Need drivers XP for Satellite A210 - 16G

If anyone has a drivers for A210 - 16G support Win Xp please let me know... I am from Russia and English is very very bad.

The Satellite 210 - 16G belongs to the PSAELE series.

The Toshiba driver page provides some unique to this series XP drivers:

No doubt the other pilots to be released in the coming weeks.

Good bye

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    I bought a laptop on the model of Satellite A210 (PSAEG).
    But I don't want to use Windows Vista. But I can't find the XP drivers for this model... How can I find them

    Hey Buddy,

    to find a few XP drivers, you can check the driver Toshiba download website. Here´s the link to the site where you can find and get the drivers:

    Welcome and good weekend

  • Need drivers XP for Satellite A210-15J


    I just bought Satellite A210-15J laptop and I have Windows Vista in it. I want to have Win XP, but I can't find the XP drivers for this model. It would be great if someone could help me.

    Thank you!


    I discovered that your Satellite A210 is actually PSAFGE model and you can find the very interesting thread on the drivers of Windows XP Home edition under

    Check it out!

  • Need drivers XP for Satellite A210 - 127 (PSAELE)

    Hello, im trying to find the xp drivers for this model anywhere in the internet, but toshiba does not this driver, I tried this site

    Then I press the download button and its redirect me this site:
    but my problem is that there are a lot of models like Toshiba Satellite A210-ST1616, Toshiba Satellite pro A210-EZ2201x series etc etc, but I can't find my model exactly. Well I want to know if this model xxxxx A210 driver is the same for my Toshiba Satellite A210-127 (PSAELE)

    Or where I can find the drivers for windows xp.

    Thx a lot, im waiting for the responses.

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    Hello, my friend

    Looking for drivers all over the Internet. Sorry but there is nothing but waste your time. I believe that you do not find your model. The answer is very simple - you have a European model but you poke around on the Toshiba support site we.

    For the drivers please visit support European page under > support & downloads.

  • Need drivers XP for Satellite A210-12Y (PSAELE)

    I am a young professional and I need to use Windows XP to work because Vista is not altogether reliable. Unfortunately, I noticed that the drivers for the said OS are not yet published (with my disappointment) on the site Web of Toshiba.

    Could you please give me some pointers on how to fix this? Or I'll just wait for the release of the said drivers from the main website (hoping it happens anytime soon)?

    A210-12Y PSAELE (00V00TIT)

    Click on the link provided by adreblood

  • Need drivers XP for Satellite A210-133


    I need all drivers for windows xp, on the Toshiba site, there are only three of them.

    Thanks in advance

    All the missing drivers, you can try to download from the sites of chip manufacturer s.
    To determine what hardware components using your laptop, install a diagnostic equipment like Everest Home edition application.
    This should allows to get all the necessary drivers!

  • Re: Need drivers XP for Satellite A210-111

    I'm french and I deleted Vista for XP Pro. But there are a few problems:
    I can't find drivers for ATI X 1200, the sound card and the touchpad.

    People can you help me?


    Before you install the sound card driver you must first install Microsoft XP patches!
    The patches are: KB888111 and KB835221 hotfix

    Then first remove his former driver, then refresh the XP and after new reboot then try again to install the audio driver.

  • Need drivers WIFI for Satellite A210


    My friend has recently formatted his computer and reinstalled Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. Now, he can get the internal Wi - Fi to work. It uses a Toshiba Notebook A210.
    Windows Vista does not detect the internal WIFI card. I do not exactly know what drivers to recommend or what to do.

    Please could you give advice or links? It would be much appreciated. :)
    Thank you

    Can you please send the exact model laptop (A210-xxx)?

  • Need Win7 BIOS update for Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE)


    I can't find the new BIOS update that includes SLIC 2.1 for my Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE) table.
    I found "ACPI BIOS Flash version 2.00 for Satellite A215 (PSAFGU/PSAFHU)" (link: rpn = PSAFGU & modelFilter = A210-ST1616 & SelCategorie = 2756709 & selFamily = 1073768663), but I'm not sure, which is suitable for my laptop model. It is mentioned in the list of the applicable models A210-ST1616. It is compatible with my laptop Satellite A210 series model for?

