the manufacturer and model of the device installed in your laptop.

  • Need drivers for XP on Satellite A215-SP4017

    my name is Jhon Tobar, I am Chilean and last month, I bought a Satellite A215-SP4017 and I wanted to change the Windows vista for XP... but... I can't...

    So, if someone can help me with drivers for the touchpad (the light for the touchpad), the FN botons, the sd card reader and wireless.

    F.F.: Sorry for my English, but do not forget that I am Chilean: D, also remember that I need drivers for WINDOWS XP SERVICE PACK 2

    Thank you and cya

    Hi mate,

    sure I can give you some tip how to find drivers for your computer. Just go here and download them all:

    Since your machine made in America, you must use the American pilot site.


  • Need drivers for Satellite Pro A100 (PSAAPE)

    Can anyone help need drivers for my laptop?
    I can not find them. I have no disk is possible off please upload them.

    Can someone help?
    Thank you

    Have you checked the Web from Toshiba site?

  • HP laptop - 15-r249tu: need drivers for HP

    I need drivers for this model of HP, but it isn't here now in your given link software and drivers

    Please, help me to install its drivers. I bought this new laptop and I am totally screwed with HP now, will prefer not to if you don't help me.

    Hi @TheSaransh ,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    I understand - you need the drivers for your laptop of HP - 15-r249tu and Windows 8.1.

    Here is a link to the drivers. HP laptop - 15-r249tu.

    Where are lists the operating system like Windows 7, along the right side, you will see a button change. Click on it and select Windows 8.1 to display drivers.

    Good luck!

  • Need drivers for Satellite 1000-Z2

    I have a Satellite S1000-Z2 (aka PS100E-001RE-EN) - number of complete product C1133/256/15/14XT/D/M

    I don't have the original CD that came with the laptop, and I had to replace the hard drive. I loaded a version OEM of Windows XP by using the key number on the bottom of the laptop, and which has been loaded OK.

    However, there are 3 devices I need drivers for the modem and 2 graphics drivers (Intel I think). I can't find THE drivers on the Toshiba site.

    In addition, there is a port of network at the rear of the machine. It does not show in the Device Manager to all, and I don't find it in BIOS to see if it is enabled or disabled.

    If anyone can offer any assistance, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you.

    All the drivers, that you can find in the ARCHIVES. Check it out!

  • Need drivers for Satellite 210 CT

    Where can I get drivers (win 98SE) for old laptop Toshiba Satellite 210 TB? Thanks for the help...


    If you need drivers for your machine then go here:

    and choose archive-> Satellite-Archive, then your model.

    You should find everything you need.
    See you soon

  • Need drivers for Windows 7 x 64 for Satellite P200 (PSPB6E-1C501FGR)

    Need drivers for Windows 7 x 64 for Satellite

    I have a few questions.

    I've got Satellite P200 (PSPB6E-1C501FGR) and I was wondering is it possible to install 64 bit Windows 7 on this computer and when windows 7 x 64 drivers coming for download?
    For HD DVD player, card reader, camera and other drivers and programs we work on my laptop.

    Hey Buddy,

    At first please check this document:

    Here you can see the Satellite P200 is official not Windows 7 supported and you will have to collect the drivers yourself and perhaps on external Web sites too.

    What can you do now? I recommend you to install the Windows Vista drivers. Most of them are also work on Windows 7.
    Check this box!

  • Win8 need drivers for Satellite C850-B520

    I need drivers for Satellite C850-B520
    with the PART NUMBER = PSKCEV-02N00FAR
    for windows 8

    Post edited by: foxer2010

    Usually, when you visit the page for your model of laptop on and click on drivers you should be able to find the drivers for your machine but anyway it doesn't work.

    I ve checked the download from Toshiba on page and you will find 64-bit Win8 to your PSKCEV machine drivers.

    Check it out. If you need assistance, you are prompted.

  • Need drivers for Satellite M115-s3094


    I have a Satellite M115-s3094, I had problems with my OS which was Windows XP MCE, but I couldn't fix it. So I got fed up and loaded in windows XP Professional, but a lot of my drivers are gone.

    I need drivers for Ethernet controller network controller, PCI device, flash memory, USB controller, SM bus controller, video controller... plus I have no sound. It is an Intel centrino duo... as you can see miss me a lot of pilots.

    Could someone tell me how can I find out what kind of driver I need and where do you get them from? Win XP SP2 installation would install one of these drivers?

    Any help at all would be much appreciated...

    Thank you all...

    I have the same problem. I just need the drivers for the Ethernet controller and a PCI device. I guess that the PCI device is the wireless card.
    I tried all the drivers on the Toshiba site, but none seems not to work.

    Please help us.

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