    Also I find this link to download BIOS: Can be here is the answer to the question of mine?

    People, please help with suggestions?

    Hi eldorado24,

    Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE) belongs to the European models because it s listed on the page of Toshiba Europe. This means that the Australian page BIOS update will not work and it s listed for the other models (PSAFGU/PSAFHU). If this update is not done for your laptop.

    On the European ( page, you can search for newer BIOS version:
    Laptop > Satellite > Satellite a series > Satellite A210 > PSAELE

    Check this box!

  • Need Drivers & BIOS for Satellite C660-M203


    I need drivers & BIOS for "Toshiba Satellite C660-M203. Please find me the download link, I am unable to find the model # in the download section.

    Thank you!

    It's really crazy. I can't find a right page either.
    Where did you buy?

    Can you please post the full part number?

  • Urgent need WXP-driver for Satellite A210-14

    In any area of download I only find Vista driver. Please tell me a way to get to the A210-14.
    Thanks for your help quickly!

    Greetings Chrissie2007


    Unfortunately, you are not one with the issue in the case. To install Windows XP edition family on this laptop is not so easy if you need to find the drivers only. I really hope the pilots will soon be available. Using the installations instructions and all the drivers, you can set up Windows XP Home edition successfully.

    Satellite A210 is similar to A200 and I imagine that you can use the drivers provided by some A200 model with a hardware similar but please don't ask me any more on this subject. Check the specifications of your laptop with the A200 laptop series.

  • Re: Need drivers XP for Satellite A660/07u


    I just bought this laptop Satellite A660-07u but do not keep it under windows 7.

    I checked the Web site of toshiba, but there is no driver is listed for Windows xp.
    Anyone do or know where I can find them thank you Paul

    Hi mate

    I guess that's the Australian series for Toshiba laptop.
    Satellite A660/07U seems to be belongs to the series of PSAW3A-07U00R.
    Here is a download page:

    But there is no Win XP drivers listed for this series.
    So I guess you will need to search for and collect the drivers of your own hands.
    Check this doc Toshiba how to find drivers for unknown devices:

    Good luck

  • Search drivers XP for Satellite A210-198 and/or P200D-128


    I'm looking at the two models listed in the title and would be looking to buy one of these but want to load XP.

    I looked on the Toshiba site and drivers for XP are not there. Are they available anywhere?

    Hope you can help!

    Satellite A210-198 belongs to the series PSAELE and P200D-128 belongs to the PSPBQE series.

    At this time that the Vista drivers are released for both series so it seems that you have to wait until Toshiba will release another driver


  • Need drivers XP for Satellite A100-784


    When I bought it was insalled windows vista.
    for some reason, I prefer windows xp. so I formatted my laptop, insalled sucesfully xp operating system but there are no drivers.

    When I asked the seller why my laptop doesen't have driver CD for his equipment, he told me that I shouldn't be this becouse download drivers on the internet is a peace of cake.

    Can I get some help here because I thing I do something wrong.
    The question is ' t I find no driver in referring to my Satellite A100-784 in the web.

    The issue is that I can't find the product atall...
    looking forward for your reply because I need to address it quickly. It is for professional use.

    Thanks in advance...


    The Toshiba driver page offers drivers for Satellite A100 series and not for simple models like A100-784.
    Satellite A100-784 seems to be a part of the series PSAANE.
    Therefore, look for this number in the form of driver download!

    However, I checked this page of the Toshiba driver and found only a driver of sound for this camera!
    But not don t worry!
    The A100 series mainly come with the same hardware devices and drivers from other laptops A100 could be compatible and can run on your device.

    Take my advice and try to install the unique drivers of different Satellite A100 and Equium A100 series. This can help

  • Need drivers XP for Satellite A215-S4807


    last summer, I bought my laptop in the United States, and now I want to use XP.
    But I can't change Vista because I need drivers for XP and I could not find the drivers for my Satellite A215-S4807 laptop.

    Please help me...

    Have you already checked this Toshiba site we?

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